Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Penny for YOUR thoughts.

PT posted this today... you know the drill.

Our core product lines are updated once every 3 to 5 years to take advantage of the latest innovations in skin care. And although we don’t do it often, we occasionally update our packaging to ensure that we continue to stay on trend and keep our presentation current and fresh. Remember that we’re in the fast-changing cosmetics business. Much like the automobile, fashion and consumer electronics industries, in the cosmetics industry, newness is what attracts customers to the brand.
So they posted this as "the lie of the week".

Can anyone point out where this is deceptive?

How is this a lie?


  1. I think PT considers this a lie because they change their products more often than they say. Grabbing a straws, IMO. There are ligitimate things to gripe about in regards to this company, stick with those.

  2. There is nothing deceptive about this. This is true. For the most part, my experiences are consistent with this statement. I'll have 5 years in July 2008.

    This section of the passage:

    "Our core product lines are updated once every 3 to 5 years to take advantage of the latest innovations in skin care. And although we don’t do it often, we occasionally update our packaging to ensure that we continue to stay on trend and keep our presentation current and fresh."

    is about changes like creating 2 Time Wise formulas. Time Wise was introduced in 1999 or 2000 if I'm not mistaken. It was not until 2004 or 2005 that they split the formulas. I joined MK in 2003. The packaging has not changed dramatically in that time. The compacts were platinum then, the lipsticks were also platinum. When I joined in 2003, Endless Performance Mascara was the primary mascara. Ultimate Mascara was introduced in 2006, I believe and I don't know how long Endless Performance existed prior to my signing up. Also, keep in mind that a packaging change can be something as minor as changing the color of the box or bottle.
    They did change the lip glosses rather rapidly in 2005 and I think it was because they were experimenting with colors and then they developed Nourishine. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the formula of the lip glosses until I tried Nourishine. It feels so much better IMO.

    Now, the above quoted passage does NOT address color changes. Colors change rapidly. It's not just MK that changes, either. I didn't wear MK my whole life. I used to wear Clinique lipstick. There were some shades I really liked that I bought once and by the time I was through the tube, I couldn't find the color any more. Same is true with some Estee Lauder eye colors I used to wear. It also pertains to Max Factor, Maybelline, Revlon, etc. I've used them all. Mary Kay addresses updates to things like colors being discontinued here:

    "Remember that we’re in the fast-changing cosmetics business. Much like the automobile, fashion and consumer electronics industries, in the cosmetics industry, newness is what attracts customers to the brand."

    So, I find nothing out of the ordinary with the frequency of change in their line. I think what happens that causes some to get upset is the timing. They sign up and order inventory and it's close to a product change point. That's just a matter of chance. And if something is being discontinued, it doesn't mean the older product won't sell. I am always encountering customers who want something they don't make anymore. Sometimes I have it and other times, I have to seek it out; and still, other times, I'm just out of luck and I introduce that person to what we have now and see what she thinks. She may love it, she may hate. If I can't sell it, I make a hostess gift or a gift for a guest at an event.

    OK. I'm done. Hope that isn't too long or confusing. ;)

  3. Oh, and I'll bet someone with more than 5 years' experience can demonstrate more consistency with product update frequency?

  4. I personally don't like change but I have learned it can be great for business.

    I realize I wouldn't want to be watching the b/w tv my parents had when I was a kid, we love the big screen we have right now but I know dh keeps looking at the nice slim flat screen HD tvs. Why, cuz they are better.

    I am glad I don't have to use the original formulas from MK, I am not really dry and unless you were really dry you would end up being a little on the greasy side.

    Who wouldn't want a new car versus one that was 10 years old?

    Change brings us better products because of more advanced technologies. I want my clients (and myself) using the most modern technology.

    The great thing about Mary Kay is if they do discontinue something, if we have enough of a demand, I have seen them bring items back.

    If our products and colors always stayed the same I would get bored with them. I love seeing what is new! And your loyal clients will still love MK products but the new look and products could attract a market we may never had attracted before.

