Monday, November 19, 2007

Pink Truth "Research" (1 of 2)

Some things you simply can't make up.

This is so rich that it is going to have to be a Two (2) part series:

Part 1 (of 2)

Apparently Tracy 'was reading' a comment on 'another site'.

She doesn't mention which site this is on, so I can't provide that to you, but you can read her post here.

For those of you that refuse to visit her site (and I certainly don't blame you!), here are her thoughts about that comment that she found:

"I was reading on another site a comment by a writer who said that anyone who was told Mary Kay is easy (and believed it) is stupid. She said something to the effect of, "If I was your recruiter I would have told you it's hard work, and so would almost any other Mary Kay recruiter. I'm sorry you got one of the few bad ones."

I almost fell out of my chair laughing. We all know that 99% of Mary Kay recruiters brag on how easy it is to sell the product.

So just for kicks, I wondered how many web pages I could find that referred to Mary Kay as a product that sells itself. Here is but ONE search that I did.... "mary kay" "sells itself". Other variations on the wording would produce many more pages.

Crazy how many pages say it's easy to sell, eh? And a good thing Pink Truth comes up first for the search !"

I am not making that up. I am not sure how long it will be up, so be sure to check it out with your own eyes while you still can. Click Here

I really believe that as soon as she thinks about what she posted here, she will at the very least change it a little. But here goes anyway...

Again, this is part one of a two part series!

First of all, because this is such a common theme on PT and Anti-MK sites, I will deal with the concept of "sells itself". We will deal with the 99% issues at another time as these are separate. I don't know how you quantify a statement like, "We all know that 99% of Mary Kay recruiters..." anything. Since that is another issue, we will deal with it later. Let's look at the phrase, "sells itself".

How many of you (pro-MK or anti) have said, "This (food, gadget, beverage, etc) is SO good, it could sell itself"? You didn't actually mean that you thought it would get up off the shelf and leverage itself into the hands of a consumer in exchange for cash? You mean that it is really good. You still needed someone to introduce it to you. You still needed someone to demonstrate it to you. When someone says that a product sells itself, they are rarely saying that the manufacturer only has to produce it, stack it up in their warehouse and wait for the profit to come in! You still need to find away to tell people about it. Introduce: Sales. Be it through traditional media advertising (which I think technically came after door-to-door sales), or through more non-traditional channels, you need to let people know that you have something that is worth trying. And whether it is in their heads or out loud, they are going to want to know, "What makes you so special that I should waste my precious time trying what you have to offer?" You have to answer this question for them before they will try it. After they try it, if it is really, ‘so good that it sells itself’, it will “sell itself”.

I personally believe that Mary Kay falls into this category. I have spoken with many of my wife’s clients personally and have heard them ‘declaring the praises of Mary Kay’ because they really like it. They call her to order more when they are out. They make jokes about it being, ‘like crack’! “I need my MK fix” they say! I have a friend (male) that had trouble with his skin. The product he was using solved one problem but created another. He mentioned this when my wife was telling him about what she does (skin care specifically) and she recommended one of her products. She gave him a free sample that night, and the next day he ordered the product from her. In this case, I would say that the product “sold itself”. My wife still had to be there, talk about it, explain why he (a guy) should not be ashamed to try it, and have her sample on hand. But ultimately, she did not have to call him over and over until he “gave in” just to get her off his back. This is just an isolated example. Almost all of her clients are just like that. Once they try the product they don’t want to try anything else. On the flip side, she has had plenty of people that have tried it and said, “no thanks”. No energy wasted (I guess to be accurate, I should say “minimal” energy wasted).

Here, try this. Ok. Do you like it? Yes, give me more!

Here, try this. Ok. Do you like it? No! Ok, thanks for your time!

As I said, I think it is true that Mary Kay sells itself. As long as you don’t turn that phrase into something utterly ridiculous, it is true. Ironically, the second comment on this post from “DebiUnpinked” says it better than I ever could. –

“If it sold so easy why do they have consultants?”

[again, I am not making any of this up, you should really check it out for yourself before she takes this post down… Click here]

If you REALLY thought that they LITERALLY meant that the product was going to sell ITSELF, didn’t you get a little suspicious AT THAT TIME about why they would need YOU? I mean I really want to feel pity for people that were hurt by deceptiveness in Mary Kay, but I find it very hard to believe that you honestly think “sells itself” means that the product is going to magically do all the work for you. I am sorry if that was (honestly) your understanding, but frankly I don't believe you.

This was part one of two... stay tuned for part two. It gets better!

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