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Pink Truth, a site that should not be taken seriously because of the outrageous unproven opinions they proclaim as truth, has posted a series of questions.

Because someone reading these questions might think they prove that Mary Kay is as disreputable as Pink Truth claims, these are the answers that they claim to be looking for. All of these questions are either illogical, or have an answer that, while truthful, does not support their conspiracy theory that MK is intent on destroying womens lives and therefore is not "good enough".

Until recently, the "rules and regulations" on PT said that no 'pro-MK' comments were allowed. So I have been using this forum to answer questions posed and correct misunderstandings where possible. As of November 12, that guideline has been adjusted to read that if you disagree, you can do so, provided you are respectful. In light of that, in addition to posting these answers here, I will also attempt to post these answers there.

So, here are the questions with answers. Questions in red, Answers in black (edit Purple!):

Who honestly profits from the sales of Mary Kay products?

The consultant who sold the product (assuming that she sold it for more than her total expenses)

Her recruiter/director


Mary Kay Corporate

Why is it that one purchasing the highest dollar amount in products from the company is called “The Queen of Sales”?

It is assumed that products being purchased from the company are being resold. Why would anyone purchase product they had no intention of reselling or using?

Where are the billions per year that Mary Kay Corporate makes from their consultants going?

Have you ever run a business? There are a lot of expenses associated with running a corporation of this size. Where are the billions of dollars that Microsoft makes every year going? I can’t answer that, but why is it important to know that?

Why do we only know the amounts of products purchased or proceeds donated, why not ALL the numbers about the products?

I followed this link and there are a lot of question raised. Many of them are not relevant questions. I eventually hope to answer all of them, but that is a little bit too much for a Saturday. J As far as ALL the numbers being revealed, the simple answer: They just don’t. If you have a problem with not knowing every detail of how a multi-billion dollar organization operates, don’t join.

If Mary Kay is making billions per year would it make sense that more than one or two NSDs would be making much more than a million or two a piece?


What is the motivation of Mary Kay Corporate or the upline to see that consultants sell the product they have already purchased?

If the consultant sells that product she will buy more. Then she will sell that and buy more. Then she will sell that and buy more. How is that not a better plan than a one time purchase? “What is good for the consultant is good for everyone” really makes sense if you just think about it.

Why is there recruiting? If the products are so great and undervalued as to make a 50% profit, why would anyone want to recruit when the product sold so well?

Why does anyone hire people? When you can make money (however much or little) on the effort of someone else it is usually worth while.

We recently bought an acre of property in WA State, built a house on it and sold it. I ‘recruited’ a realtor, a contractor, a painter, a landscaper and many others. They all got paid what they normally get paid and I made money for putting the whole thing together. Why did I do it? I wanted to make money.

Similarly, when my wife recruits someone, they get paid for their effort. They buy the same product she does and sell it. Provided they sell it for more than their expenses, they are making money. How much they make will obviously vary widely, but they have the ability to make money. She (my wife) makes money based on how well they do. She keeps in close contact with all of her recruits and strives to make sure they are not buying products that are not selling.

People recruit because they are offered an opportunity to make MORE money. It is not a requirement.

When will the “Keepers of the Dream” awake and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this “DREAM” everyone is striving for?


How come there are so many limitations, hoops and hurdles, time constraints placed on those trying to reach the next career level ?

You mean like needing to have a certain amount of consultants and a minimum unit production amount?

Would it be better if you just call yourself whatever you want to call yourself?

What should levels be achieved based on?

What time constraints?

If you have pulled together a large team of people consistently buying (AND selling) you EARN the title Director.

Pull enough Directors together and you EARN the title National Sales Director.

Most of all WHY are there time constraints? Is this to make it MORE difficult to obtain the next level? If so, why?

What time constraints? Do you have to become a director within a certain amount of time? Couldn’t you (theoretically) be in MK for 50 years and then become a director?

If you are referring to the fact that you have to maintain a level of consultants and production to keep the title ‘director’, than your question is your answer.

Why should you enjoy the title if you are not doing the work?

Why are people who choose to quit Mary Kay called and begged not to or ridiculed for their decision to quit?

I have not gotten to discuss the article this link refers to, but the answer is right there.

The script in question explains it like this:

I did my first exit interview using this script (Below) last night with a $3600 inventory. We left each other on a VERY positive note. And while she is still deciding what she wants to do, she’s very strongly considering not sending product back. At the very least, she will leave Mary Kay knowing what a wonderful and caring company we are.”