    I guess you can see things, it is a personal choice to look at a .
    as optomistic or pessamistic

    I for one can't wait to try the mineral foundations I just received in the mail today! woo hoo

  5. Judi, I think there is a small amount of that in their accusations. It is sometimes hard to gage because they use phrases like "you all remember when..." or "do you guys remember..."

    I unfortunately do not remember what they are referencing (not around long enough apparently. But from what I have seen and heard, I agree with you.. That line of thought is grasping at straws.

    However, I think many of them are actually upset at the fact that Mary Kay changes their product at all.

    Take these comments for instance...

    Raisinberry said:
    "Here is another one of those strange twists of logic. If you are the Number One selling brand....why in the world would you CHANGE your product?"

    The Scribbler said:
    ""...newness is what attracts customers to the brand."

    Initial attraction, perhaps (because that's all a corporate entity needs - the opportunity to get the hooks in) but there's no guarantee said newness will KEEP those customers. The debut of New Coke back in '85 is proof positive of that.

    Frequent change does not always mean the quality of the product will remain consistent; in fact, many times it will go down."

    I think that like MK4ME, they don't like change! Except, instead of recognizing that change is crucial (not just important, it is an absolute necessity) like MK4ME explains, they choose to bash the company for doing it.

    While I know that it is no use trying to explain something as complex as this to these guys, for the sake of the readers here (if you don't already realize this), here goes.

    So because Coke introduced a product in 1985 that didn't stick, introducing new products to the market is a bad idea? -answer- NO.

    Let's look at Coke for a second.

    How many times have they reinvented their image? How many flavors can you get Coke in now? Can't you buy the "happy holidays" style coke can? Won't they come out with the super bowl coke shortly thereafter? And don't you get "the opportunity" to win (something nominal) by buying more? If you buy 30 cases of coke in hopes of "winning" tickets to the Super Bowl, are you going to complain about having to drink from the Super Bowl cans in July when you are still trying to finish all those cases you bought?

    Product needs to be updated to stay current with trends and new technology. The fact that the company does this supports the conclusion that they want to help their consultants sell the products.

    About the only genuine complaint about this product change is for anyone that has bought a lot of product that they have not sold yet. And again, if you are hanging on to it that long, were you really planning on selling it? I imagine some people buy a whole lot of product that they plan to sell over the period of three years, and since you can run your business however you want, you are allowed to do this. But aside from this, it seems like new, fresh products are a benefit to consultants, not a negative.

    *on another note.

    Robin Peter comments:
    "Raisinberry -

    I can think of one legitimate reason to change the product. A reputable cosmetics company might change the shades of its color cosmetics to a certain extent each season, to reflect the changing fashion seasons.

    Put another way, a color that looks good with fall fashions would not look good when color-coordinated with the fashions which designers promote for the following spring. Therefore, it behooves even the most reputable cosmetics company to at least "tweak" its color cosmetics line so that it color-coordinates with the fashions which come out each season."

    Do you think she realizes she is not supposed to be so I don't really know what they call that, but it certainly seems like it is too Pro-MK for PT! I wonder if that comment will be allowed to stay? If it does, perhaps it will be a precedent for others?

    All that to say,

    I don't think this is a lie. It does not seem to deserve the label "MK lie of the week".

  6. If you are #1 it would seem like you better be looking at changing and getting better or you won't stay at the top. Just as our technology is developing so are other companies. Staying the same will not keep you number one because you will remain the same and the others will blow right past you.

    An anthlete, runner, biker, etc.. doesn't say oh, I just recorded my best time ever, so I will just stay right here because I am the best, do they, nope, they keep on practicing and pushing to be even better.

