Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That was quick

So, I just finished posting part 2 of a 2 part series about the phrase "sells itself" and how that relates to "Mary Kay".

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here

Out of curiosity and because I know that I used that phrase extensively, I checked to see if I had made a difference in the Top Ten for those search terms.

I posted part one at 9.30 pm. It is now 1.00am and those search terms now show my site as number 7 in the list!

Not really making a point, just impressed at how quickly google indexes the internet.

Might as well make a point though I guess.

The moral of this series is that a google search for the terms that you are interested in does not constitute research. It is a good starting place, but that is all. A starting place.



  1. Google loves blogs (generally speaking), and will index pages quite quickly. For faster indexation get your homepage ranking well and try ping services, such as pingoat.com.

    On my site, as you may well have noticed, I can get page 1 rankings in less than 10 minutes sometimes ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by scam!

    It is always a treat to hear from you in this part of the blogosphere!

    I enjoyed our convos on your site today thoroughly


  3. Likewise, it's always good to see you there, though I'm not sure how I should name you on your site ;)


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