They are not being begged not to quit or ridiculed. Some people actually care about the problems that others had and want to:

  1. Make sure the problem can’t be resolved
  2. Find ways to create a better experience for the next person
  3. Avoid burning bridges. If someone just wants to take a break, they have options available to them.
  4. Make sure that if they do want to quit for good, they recoup as much of their cost as possible.

This link will probably be posted here soon as a “what TO do if you are a consultant thinking about quitting or a director with a consultant thinking about quitting."

How is Mary Kay enriching women’s lives…exactly? By providing a product that is needed/wanted?


By recruiting customers, who recruit customers, who recruit customers so that Mary Kay CORPORATE always has customers but YOU the consultant don’t? How does that work?

See the answer above to “Why is there recruiting?” My wife has recruited some of her best customers. They are now making her money. She still has customers that have no interest in selling MK.

Why doesn’t Mary Kay Corporate speak to all our questions in a truthful manner?

You mean, “Why doesn’t Mary Kay Corporate speak to all our questions in the manner we want them to?”

If they did not answer in a truthful manner they would face fines and lawsuits. They have a legal team to ensure that they answer questions in a truthful manner.

What you are asking for here is for them to say what you want them to say. You have created a conspiracy theory and are asking them to validate it for you.

Therefore this question is not a valid question.

As you may have noticed, I answered "huh" to some of these questions. That is because I genuinely could not understand what was being asked. If anyone would like to reword those questions, I will try to answer them.

Ok, I am going to go try to post a comment answering some of the questions.

Thanks everyone.

Update: Just posted some of the questions under the name "looking for real truth".
Sat 01 Dec 07:56 (5:56 pm pst)

Update: Have had some conversation with people on the site. All of my comments are still up.
Sun 02 Dec 02:46 (12:46 am pst)

Update: Woke up this morning to find myself blocked! (no explanation either)
Sun 02 Dec 12:34 (10:34 am pst)


  1. I would love to expand on a few points.

    It was interesting reading the new "rules" on PT. What is interesting is I still read from other blogs, any posetive comment, even respectful is deleted as fast as possible. I guess that means, it will be allowed to be posted, it just won't be allowed to stay so others can read it?

    Q.Why is there recruiting? If the products are so great and undervalued as to make a 50% profit, why would anyone want to recruit when the product sold so well?

    A.I divide my time between directoring and consultanting. I strive to be good at both. I find that when my client base starts getting close to 400, it takes too much of my time to service them and continue to meet new people at parties, and be a good director. I refuse to give up or delegate this part of my biz because I love the people I deal with. When they call I know they enjoy chatting with me as much as I enjoy chatting with them. I love to provide that personal service. If I had an office assistant doing this I would loose this bond with my clients. So I recruit out of necessity. If a find a group and see that one of the circle may be a great consultant, I can give her the info and if she is interested, she already has a customer base to start her business with. So this helps me maintain my clients at a comfortable level and help gives a new consultant a jump start on persuing something she may find she enjoys. I have also had some wonderful clients that spend so much in a year that I feel that I must show them the benefits of doing Mary Kay as a personal use/hobby level consultant. If they are interested, they can then save quite a bit for themselves, once again it is helping me keep levels balanced and sharing an opportunity with someone that truly enjoys the product. And you never know if once someone joins what it will become for them. So, I recruit out of necessity. And... I love what I do and have something I love and I like anything else I get excited about, I want to share it with others.

    Q.How come there are so many limitations, hoops and hurdles, time constraints placed on those trying to reach the next career level ?

    A.Could this question pertain to the fact that you can qualify for a car in one to four months or you have one to four months to become a director once you decide to do it?
    This is hard to explain without writing a book but as many facets of life there are requirements for things. You have to achieve "x" to whatever it is you are striving for.
    Some jobs will hire you on the condition you obtain your degree within so many years. A teacher is often required to take so many credits a year to continue teaching. How else should you measure activity. It is also to promote activity. If you have all the time in the world to do something it will take you all that time. If you have four months to do it. It will get done in the 4 months.

    Q.Why are people who choose to quit Mary Kay called and begged not to or ridiculed for their decision to quit?
    A. Not all directors call and beg people not to quit. Some of us in fact, may tell a consultant maybe it just isn't the right time in her life and to stop frustrating herself and maybe try it again in the future when circumstances change.

    In other cases, it is quite possible the director really sees something the director sees in the consultant and believes in the consultant more than the consultant believes in herself. Some people give up way too easy and with encouragement might ride out the rough spot only to find out it was just a speed bump not a dead end.

    Believe it or not, sometimes it can be a BIG relief when certain consultant decide to quit. (Not a great idea to do cartwheels if a consultant tells you she wants to quit)may hurt her feelings.

