Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Minerals? In the make-up?

Ok, so your not getting enough minerals in your cocoa crispies. *part of this complete breakfast

Your mineral water isn't doing it. That hot mineral water you soak in at the sauna isn't cutting it either.

Tis the season to apply minerals directly to your face.

I know that many of you have already been talking about this. It seems like Mary Kay has made a good decision to develop and offer a product that is quickly becoming a must have.

Well, why take the fun out of it, here is an announcement about it.

Source Pink Truth... kind of... I mean they didn't say where they got it so it must be theirs, right? They wouldn't post something that someone else wrote without giving credit would they?

My point is that I found this on their site and I don't know where they found it. As always, I will disclaim that I can't vouch for the accuracy of this, but it sounds legit so take it for what it is worth. If anyone knows where this came from I would appreciate a little note!

And it's gonna be HOT HOT HOT!


Available on December 15th OOOOOOORRRRRR DECEMBER 10th IF you are part of the Preferred Customer Program!

This product has been in "secret" development for several years and FINALLY, it's "Mary Kay Perfect"! Senior VP, Rhonda Shasteen, shared this product with us at our fall training weekend. I'm gonna let you in on some secret scoop....... there was a WHOLE group of women who worked at MARY KAY CORPORATE who had been using (GASP) another Mineral Foundation brand and just adored it! Why? Because MARY KAY DIDN'T HAVE ONE! Yes, our loose powders & pressed powders have ALWAYS been all minerals, but still......... the special brush, the marketing campaign, the word of mouth compelled these women to go outside the MK product line to buy something else (that says ALOT since all corporate employees receive a product discount!)

So, after Rhonda listened to the endless praise for mineral foundations, she decided IT WAS TIME! Time for Mary Kay to enter the game! The Result? A Mineral Foundation that is BETTER than ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET!!! And guess what? ALL of the employees who were using the other brand SWITCHED BACK! Not only that, they said the performance, quality & look of Mary Kay's TRUMPED the competing brand HANDS DOWN! Viola!

And at a price point of nearly 30% LOWER than the leading brand ($18 for our foundation vs. $25 "theirs" ) we are sure to SCOOP up the market! Plus your customers can order when THEY want to, without dealing with a bank account draining "auto ship" purchase plan. I refer to that as the use it (product) AND lose it (cash) plan

Here's the skinny......... and if you want to try it for yourself, get in touch with me and we can set up a demo for you!

Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation
Power statement:
It’s a foundation. It’s a powder. That’s the beauty of mineral powder foundation.

It’s beauty made simple. A foundation that goes on with the sweep of a brush. A weightless powder that blends effortlessly for a flawless look. A skin perfecter that makes lines, wrinkles and other imperfections seem to disappear. And it’s transfer-resistant, so it won’t fade away midday. The secret to a perfect application is having the perfect brush, and that’s why we created one. The Mineral Foundation Brush is custom-designed to work with the foundation. They’re made for each other to deliver results like you’ve never seen or felt before. No other brush you own will even come close to the Mineral Foundation Brush. The bristles are soft, natural hair that is short and flat across the top, so you get the right amount of foundation and right level of buildable coverage.

Mineral-based products are the hot trend in cosmetics. Growing numbers of specialty brands as well as mass retail brands offer mineral makeup options to meet the ever-increasing demand by women worldwide. As more consumers strive to lead healthier lifestyles, being “natural” and using more botanicals or mineral-sourced ingredients in food and personal care products continue to gain huge popularity.

Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation provides an additional foundation option to the current Mary Kay® foundation line. This product can be used by women of all ages and all skin types. And it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation is a foundation in powder form. This weightless formula blends for a flawless look and evens out skin tone while providing buildable coverage with the comfort of a silky powder. It’s transfer-resistant and won’t fade away midday. Other regular facial pressed or loose powders generally have sheer/luminous coverage or shine-control properties. These powders provide neither the coverage nor the benefits of a foundation.

In addition to the general differences mentioned above, Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation contains a higher percentage of minerals than our loose powder. Also, the key function of our loose powder is to help control excess oil while setting makeup for a flawless look.

Many leading dermatologists recognize and approve of the benefits of mineral makeup, such as the ease of application, its excellent coverage and adhesion to the skin. However, dermatologists generally believe that mineral makeup is not a true treatment product for your skin, nor can a typical use provide the necessary amount of sun protection.

Your customers should follow their normal daily skin care and makeup application regimens, applying mineral powder foundation in the same order as their current foundation. If using the MK Signature® Facial Highlighting Pen, it’s recommended to apply it before Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation. MK Signature® Loose Powder is optional depending on the needs of your customers’ skin and can be used to freshen up their look during the day.