    This may seem mean but it is not intended to be - maybe if Raisinberry could make some changes, she would be much happier and start letting go of all the pain she feels from Mary Kay. I can't imagine if you dislike something so much why oh why would you allow it to still consume you. She has quit, returned product, moved on and yet it seems like she just can't let it go. I think she needs to forgive herself and let it go. And if she still needs help after the length of time she has been on PT, it would seem maybe a good counselor would do far more for her than PT.

    ie. I remember when we weren't allowed to leave the table until we had eaten everything on our plates. My baby sister hated brussel sprouts. We were all going out to ride bikes and the plates were empty so mom excused us all. We rode for over an hour, when mom called us in, she was concerned the maybe baby sister was getting the mumps or something because she had this terrible bump on the side of her face. Mom had sis open her mouth and guess what, it was the brussel sprout!! She put it in her mouth to have it off her plate but knew it would be wrong to spit it out. So she road her bike tasting the brussel sprout the whole hour instead of one quick swallow that would have ended the taste that she didn't like.

    From reading a few of the regulars on pt, it just seems like it is time to spit out the brussel sprout or swallow, don't let that bad taste stay in your mouth!

  7. I think the whole PT thing is to warn others. I know when I meet someone who is interested in MK I tell them my experience and warn them against this opportunity. So let them vent. I've been known to respond to some articles if they hit close to home.

    As for the whole changing the products, just do a product return. The company guarantees you'll love their product or you can send it back. Obviously if they are changing the formula you are not going to be happy with the old one. Return it for the new version. Free shipping, too. I don't see this as a problem except for corporate.

  8. OK, I have to respond. I am so sick of people telling others that MK is bad.

    I am in the hair business and I can tell you of one company in the past 2 years that has changed their product 3 times. The put NEW AND IMPORVED ON IT. Then they changed the packaging. Well guess what when people come in and want to buy that product they want the NEW ONE. Guess what happens to the old one. I have to eat it NO PROFIT OFF OF THAT.

    If you want to stay on top of the game you have to change with what others are doing. This is called commerce. I get so SICK AND TIRED OF LADIES SAYING OH MK IS DOING THIS BECAUSE OF THIS OR THAT IT IS CALLED BUSINESS PLAN AND SIMPLE!!!!

    I am a reatiler of product in my shop and if something doesn't sale I don't make a profit. This is a business. If you don't like it then get out and move on. Don't try and take others with you and don't discourage someone from doing something that does work. If MK didn't work then I don't think that they would be celebrating 45 years of business.

    I think those on pt protest to much. They are mad because it didn't work for them. Did they work their business the way that they should have PROBABLY NOT!!! I like my MK buinsess and one day I will move up. Stop whinning because we don't have any cheese. You know the old saying if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

    Sorry this is long and it sounds mean, I am just tired of people trying to drag a company down that I love.


  9. Anon, I don't think you can say that PTers did not work their businesses. Some are/were directors and above. You have to realize that there are good and bad in every group of people. And if you are allowed to sing this company's praises, then they have every right to talk about their negative experiences. Prove them wrong by doing it the right way.

  10. judi if you are warning others against mk, then why are you still in it? I think I read somewhere that you are still a consultant.

    Mk is NOT a bad company. YOU just had a bad experience in it because as I read your post, it is CLEAR, that you were under the worst kind of MK managment team. I dont know who it was but I wish it could have been different for you. Everybody is NOT like that.

    Telling others to do their homework about MK and what could go wrong/right in this business would be more appropriate than just telling others to completely stay away. If that is how you are handling things, then you are doing just what you accuse others of doing, and that is failing to acknowledge someone's experience just because it is different than your own.

    If you want your bad experience to be validated then it is only fair that you validate our good ones. It is not fair for you or anyone to discourage someone from MK because, you never know, she may be someone who can do well with it. But she will never know if she never tries, so why try to keep her from trying? Why not just let someone learn what NOT to do from your experience and approach things differently? Obviously the way you did things or were taught to do things do not work, so we all can learn from it.

    That is what bothers me about PT. Its like they want to make up everyones mind for them and assume that ALL women will have a bad experience in this business and that is just simply not true. You have to acknowledge the many women who are feeding their families with their MK business, sending kids to college and paying bills and making a few extra dollars. Not to mention just the knowledge you gain about skin care and the growth in your self confidence.

    I know that is off the subject of this post, but I just had to say that.

