Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just thought I would point something out!

I have an advertising banner at the top of this site.

I know some of you may have not even noticed this. I myself have learned to tune out click-type ads on websites (including my own!!!!).

I put this ad on my site because I had just heard about it and wanted to see how it did. So there it sits. The other day, it caught my eye... I am not sure why, I just saw an item that caught my interest and I clicked on it (I know, I know click fraud... if anyone is concerned, I will send the $0.15 back!!!) Anyway, I realized that it is actually a pretty cool tool to find deals on certain things. If you are interested in what they are selling! Anyway, in case you are like me (never even notice ads) I thought I should point it out as it MIGHT benefit you!



  1. Just joking here!!... but, David, is TC rubbing off on you? Are we going to have a tip jar next? lol

    More seriously, thank you for the effort you have put into your site.
    I do believe it will help all see there are extremes to anything but they are the exceptions not the norms. Personal responsibility is what it all boils down to.

  2. mk4me,

    You think that is bad?

    (...deleting new post..."if everyone sends me a dollar and then emails this post to their address book asking them to send me a dollar I can pay for this expensive site...)

    I guess you are right... It looks pretty bad!

    I knew it might look a little needy, but I really mean it! I hadn't even looked at what I was advertising, and... (maybe I am turning into...shudder)

    Thanks for the Thank You.

    Personal Responsibility really is the bottom line.

    Now go click my ads like you have never clicked before :) JK


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