1. Your customers should cleanse and moisturize their faces, allowing moisturizer and any other treatment products to become dry to the touch.

2. With the jar lid on, gently shake the mineral powder foundation jar to dispense the foundation into the sifter.

3. Remove the lid and dip the Mineral Foundation Brush into the powder, tapping against the rim of the jar to remove any excess. It is not necessary to use all of the powder that is in the sifter — a little goes a long way.

4. Swirl the Mineral Foundation Brush inside the lid so that the powder is worked into the bristles.

5. To apply, start in the center of the face and work out to either side toward the hairline and along the jawline, blending well. For a light, natural coverage, a single, thin layer should be enough. For increased coverage, repeat the application process, applying the Mineral Powder Foundation in thin layers until the desired coverage level is achieved.

WHY DO MY CUSTOMERS HAVE TO USE A SPECIAL BRUSH? The Mineral Foundation Brush is custom-designed to work with the foundation and provide the flawless results your customers expect. The bristles are soft, natural hair that pick up a precise amount of powder, releasing it evenly as your customers sweep. The bristles are also shorter and flat across the top, so your customers can easily customize the level of coverage. Plus, the handle is the perfect size for maximum control. No other brush will come close to delivering the optimum

The average user will be ready to reorder in about two to three months.

For your customers who want a flawless finish and a natural makeup look, you could also suggest:
MK Signature® Facial Highlighting Pen
MK Signature® Concealer
MK Signature® Loose Powder
MK Signature®/Mary Kay® Color Products

So, there you have it. Mary Kay Mineral foundation is on its way.

You can also read up on the minerals on ME's site.

As I said, I know many of you are already discussing this and a lot of you are excited. But why is it here? Let's play a little game.

"Guess why Pink Truth has a problem with this"

It seems that anything Mary Kay does is wrong. So what is wrong with this?

No cheating. You can't go look at the comments on PT until AFTER you leave your comment.

Perhaps you will come up with some that they did not think of!

Perhaps Tracy will throw in a key chain if you add at least 10 qualified grievances*

Good luck everyone... Oh yeah, if you have something good to say about the minerals or this announcement, I would love to hear that too!!!


*Qualified grievances only count if they are inflammatory, deceptive, and must be worded in such a way as to sound as though they are absolute truth. Grievances cannot be combined with positive thoughts or anything contrary to the "mission". Bitter rantings can be presented as positive and will actually be rewarded with double credit - subject to a sarcasm test. Grievances already listed on either site or if found to have already thought of by someone more deserving will be disqualified.


  1. The first part looks like it could have come off email from someone's director or national. The whole list of FAQ's is directly from InTouch.

  2. PT will have a problem with every thing that MK does.

    In this case I think it's because MK has said in the past that they were "cutting edge". Mineral makeup has been around for years, so this new product is not on the cutting edge.

    PT probably also has a problem with the price. MK is not cheap. And it has a bad reputation in my area as being "old white ladies makeup". So some younger women don't want to mess with it at the retail price. Not when they can run to the mall and get a "cool" brand like Clinique for the same price.

    Let me zip on over to PT to see how I did . . .

  3. Shades I agree with you. tc is always taking things from MK INtough and posting them on her site.

    Judi, I agree with you that anything that MK does pt will have a problem with.

    The woman on pt will say that it is to expensive that it is MARY KAY AND WE HATE IT PERIOD!!!

    Have a GREAT DAY

  4. The first part is probably made up but yes, the rest is from In Touch.

    Don't you love it that PT is putting training for us on her website. How nice of her!!

  5. When we found out we were getting mineral foundations, I was happy because some of my clients have asked me about them. I never was one that thought much about them because I thought I am too old to try and use a powder to cover the years "of wisdom" and stess from kids to get away with a light coverage.

    Well, let me tell you, I was so skeptical, but I got mine last week and tried it because how can you market something you aren't familiar with? Right? ** I have never fallen in love with a product so fast. I had mine on display at my open house over the weekend. The second morning I was getting ready and ended up pouting because I realized I had left mine on display at the open house!! I was hooked after just one day.

    The coverage is great, it feels great, and is quick. The finish is wonderful and the few spots that needed a little more help just took a little second swip.
    I sold 11 of them that day. It is a winner and many of the my clients that were using another brand because they wanted mineral foundation were very excited about now having their foundation from the same company as all their other products.

    We got a winner!!

  6. That is really good, MK4ME! I heard from several directors Monday night at my event who were all selling the new powders at their open houses. I just sent an email to my clients for early orders. :)

  7. Sounds like most of you are "in to" this new product. Seems like it is a good thing and from what I can tell it quite timely.

