Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What is this!?

Found this on the web the other day!

Don't get too excited... it is not what you might think at first....

But go ahead and guess anyway!


  1. Pick me, pick me, ooohhh, I know, I know. TC is going to put it on her site and tell people to comment but they must do to the discussion board to do it!

    I think there has been every other pink item that says

    "Caption this"

    Did I guess right?? rotflmao

  2. mk4me,

    if there is a discussion board on this site, I don't even have access to it!!!!

    It is VERY exclusive!!!

    If you want, I will let you on it...

    but its gonna cost you!


  3. It looks like a toy barbie doll car to me..or an old hot wheels


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