    And from the heart of PRO MKer and it does happen, in some cases a director has exercised the practice of "frontloading" and the consultant has been brought in with a a great BIG inventory and the consultant hasn't sold it, it means a great big charge back for the director.

    I have also seen that if I can gracefully let a unit member go because I respect her feelings that if her situation changes, she is very comfortable to try her business again later in life and know I will be there for her when she needs me in the future either as a director or as a consultant.

  2. David, I read PT right before coming here. I had a feeling "looking fo the real truth" was you! I hope your comments stay. A while back the positive experiences would stay and the anti MKers would really attack. Very entertaining! It's like trash TV. You feel immature watching but it's hard to turn away. But "looking for the real truth" sounds intelligent, unlike some of the others, so no telling where this exchange will go. I have a lot to do today but I will continue to check back!

  3. mk4me,

    Thank you, you make some good points.


    Thanks for following along. As you may have noticed (update above) I have been blocked. There are several responses to me that I can't answer as a result.

    If you are willing to risk losing your membership over there, it would be greatly appreciated if you would extend an invitation to them to come here. From the comments that followed mine, it seems that some are genuinely interested in continuing the conversation.

    Something to the tune of:

    "looking for real truth" has been banned from this site. He is genuinely interested in answering your questions and continuing the respectful conversation that began here. If you would like to visit the site where both sides of the issue are welcome you are officially invited.

    The tricky part will be getting them to the site without out-right promoting it. You may want to suggest they do a google search for "balanced mary kay".

    If they ban you, you will still be able to read all of the daily posts. You will just have limited access to the message boards and will not be allowed to post.

    If you do not want to run this risk, please don't feel ANY pressure.

    So far my comments are still up. If she wants to delete those, she will have to delete a lot more that reference me as well.

    Have a great day and again thanks.

  4. David, I asked where you were. Not much more. I don't post often and never go to the discussion board, but every once in a while I have something to say. Many times in the past a Pro MKer has posted and everyone pounces and then we don't hear from them. I am very blog illiterate so I did not know that the owner could block someone. Now I know where all those Pro MKers went. I bet some of the MK haters think they successfully ran them off.

  5. David, you should be getting a thank you card from TC. You created more activity than they have had in weeks. haha, Too bad many of the posters there will never have a clue that you were banned. I can here it now that, you couldn't stand the heat, they showed you, etc...

    After reading some of the responses though, I find it as no surprise that they did not succeed in Mary Kay. I am not trying to be cruel but it just seems that all many want to do is excuse all their past wrong doings because "they were in the fog". Brainwashed, manipulated, well guess what, we all have a conscious, whether we choose to use it our not or the level to which it works is strictly up to the individual.

    The more I read, all I can think of is when my kids were younger. It's not my fault mom, brother made me do it! Folks it is time to grow up and take responsiblity for YOUR actions. I guess if their National had told them it would be great for advertising if they were to put on a pink bathing suit with Mary Kay on the back and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge because it would get them noticed and they would get loads of customers - they would do it??

    Concept, work, build your customer base, then build your team while you continue to build your customers, make sure your team members work to sell the product. Build strong.

    Contrary to every whiner on PT there are directors who have driven without coop payments for many years. Right now almost finished requalifying for the 7th MK vehicle. Guess what, we will be done way before the end of December. This business is awesome if you work it right. Not one unit member nor myself has put in one penny that they didn't need because they were selling.
    Personally, I just did a two day open house in the town I had lived for 12 years before I moved 1/2 hour away. Because my clients were so accustomed to my quarterly open houses, I decided it would benefit me to take the"mountain" to Mohamid instead of the other way around because it is just far enough that they wouldn't attend if it was at my new home.

    I had the best last two days, I got to see clients and friends that I don't get to see on a regular basis now. We visited, chatted, laughed, caught up with each other, shed a few tears with the losses of some. I felt so alive. I don't try to sell but at the end of two days sales were over $1600.

    I honestly wouldn't have been disappointed though if I had fewer sales because it was just so great seeing people I enjoy spending time with but because of life don't get to see. And they were just as happy to see me and find out about what has been going on with me since my move two years ago.

    Enjoying people that have come into your life by way off your business is the way this business works. I meet a client and then become friends. Not faking friendship to try and get them to buy Mary Kay or giving fake compliments. I have been trying to find a word to describe why I think some do so much better in Mary Kay than others.

    I think if one is truly "geniune", people will love being around you.

    P.S. David, maybe you should visit Duh's site, maybe one of the members would be willing to post a comment that you were banned. Many of them have been banned also, but several still have posting priveldges.


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