    It is kind of funny because it seems like there is some division about it over there. Some seem to be saying that mineral powders are dumb and no one should develop/offer them. Some seem to be saying that Mary Kay should have come out with this a long time ago. Still others are saying that they are probably offering an inferior product and still others say that it is probably too expensive.

    If I were to gage the product on that information alone, I would probably think that it is just about right. If the people that hate it are saying too soon and too late. Too expensive and too cheap. Then the actual thing has probably struck a good balance.


    Thanks for participating and for the added valuable information.

  8. David, all women will be into this. If we can have a foundation that is weightless and covers well, there's no negative. I use bare minerals. And love it. If MK can come close to that then the customers will be happy.

  9. judi how much do you pay for your bare minerals products?

  10. I got it on Ebay, NIB, for just over $50, including shipping. That was quite a few months ago. I've seen it cheaper recently.

  11. I think that ours will be about $28 for the gift set (product and brush) and $18 by itself. I have found that most women (myself included) dont mind paying for something that works for them, even if it is pricey. I dont even think that $50 bucks is too much if you are getting something that you really like and it works. And isnt Ebay supposed to be a little cheaper, isnt that why it is so popular?
    I think ours is priced just about right, especially if it is as good as some say. I am sure everyone is not gonna like it, but oh well

  12. oops, I meant to say that "I am sure that not everyone will like it.."

  13. I do plan on trying it. I do not have a problem with the product. I LOVE the skin care. I do feel that is over priced, which is why I am still a consultant. But I do not feel that MKs makeup is any better than what you would find at WalMart. So, we'll see . . .

  14. Does anyone happen to know the actual ingredient list of this product??? I've tried to find it on the MK website, but I can't find anything other than it being "natural". I'm already a mineral user from the main competition, but would consider switching if the ingredients would work for me. So can someone share the actual ingredient list with us? Pretty Please =)

  15. Hello anonymous. The ingredients in Mary Kay's Mineral Powder Foundation as listed on the package are: Talc, Zea Mays(corn)starch, zinc stearate, dimethicone, boron nitride, zeolite, methylparaben, sorbic acid, ethylene/methacrylate copolymer, propylparaben, tetrasodium edta, isopropyl titanium triisostearate, bht, iron oxides, mica, May contain/Peut contenier: titanium dioxide. Hope this helps.

    I have heard only great things from my clients about this product - I use it myself and really do love it.

    My liquid foundation is now gathering dust. I liked it very much until I tried Mary Kay's mineral powder.

  16. My sister is allergic to many metals. I wonder if people allergic to metals will have a problem wearing mineral powder makeup. Does anyone have some input on this?

  17. Tried Mary Kay with a little hesitation. Decided to stick with the company who started the mineral revolution, Bare Minerals.

    With Bare Minerals you know what you are putting on your face. No need to wonder whether or not you are going to breakout.


  18. Tried Mary Kay...will stick with the leader in mineral makeup Bare Minerals.

    With Bare Minerals you know exactly what you are putting on your face. Many try to imitate(Mary Kay) but few can duplicate Bare Minerals.


  19. Just did a product return on the mineral foundation. Don't like that there is talc in there. Or corn starch. It did not cover as well as bare minerals. The brush was not as good, either. Anyone else here compared the two brands?

  20. I haven't compared the two brands, but I am also concerned about the talc. I emailed MKC twice with my concerns. The first time, they called me and left a message stating they use safe amounts and talc is a mineral. I emailed a week or so later after doing some research online and sent them links to the websites I visited. They responded via email that they were investigating, but I never heard anything else.
    There's actually a long discussion (still ongoing) on my blog about this very issue: http://shadesofpink.wordpress.com/2007/12/17/mary-kay-mineral-foundation-a-critique/

    You're welcome to take a look and add your opinions as well. ;)

    1. I am putting together a product comparison sheet on the different types of mineral makeup out there. The only company I have found that has no fillers : talc, bismuth, cornstarch, is a company called Youngevity Mineral Makeup. You can check out this blog : ymineralmakeup.wordpress.com

      If you are looking for a pure makeup this is the only one I have found so far.

  21. I'd like to refer you to the American Cancer Society article on Talc.

    If the link does not work, go to the American Cancer Society and type in "talc" in the search box.

    Here is a snippet of the article:

    "Does Talc Cause Lung Cancer in Humans?

    No increased risk of human lung cancer has been reported in association with the use of cosmetic talcum powder. Although some studies of talc miners and millers have suggested an increased risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, others found no increase in lung cancer risk." .....

    " Talcum Powder and Cancer

    What Is Talc?