    But as far as change, I dont have a problem with it. Everything changes in every aspect of life. If you want to keep up you have to change. I have mourned the loss of a favorite product or two, but there is always something that comes along better. PTers paint this as negative because they will paint anything that comes from the MK camp as negative. No matter what it is.
    I remember how they jumped all over a donation that corporate gave to a charity (domestic violence I think, or cancer..) and they spun it as a publicity stunt or something. They completely looked past the fact that someone was helped by that donation. That is why they have no credibility with me.

    Change is uncomfortable at first, but believe me , we will get over it and sell the product and move on. I for one am glad to hear about the mineral foundations and cant wait for them to be available

  11. I am still a consultant, which only means I have not sent product back. I do like the product. I just don't believe than many are making much money in it. When you factor in the time and effort it just doesn't add up. And the lies that I was told and so many were told. I have a SIL who lives across the country that joined, not through me. She was told some of the exact same things, verbatim. What are the chances that 2 different units that far apart would be saying the same things? I think this company is a business. They are in it to make money. And some of the consultants look at it like the second coming of Christ. I do not think their main goal is to enrich women's lives. I think the main goal is to make money. And there is nothing wrong with that. That's why I signed up.

  12. Judi, it still seems that, once again, you are making blanket statements based on your experience.
    You say
    " I am still a consultant, which only means I have not sent product back. I do like the product. I just don't believe than many are making much money in it. When you factor in the time and effort it just doesn't add up"

    I have several issues with this statement.

    First you talk about time and effort. But your time and effort are not the same as everyone elses. Who are you to say what will be a worthwhile effort in someone elses life? My time is different than yours and what may be worthwhile to me in a 24 hour period may not be to someone else. The $50 extra a week that someone else may get may not be my cup of tea, but if it floats the boat of another consultant in another part of the world then for her it IS worth it. You just cannot make a blanket statement and say that it will not be worth the time and effort for everyone.

    You also talk about likeing the product. Well, if a person like you, who is clearly not fond of MK corporate or its business plan likes the product, doesnt it stand to reason that there may be other women out there who like it too? Somebody has to sell them their skin care. So why try to keep someone from signing up? Even by your own actions of using the product, one can reason that there are customers to be had. One of the biggest complaints on PT is that noone wants this "drek" as I have seen it described. Even you can say that is not true or you would not be using it.
    I am assuming that you are an active consultant. One of two things must be happening if you are still an active consultant:
    You are either buying the $200 wholesale yourself every quarter to stay active OR You have enough customers to help you continue your active status by ordering just enough for them just to stay active, thus enabling you to keep your discount.
    Either way, if I was a potential recruit that you were trying to discourage, my first question to you would be "why are you still in and why are you trying to discourage me when you clearly either still have customers or you are still spending money on this product.. It would signal to me that you CAN have customers and you can sell and make money, not the other way around.
    And just for the record, you know that you dont have to be a consultant in order to get the products that you like.
    Why not find a consultant and just buy them from her if you are really only in it for the products? Just become someone else's customer. Better yet instead of discouraging someone from signing up, tell them to sign up and then you become their customer. I mean if you really dont like the corporation of MK that much, why stay affiliated with it just to get products when you can easily buy them without being a part of a company you say is unethical. And then there is always Ebay..

    And you and your SIL having the same experience is in no way reflective of the entire MK sales force. I have many MK friends in different parts of the country who have had good expeirences, but that does not mean that I can disregard the bad experiences that someone has had, so how can you blanketly disregard the good based on your and your sil and a handful of posters on PT?

    I dont mean to always rant, but I really get tired of the double standard that antiMK folks seem to have. All I am saying is just be fair. It just always seems as if many ProMKers are willing to admit problems in the company and things that need changing, but many who are against the company refuse to acknowledge that there are many of us who have had good experiences and are enjoying are MK journey. Like Blessed, they seem to only acknowledge that we "believe" that we are having a positive experience because we really dont know we are being taken advantage of. He and those like him refuse to believe that the good experience is actually real.

    And if anyone out there is acting like Mary Kay is the second coming of Christ then they already had problems to begin with, and the problems will not stop even if they stopped selling MK.
    And since when did being in MK to make money become a complaint.Since when did it become wrong for a corporation to be about making money? That is why I signed up too..and I have done just that.