    Talcum powder is produced from talc, a magnesium trisilicate mineral, which in its natural form may contain asbestos, a known human carcinogen (any substance that causes cancer or helps cancer grow). Because of this association with asbestos, all home-use talcum products marketed after about 1973 – baby powders, body powders, facial powders – have been required by law to be asbestos-free. Asbestos can cause lung cancer and mesotheliomas (cancers affecting the lining surfaces of the chest and abdominal cavities).

    Does Talc Cause Cancer in Animals?

    Experimental toxicology studies have suggested carcinogenicity (the ability of a substance to cause cancer) of inhaled, asbestos-free talc powder in some rodent species but not in others.

    Does Talc Cause Ovarian Cancer in Humans?

    It has been suggested that talcum powder may be carcinogenic to the covering layer of the ovaries through the migration of talcum powder particles (applied to the genital area, sanitary napkins, diaphragms, or condoms) through the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes to the ovary. Several epidemiologic studies have examined the relationship between talcum powder and cancer of the ovary. Findings are mixed, with some studies reporting a slightly increased risk and some reporting no association.

    A case-control study published in 1997 of 313 women with ovarian cancer and 422 without this disease found that the women with cancer were more likely to have applied talcum powder to their external genital area or to have used genital deodorant sprays. Women using these products had a 50% to 90% higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Storing diaphragms with powder did not significantly increase cancer risk. Since many of these women might have used products with more asbestos contamination than that in current products, the ovarian cancer risk for current users is difficult to evaluate. One study has suggested that an increased risk, if it exists, might be confined to borderline and endometrioid (uterine-like) tumors and therefore might not affect the majority of ovarian cancers."

    Again, you can read the entire article on the American Cancer Society's web site.
    Hope this help.
    MK Lady

  22. Talc is not used in higher quality mineral makeup lines like Bare Minerals and Pur Minerals. I would not use MK because of the talc. I believe that is the first ingredient in the list, which generally means it is the largest quantity of the ingredients in the formula.

  23. why is talc not used in the others? Since there seems to be no real cancer risk, why is it not used?

  24. speaking the real truthApril 4, 2008 at 5:56 PM

    First of all, talc is a mineral.

    Next, I'd like to add that many of my customers as preferring the MK product to the leading brand. It seems that the leading brand may have some type of shimmery particle in it (just what I've been told), and that may cause it to settle into fine lines, etc. more so than ours, which is completely matte.

    I have had a consultant try them side my side on her hand and feels that ours gives more coverage. By the way, she had it to try because a customer gave it to her to compare after she switched to ours.

    Another important point is that for many women the only way to get the leading brand other than a long drive, is to order it off of the TV. Many people do not like ordering products off of TV, and have a negative association with products advertised on infomercials. Many ladies that I've talked to are very happy that we now carry the product because of their trust and appreciation for the MK brand.

    Bottom line. There will be some who prefer ours, some who prefer others. Is one necessarily BETTER than the other? Who is to say. However, free delivery the day of or the next day of your order, and a less expensive price will definitely attract many clients.

  25. I really like the talc in the mineral powder foundation. Rubbing talcum powder on my skin makes it feel so soft, and I suspect the talc in the makeup is one of the reasons my face feels softer than it ever has.

  26. There are a LOT of other chemicals in that Mary Kay mineral make up that would break me out, and it has alcohol in it. My sister who is a Mary Kay consultant is trying to get me to convert from BE to MK and I refuse because I use only ALL NATURAL ingredients and there is nothing all natural about MK minerals..........

  27. so is there such thing as natural and non-natural minerals?

    Does mary kay have the non-natural minerals in their makeup, and do the other brands have the real minerals?
    They are either minerals or they arent, right?

    Please explain what you mean by "there is nothing ALL natural about MK minerals". I honestly want to know what the difference is in case I am asked.

    have you actually compared the ingredient list? How do you know that what you are using in BE is ALL natural?

  28. I believe I have read somewhere, that even though there are products that claim to be "all natural" it is not actually true becuase if it were true, the products would have a very, very short shelf life. No this is hearsay because I don't remember where I got this info but I do know it was when I had a client ask me about the "all natural thing".

    For some reason, I thought MK Honesty had a good piece, ??

    I can tell you though there is certainly all natural stuff, that I would not put on my face.

  29. speaking the real truthApril 7, 2008 at 9:33 AM

    MK4ME, we always seem to be on the same page.

    I was thinking like you, there are a lot of things that are all natural, that I do not want to touch, smell, or ingest, get my drift? I think that we can take this all natural thing too far sometimes.

    But, for the consumer who wants all natural products, fine, she can find a brand that offers that to her. Everyone does not have to use Mary Kay, it's okay, really. I think that she probably is meaning that there are ingredients in our Mineral Foundation other than the minerals, that are not all natural. That does not mean that they will break you out, or that they are harmful. People can be allergic to most anything, natural or not. Yes, allergen is less with natural products, but not eliminated.

    Finally, if they find that smearing some of these non-desirable natural substances that I referred to above on your face makes you look 10 years younger, sign me up for some.

  30. speaking the real truthApril 7, 2008 at 9:35 AM

    Another point in reference to our Mineral products. Mary Kay is rarely going to be the first to the marketplace with a particular product. They will develop their own products in their own time, taking a lot of care to get it right. Personally, I am glad that we do not chase every fad that comes along, and we take our time in selecting and producing high quality products.

    I've converted mineral users from several of the other brands, so I am confident that ours is a top of the line product.

  31. Okay, I did my own research and LOTS of it. For all those who just have to have something that is "all natural", what does this mean? According to an MK "Applause" article, they don't call their mineral foundation "all natural" b/c the ingredients, which are natural have been refined and impurities removed. If you truly want to go "all natural", I'm sure there is some dirt outside somewhere that is as natural as you can get. I also know that MK conducted several dozen tests on the mineral foundation starting a few years before they even announced it was coming. I'm new to MK, but I really love doing real research, (i.e.-not newspapers or PT or wikipedia).
    I'm impressed with the product and hey, if you aren't, you can get you money back!!!

  32. Wow, Emily. Nice attitude. Is that the way you service your customers? Telling them to rub dirt onto their skin? Not everyone likes MK. Since you are new to MK you may not know it yet. But you are facing an uphill battle. That kind of attitude will not get you very far.

    I have been selling MK for almost 10 years and it is not an easy job. The mineral makeup is not wonderful, IMHO. I don't use it. Tried it. Nearly choked to death. I would be mortified if I let customers try it and they had a reaction like I did.

    In this "green friendly" world that we live in it is very common for people to be critical about what they use on their face. MK skin care is wonderful. I think they missed the mark on the mineral stuff.

    Oh, and I did get my money back. The product return program is wonderful. I also had 2 friends, not customers, return theirs for skin care.

  33. To Arabella:
    Please don't take my comment so literally! I was not trying to upset or offend anyone!
    Of course I'm not suggesting anyone rub dirt on their faces, unless they are going for the camo look! :) I'm simply meant that if you go by what MK says is "all natural", meaning not purified or refined, etc., then very few products of any brand are.
    Of course, not everyone who typically uses MK will like every product. I personally really like the mineral foundation! I have customers who love it and customers who still prefer the liquid. That's okay!

  34. Emily you made me laugh out loud, I was on the same thought when I said that there are lots of all natural things that I wouldn't put on my face (or skin).

    It's true some will like it others won't, no biggey. I use it, I don't inhale it, find it doesn't make much of a mess so I just teach my clients to use it as I do.

    One point I would like to suggest to all, I point out to my clients that this is not loose powder even though it looks like it don't put it on like loose powder. (or else you will end up in a cloud of dust). I tell them to make sure they work the product into the brush, tap the brush and swirl it on the face with a little force, don't just dust.

    Proper application makes a big difference.

  35. Regarding the "all natural" claim, this is straight from the InTouch website. Go to Products and then "Product Talking Points":

    Q: Does Mary Kay have an “all-natural” claim?

    A: Don’t just rely on a verbal claim of “all-natural.” You can see how “natural” any product is by looking at the ingredient list on the package. Most cosmetic products are made with similar quantities of natural and synthetic ingredients, including Mary Kay® products. An “all-natural” claim has not been Mary Kay’s focus. Mary Kay focuses on delivering the best possible product. Yes, Mary Kay® products do contain as many natural ingredients as many of our competitors have, however, Mary Kay would never sacrifice quality for an “all-natural” claim. All Mary Kay® products go through extensive testing, individually and with other Mary Kay® products, and you can rest assured that all of these products work very well, are high quality, and are extremely safe to use. Try not to be misled by an “all natural” claim. For example, if you hear a competitor’s representative claim their products are “all natural,” consider checking the competitor’s official Web site to see if the company supports such a claim.

    *The moral of the story: the answers to most of our questions ARE on InTouch. ;)

  36. Great Article in WebMD about mineral makeup says in part:

    Mineral Makeup: Not All Alike
    Extra ingredients aside, it may seem as if all mineral makeup should be pretty much the same. But WebMD discovered that's far from the truth.

    Since there is no set regulation for what constitutes a "mineral” makeup, any product containing minerals as a primary ingredient can be marketed as such -- even if it contains a whole lot of other "less natural" ingredients.

    Kristen Adams, president of AfterGlow Cosmetics, says the battle lines between brands are drawn this way: "Mineral makeup formulas generally fall into two large camps - those that take care not to use synthetics (like paraben preservatives and other fillers) and stay true to the original intent of pure mineral makeup, and those that do add the fillers, colors, binders, preservatives, and other chemicals to their formulas," says Adams.