  13. I have not orderd from the company in over a year. As I can still log on to InTouch, I guess I am still considered a consultant. I do not sell it because I do not feel that the little I made was worth my time. That is what I tell people. All I can offer is my own experience. I can't STOP them from signing up.

    Of course, I am not going to buy the product full price thru another consultant. If I am going to pay that much I will use another brand.

    And I don't think you are not enjoying your journey. My director is one of the happiest people I know. She is obviously enjoying herself.

    Do I think that you are making much money? Until I see proof, I don't. I have never seen proof of anyone making much, working the little hours that I hear about. I'm talking after taxes, after charge backs, after expenses. And real time. How much time do you put in on the telephone, warm chattering, meetings, all of it. How much spent on conferences, luncheons, all the free training. Because the way I look at it, it's not how much you make, it's how much you get to keep.

    And I am not anti MK. No, I do not think that this company is wonderful and I do not feel like I was blessed the day I signed my agreement. I dont' think God has anything to do with MK. I did get sick of hearing about God at every meeting I attended. And I have attended more than one director's meeting. But I don't think MK is evil. I think it is a business and I wish the consultant's that I come in contact with would realize that this is just a business. They are not here to make your life better. They are in business to make money and if you happen to benefit from it, good, that means they make more money. But that is not the motivating factor. This company is not better or worse than any other. But when God and faith and all that other filler is brought in it changes things. Now they are measured to a higher standard, instead of the regular standard of businesses.

    In closing, I DO NOT HATE MK. I do not think that my experience reflects the experience of everyone else.

  14. And did we get off topic, or what?!! LOL

  15. Judi,

    I love reading your stuff! You've got both feet on the ground.


  16. Judi,

    I am sorry that your experience was so bad in MK. Many times it is the way the WE make it. If you don't want to do it then don't. And if you don't want to pay full price you will use another brand than my suggestion is use another brand. What I am saying is move on.

    About hearing about God at every meeting. Let me share something with you. Everyone that comes in to my salon hears about my Lord you know why cause I love HIM. He is my partner in every aspect of my life and without HIM I have nothing. So please don't use MY GOD in your negative post because MY GOD is far from negative.

    You know why I don't believe the people on pt is that I personally believe that the woman that runs that site probably post most of the answers to the topics that she post. I read on another site that she says she has like 2097 people signed up, well someone who belongs to her site found out that it is like 300 that is a far cry from what she says. I think that she does not tell the truth and she is doing the same thing that she accuses MK of doing. So that is my proof of the women on pt it comes from the leader.

    Again not trying to be mean however like I said before if you can't stand the heat then by all means get out of the kitchen.

    ON TOPIC!!!!
    Change is necessay in business. If I didn't change the hair styles with what is happening then guess what I am out of businessl. If I didn't offer the services that the people want and change OUT OF BUSINESS. What people don't or won't understand is that MK is a business. It is your business. You can work as much or as little as you want.

    So it makes sense that the more you work the more that you will make. Mary Kay had a specific way that she wanted this business worked and she laid it out for us. It is up to us to follow the way that it should be done. If you had a bad director or one that is not on the up and up then you need to let corporate know.

    I am excited about the change and I have been telling my customers which is getting them excited.

    have a great evening

  17. Bren, I don't mean to imply that I don't have a relationship with God. I just don't think He advocates ANY business. And if you bring Him into it then your standards should be above and beyond.

    There is no reason for me to move on from this company. I like the product. I will continue to use it, since it is better than what you will find at WalMart and I can get it cheaper that the department stores. I am not angry about my time in this business. I get angry about some of the lies told to me, but I get angry about all lies told to me, not only MKs. And I say MK and not a couple of nationals because I feel that the nationals represent MK. If they don't know what their nationals are up to, then there is a bigger problem than any of us lowly consultants know about.

    I don't know the owner of PT. I know nothing about her except what I have read on other sites. I have no idea who she is or what she is about.