    Although you can weed out at least some of these brands by reading the ingredient label, Adams cautions not to let the term "all natural" or "all mineral formula" fool you.

    TALC is a filler -- that explains the cheap price.

    And on from there to say:

    "Bismuth oxychloride is considered a skin irritant and can cause itching and rashes and in large amounts it can cause cystic acne as well – it's one of the ingredients you should try to avoid if you have acne or rosacea or sensitive skin," says Frew, who also reminds us that some products in a line have this ingredient, while others do not. "Some products also contain very little, so it doesn't act like an irritant, but you won't know until you try it."

    Mineral Makeup: Buyer Beware
    One of the factors that makes mineral makeup so popular is the smooth, natural, long-lasting coverage -- a feat that's some companies accomplish by pulverizing or "micronizing" their minerals into microscopic or even nanoparticle size.

    But some researchers say this activity may come with a price.

    "Research shows that when some molecules are dramatically reduced in size to the level of a nanoparticle, they can have very different and very toxic properties than that same molecule would have in its conventional size," says Jane Houlihan, research director of consumer watchdog agency The Environmental Working Group in Washington.

    "Minerals like zinc and titanium are safe when applied to healthy skin but in a micronized nanoparticle form, there remains a concern, particularly when applied to damaged skin, or when inhaled," says Houlihan.

    Ladies -- whatever brand you use -- check out your ingredient list. There are some smaller companies out there offering a WAY superior product than BE and the rest without the fillers, parabens, and NOT micropulverized. AND THE DIFFERENCE IN THE COVERAGE AND RESULTS IS EXTRAORDINARY. And .. they cost the same, or better.

  37. speaking the real truthApril 8, 2008 at 10:03 AM

    Great point about application. If you are using enough that it is flying around in the air, for you to inhale, you are using too much. It also will not give you the same finish when you apply too much at one time.

  38. speaking the real truthApril 8, 2008 at 10:05 AM


    Bismuth oxychloride is NOT one of the ingredients listed for the MK brand of Mineral Powder Foundation.

  39. speaking the real truthApril 8, 2008 at 10:19 AM

    Arabella, I don't think Emily meant her comment as you took it, and I am sure that she would not use that with clients, as you probably do not run around telling your clients about the MK products that are not your favorites. There will always be products that we don't LOVE, and that's okay. I am curious as to the reaction that you had. Do you mean that you breathed it in and had a problem from that?

    I have to disagree though that she has an uphill battle, if you mean as far as selling the products. Many women LOVE and WANT the MK brand, and that is part of the reason for the success of our Mineral Powder Foundation. Many who have been wanting to try Minerals feel confident in trying the MK version, because of their loyalty, affinity, and trust for the MK brand.

    I'm always concerned when someone says that finding MK clients is difficult, because that is not my reality at all. It is work, yes, but they also fall in your lap sometimes. I have no problem finding women who want our products, especially when I consistently reach out for them, and when I let others know what I do.

    In fact, consultants in my unit have seen a marked increase in website hits in the past year. I think that indicates that women are looking for MK and they are actively seeking out a consultant.

    Emily, keep working and building your client base. Building new clients by putting the product on their face is the key to success in this biz.

    Arabella, do you struggle to find new clients? If so, that's something that can be worked on, and many posters here have some great suggestions.

  40. "Speaking the Real Truth", thanks so much for your comment! I am trying to build my customer base; in fact, I'm going out to do skin care surveys in an hour with a few other consultants in my unit! I'm really excited! I'm getting some good response and having some success, and am loving it! Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  41. I was going to add that most MK products taht contained the Bismuth Oxychloride are on the discontinued list:

    Bismuth Oxychloride


    Colorant : Imparts color, opacity, and pearlescence to the product or the skin.

    Products containing this ingredient:

    MK Signature™ Loose Powder

    MK Signature™ Bronze Highlighting Powder (Discontinued - 12/16/07)

    MK Signature® Brow Definer Pencil Classic Blonde

    MK Signature™ Classic Blonde Brow Definer Pencil (Discontinued - 6/16/07)

    MK Signature™ Highlighters

    Bronzing Beads (Discontinued - 3/16/05)

    Creme-To-Powder Foundation (Discontinued Packaging - 3/16/08)

    Creme-To-Powder Foundation

    MK Signature™ Brow Liner (Discontinued - 6/16/07)

    MK Signature™ Nail Enamel (Discontinued - 9/16/06)

    MK Signature™ Eyesicles® Eye Color

    MK Signature™ Eyeliner (Discontinued - 6/16/07)