    I found this site. I like how it is set up. I like that I can say my piece about MY experience. I also like PT because some of the experiences mentioned there mirror my own and it's nice to know I was not alone. Great site, David!!!

  18. Judi,

    I am not trying to be ugly in any way. I just think that if you like MK and then you should just sell it. That is my thought.

    Didn't mean to imply that you didn't have a relationship with God. I do and I am proud of it and I am honest when I say that He is all aspects of my life.

    About pt there was a time when anyone could post a response to the article written. I posted and I was not ugly my post stayed up about 2 seconds and it was deleted. I just think that the people on pt protest to much.

    I think and this is my personal opinion. Don't worry about what others are doing do your own thing and go for it. If you like MK then work your business and do it the way that you know it should be done and GO FOR IT.

    I know that their are directors that do things that they shouldn't, however not all of them are that way. I believe people until they give me a reason not too.

    There is also an issue of forgiveness. Judi just forgive those that have wronged you and if you want to work the MK thing, then work it and you treat the people that you come in contact with the way that you want to be treated.

    Have a great evening

  19. Hi Judi, you asked about proof of pay. As I have said before with what the owner of PT has done to others, there is no way I would post my personal info on the net but somewhere on david's blog is an example of a typical month for me. I can back up my facts because you can look up the Advance Brochure on intouch and double check my figures and percentages. I don't take the car so that gives me $500 cash monthly. I have only had two little chargebacks in 12 years. Total of both of the was less than $1000 of production. - They weren't personals so figure out what 13% is and that is all that has been charged back to me in all those years. Big whoop. I spend that in one trip to Walmart. We are a solid Saturn unit. I do approximately two classes or facials a week and do 2 unit meetings a month and attend a group pizza and possibilites not in my area because I have several unit members in that area. My unit size is approx 100 and I have always strived for what the Company calls "a unit within a unit" (having 30 personals)- I don't put in 40 hours a week and the majority of it is in my home.

    I am very proud of the ethics and morales of my unit members and I hope they are a reflection of their director.

    It sounds like you got a bum rap, and I am sorry to hear that. I wish more people would take the time to read all there is on MK Intouch and New Consultant training packages from their directors. I was 8 hours from my director, didn't have an adoptee director for awhile but I had tons of training material. I study and practiced and learned until I found a director to adoptee me and just kept growing from there.

    Now, I usually tend to be level headed but every once in awhile that PMS revs up and I just want to say...I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PT SAYING YOU CAN NOT BE HONEST AND MAKE MONEY IN MARY KAY or TO MAKE MONEY IN MARY KAY YOU HAVE TO FRONTLOAD AND MANIPULATE AND LIE.

    They don't know my values, ethics, or integrity levels. Just because they feel they couldn't be successful without being deceitful doesn't mean others can't. That fact that they could not DOES NOT PROVE others can't - all that proves is THEY COULDN'T!

    OT - has far as expenses, I manage very well and make sound decisions. Our local YMCA as a beutiful carpeted room, sink, air conditioning, and it only costs me $10/week. Loads of parking too. Occassional we meet in my family room next to my office. Free. If we need to rent a nice room for a large event, I went in a talked to the manager of a local hotel and because of the time and how we leave the room, etc.. we get a beautiful room for $50. So if more people would think smart not hard and not try to upstage each other, they just might have more money in their pocket.

    I am down to earth love what I do, don't think I am any better than anyone else, usually wondering if I am as good as everyone else and what you see is what you get. My consultants know me for who I am. My husband works third shift so our lifestyle is a little goofy. Call me at 2:00am you are going to get me, call me at 6:00 if the phone wakes me up, you better be running. They have seen me in sweats, they have seen me threaten to push a car off the highway when a new car's fuel pump went out and we waited for over two hours on the tow truck. And some other funny situations. My life.. anything but calm. One son married to a beautiful hobby level consultant with two beautiful grandchildren -7 and 6. Living with us until a few months ago was my stepson who worked first shift, my second stepson who worked second shift, my third stepson in high school and my daughter in high school and a third shift hubby. Our house is alive 24/7. Throw in two labs and a bojack puppy and 3 cats, 3 fish and well, welcome to my zoo.