    *I've indicated in bold face print the products still available which contain this ingredient.*

    P.S. This info is available to us on InTouch. ;)

  42. On March 28th, I posted two very long comments about talc (and a little about the research into parabens) over on ME's blog. I had to break my comments into two pieces in order for Wordpress to accept it. I included all of my references. Here's the link to the first comment:

    The comment by Mary Parrish above about "micronizing" is a valid concern, and one that was noted in reviews critical of the 1993 rat/mice study on talc inhalation. Basically, because of the method used in that study to produce the talc aerosol, the talc particles were 1/2 to 1/3 the size of talc used in cosmetics. Since smaller particles travel further into the lungs than larger particles, this affects the results. (The other major reason that the 1993 study is flawed is that the equivalent dose for a 120 lb person would be inhaling 2.2 grams/day of talc, which is approx 1/4 of an entire jar of MK mineral foundation, every day, 5 days/week, for 2 years.)

    Yes, talc is a filler. Without the talc to dilute the coloring materials, the powder would be too intense/concentrated to apply with a brush.

    The corn starch is probably being used as a binder and to absorb oils on the skin. It is not a problem ingredient when used on the face (as opposed to applying it to wet, moist areas where it will clump and promote fungal growth).

  43. I've used mineral foundation such as Sheer cover and Raw Minerals for about 4 years - just recently switched to the new MK ones and they are AWFUL!!! I have broken out more then I ever did in High School and I'm 33! My cheeks are red and blotchy and dried out patches - and if I use more moisturizer, that makes it oily in some places. NO this stuff is NOT QUALITY - it is CHEAPER and CRAPPIER then any Wet and Wild stuff! It does NOT cover well and you have to use more of it to try to cover and then it is powdery and shows every hair and crease on my skin and I look like a zombie granny!
    Throwing this crap in the can! Wont promote it! I havent tried the new color products and after doing much reviews on internet aout them - they are causing MAJOR skin irritations!

  44. Wow anonymous, tell us how you really feel!

    I am sorry to hear that this product did not work out for you.

    I am a little curious though, you said,

    "NO this stuff is NOT QUALITY - it is CHEAPER and CRAPPIER then any Wet and Wild stuff!"

    but I wonder, is it possible that it IS quality and just caused a bad reaction with your skin?

    It seems a large leap to go from, "my experience with this product was bad" to "this product is cheap crap".

    Then you say that you "won't promote it". I am curious, is someone asking you to promote it? Are you a consultant? There are many consultants here who do not promote certain items because it "just isn't their thing" so they just leave that out of their presentation. However, they are not extremely combative about it either.

    Finally, I would love to know what kind of reviews you have done on the internet in regards to the color products you haven't tried?!

    We always welcome all points of view here, but we do request that you create a screen name so that conversation does not get confused. Simply click the radio-button that says "name/url" and type a screen name in. -thanks-

  45. to the anonymous poster,
    if you used sheer cover and the other mineral powders for years, then what made you switch to MK. Didn't you try it first, and if it was so crappy, then why did you buy it?
    How did you come to use it and actually switch to it if you did not like it?

    Just curious.

  46. It's very hard to compete with the other mineral products out there.

    I am a revived MK rep and find a lot of use out of your advices.

    I also find it hard to survey faces as most people, don't like to be approached. They prefer the facial box.

    I haven't tried the mineral line, but I hope it can stand up to the competition.

    Wish me luck. I wish you all the same.


  47. I haven't had any objection to the mineral makeup except for a few people who won't touch talc. I'm getting ready to launch into a huge hostess campaign starting with May. I will write about it soon on my blog.
    BTW--I have a NEW site for my blog! Check it out! www.shadesofpinkblog.com :)

  48. I'm a consultant and I won't touch this stuff! Easily the WORST mineral make up I have tried, and I have tried more than 10 before finding Bare Minerals and sticking with it. I know there will be a problem with all makeup for some people, even my beloved BM, but MK's is just not hitting the mark. I refuse to sell it. When a customer asks, I tell them it is crap, stick to what they were using. And the brush is no where near quality. I hope MKC pulls this product soon. I am embarressed to be associated with it.

  49. MY Arbonne mineral makeup is OUT and I went to reorder and thought to check MK and see the price difference. MK is almost 50% less expensive! both are .28oz. Theirs $32 your $18. My only concern is where can I find the ingredients list? I want to make sure my make-up is safe. I am not a MK consult BTW

  50. Hello Cookingmama and Welcome to Balanced Mary Kay.

    From the Ingredients listed on the side of the box:

    In addition to this then the ingredients are also listed in Spanish.