    I love this Company, the products, and what I do. I stand up for what I believe in and please let everyone stop saying "I am in the fog". I happen to have a brain and try and use it since God was kind enough to give me one.

    Spend enough money (loose it) in Las Vegas and they will comp your room. But most of us would pay for the room not go drop $10,000 in the Casino just to get a free room.

    Common Sense (too bad too many don't exercise it). Ok, off to take some midol.

  20. mk4me,

    Thank you for that description of yourself and how your consultants get to see you! Oh, how I wish my SD was like you...

    I love her for so many things, bu the one thing I can't stand is how fake she is. She's working so hard to keep up appearances, always flashing expensive jewelry, bragging about exotic vacations and her latest shopping rounds. She would rather be caught dead than in jeans and a sweater by a consultant. Her kids and husband all struggle so hard to be as perfect as she wants them to be. Her husband actually confessed to my husband that they constantly argue about her being so fake that he doesn't even recognize the woman he married. Her best friends from pre-MK times have all given up on her because she wouldn't let them near anymore, and whenever she did call them or meet them, it was always about making money off them.

    My entire unit really love her for the person we see underneath all the "perfection" and for the way she's quickly taken our unit to the top 10 in Sweden, but we're really starting to lose our respect for her when we discover her lies and when she pressures people into doing things for her own gain, not for their own.

    If I felt there was a way to make her "snap out of it", I would talk to her as a fellow human being before she loses us all. But with the wall she's put up between herself and us, I think the only thing left to do is sort out exactly what I'll put up with and what I find unacceptable and then stand up for it at all times, no matter the cost.

    In 6 months, I'll be moving to an area where I'll be the only MK consultant around. I'm hoping that will give me a chance to do MK the way the founder intended, not in the corrupted way. But it's sad that I should have to move to have that. What about my dear sister consultants that I leave behind?

    Sorry, lots of emotions bubbling up...

  21. give me hope!!!

  22. mk4me,

    Thanks, that is a great description, and expresses the sentiments that I felt that made me start this site.

    Not all people succeeding in MK are doing it the way PT would have you believe they are. Not everyone in MK is in a fog and clueless. I thought that you may have been my wife's director from some of the descriptions you used of yourself!!! She doesn't have the zoo though!


    Thank you for sharing about your director as well. I am sorry to hear about this. Sorry for you, and sorry for her. It must be so difficult to alienate yourself from everyone you love. I have heard of this happening to people (even outside of MK) and their friends and family are at a loss. How can you help someone that (for as much pain as they are in) refuses to ask for help... or even receive it when it is offered?

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your move. I hope you have lots of success in you new area... I am sure that I have mentioned this before, but check out the other sites (Pinkmyst, shadesofpink etc) for helpful thoughts and motivational elements!

  23. Matilda, hello from the US, it is really neat to see who are from across the ocean.

    I am sorry that this happened to your director. I wish I could offer some help but it is true that until she wants help there probably isn't anything anyone is going to do to change what is happening with her. Unfortunately if an event is large enough to wake her up, often it is quite costly.

    I believe if we can't be true to ourselves, how can we expect others to trust us. It must be so hard putting up a front like that. Can you imagine the energy drain it must be to be "acting" all the time.

    I think this is a useful site. I believe a balanced site can help alot of individuals There are other posetive Mary Kay sites that have alot of training and ideas on them. Check them out. Many directors have unitnet sites that have tons of training on them too.

    I am in an area, there aren't many directors. I have no director meeting close enough to attend, so I make sure I do alot of reading, the Applause, cover to cover. Intouch Daily, consultants guides, etc... what I have found is if you are willing to put a little effort into learning - you really can even be successful w/o a director. This is, of course, if your desire is to build a good busienss.

    If one is in for the recognition and sense of belonging, this is a much harder situation.

    In my case, I studied, I worked, I built, and guess what, now I have my unit, so that can be what you do in your new home. You sound like a very bright woman. Do Not let someone else destroy what could be great for you.

    Best of luck and will be chatting with you on this site!


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