    Talc, Zea, Mays (Corn) Starch, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Boron Nitride, Zeolite, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Ethylene/Methacrylate Copolymer,Propylparaben,Tetrasodium Edta, Isoprpopyl Titanium Trisostearate, BHT, Iron Oxides, Mica.
    May contain/Peut Contenir: Titanium Dioxide

  51. A note about the mineral foundation - since introduction and about 70 ish, I have only had one person that had any problems with it. And she suspected she might because she has a sensitivity to some propylene products.

    Personally I love it.

  52. Ladies,
    It is time to stop talking about being successful consultants and start acting like successful consultants of the #1 Selling Brand for 14 years! How does this apply to the subject of PT and their stance on MK Mineral Powder or anything MK? It applies, my friends, because successful individuals attain their success by putting on their blinders and running their own races. Seriously. If an Olympic swimmer takes the time to glance at the other swimmers' position in the race, precious seconds tick away from what may have been a winning finish. By the same token, we all should be out illustrating the Go-Give spirit of Mary Kay by changing and enriching women's lives with a smile, kind word, the product and the opportunity! PT will think whatever PT will think. The best we can do is run our own race and let PT flounder around in its self-pitying ravings.

  53. I agree, Mitzi, with it all; except the best selling brand part. Until MKC starts tracking sales to actual consumers there is no way to know if they are even in the race.

  54. Exept Mitzi that I am not running a race. I represent a Company I am proud of. I want a place that if people have read pt, there is a place if they read that they will not base their opinions on a one sided site. (Of course there is the Mary Kay Website but most will think of course MK will only put on that site good information) so that they are not getting "balanced" information.

    I will not have my head in the sand - to be a good consultant I need to know that bad as well as the good.

    And as for the Best Selling Brand claim, there are studies that are done by independent firms that companies may participate in -- the years that Mary Kay had it in print that we were the Best Selling Brand, we participated in the studies and were #1.

    We did not participate this year. That doesn't mean we would not have earned the title had we participated but we didn't actually know except it was announced at Seminar based on the figures that were published and the Companies figures, we would have been.

    And as far as sales to consumers, Clinique, Estee, etc... report the sales from their warehouse to the STORES that sell their products not to their actual customers so it is the same as MK reporting what is sold to their consultants because in our system, the consultants are the stores and they are suppose to be selling the products.

  55. When MK is said to be the best selling brand what they dont' tell you is that there are only some brands included. Who's to say they are excluding all those brands above them? They are the best selling brand of those included in the study, not of all brands. Very misleading.

    Also, can you compare the business sense of someone who runs a true business like Dillard's or Macy's to an IBC who likely has little or no business experience to know how much inventory to keep in stock?? The purchasing department at a large department store knows what sells and what doesn't. They know what to order and how much. Your run of the mill IBC orders what her upline encourages or goes by what the offer is for the month. Until you are in the business for a while, you don't know what sells and what doesn't. Can't compare the ordering department at a large department store to an IBC.

  56. .. there was always an asterick at the end of the statement and if you went down to the bottom of the ad anyone would see

    {{I apologize but I don't feel like taking the time to look for my paperwork and I know we can not say that this year because we didn't participate. }}

    * this is based on yada, yada, yada* so it was in writing, Mk was the best selling brand with the data that was provided in the study. If people don't want to read further or ask if all Companies or which Companies pariticipated in the study, well that is not my problem...

    A consultant that is saying we are right now would be incorrect. But this is where I feel that some are just trying to find something to pick on.

    And personally, I feel that if you want to be a business whether parttime or fulltime you should take personal responsibility. Even stores make bad business decisions, no one has a crystal ball to tell what will sell and what will not.

  57. and as I was unloading the dishwasher, I kept thinking about Mitzi's post and it actually got me ticked. I am sure that wasn't the intent but... On this site, it is about more than showing the other side of pt. It is about providing GOOD or bad information to any and all - both consultants, ex-consultants, or anyone stopping by the read. It shows hopefully ways to operate that people don't end up in a financial nightmare. How to make good choices, etc...

    There is poor behavior that does need to be corrected with some in MK- Mitzi, your comment implies (to me) we should just turn our heads and pretend there is nothing wrong and that everything is picture perfect in MK. - I have to disagree with you.

    If no one is willing to call out poor practices they will continue to grow. I think I understand what you were trying to say however if you think about it, this type of comment gives the impression that we are in a "pink fog" and drinking too much koolaid.

    I agree if something is not broken there is not a need to fix it, however if there something needs adjusted, it should be done before it gets worse.

    I hope this makes sense.

  58. Cultivating your business is akin to gardening.

    I like to garden. Well kinda. I haven't been out to weed my garden in about a month.

    I love the idea that if I ignore the weeds, they'll cease to exist.

    Sadly I am mistaken. :)


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