Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Question about being successful in Mary Kay

An anonymous comment/question came in today, and I thought maybe some of you would be willing to weigh in and offer some advice.

So your wife has been in the MK business for 2 years, I have been in this business almost that time, but don't have anywhere close to 100 customers yet, so I would love to hear about how your wife got the business off the ground and how much time she has been investing. I would love to do more and make this a profitable business for me, I believe it can work, but you do need to be consistent and persistent.
anyways I would love to hear more, and it is great that you are supporting your wife, I need to show my husband that I can make this work for me and the family. I have little kids so I really want to do this.
Anyone have any advice?

How do you find new clients?

Anyone with kids have advice on how to balance raising children and starting a business?

Thank you all for your wonderful participation here!


  1. Dont give up!!! Do what your consultants guide says to do and be consistent!!!!!!!

  2. If you're new, start with a 100 names list. It's not quite like having 100 loyal customers, but start with who you know. The first prize we can earn in our unit is a Booking Bee pin. We get this when we present our director with our 100 names list. You won't call everyone on the list, but it's a starting point. Begin with people you will feel comfortable asking to be a hostess for you and then just keep adding names of everyone you know with skin. What this exercise taught me was that I knew A LOT of people and I didn't realize it. Don't be discouraged if your business is moving slowly. I've been in almost 5 years and have yet to earn my Red Jacket. My focus is getting good at selling the product. ;)

  3. Since I have never been comfortable warm chatting, when I started MK I started with home party expos, bridal fairs, craft shows, etc.. I simply display the products and have entry forms that asked if they had ever used MK, if they had a consultant and if they didn't have a consultant would they be interested in trying the products either alone or with a few friends. The prize for the drawing was a $25 gift certificate with their makeover. Because of the questions I used, it weeded out those that were actually interested and those that were filling out the form just to win. This was a great way for me to meet people because they actually have some interest if they come to your table and it makes it easier to talk about what we do. It is a comfortable way to meet people.

    I have also ended up with new clients because they would say to me, "oh, I am so glad your here, I had a consultant but she moved away and I didn't know where else to get my MK, can I have your card or catalog". (or many say their consultant went out of business) but whatever, I make sure I give them my card and catalogue and then ask if she would like an update facial and go from there. My line has always been, I would be honored to be your consultant, and you won't need to look for another consultant because I'm a lifer and I will be around as long as you will have me.

    Some events will produce loads of leads and other won't but each one is different and the exposure is great. And you can meet other small business types that you can begin networking with.

    Once you get a client, treat them great. I always send a little thank you note after their first purchase, I make sure they get on PCP right away. I do a quick follow up call after their first purchase to make sure they are happy with what they purchased and see if everything is working okay. I don't try to sell them more. I just tell them I am always available and to feel free to call me anytime even if it is just a product question.

    I had just moved to this area when I started Mary Kay and really only knew about 2 people and not well. The expo was what started my business and I have gone back and done the same expo for the last 13 years. Now I still meet new people but it is a great time for seeing my clients as well.

    Good luck as you build your business!

  4. Oh, not all the time but I have also met people that saw my MK pin, or an MK tote and they have approached me. (love it when that happens). My car decal has found a few clients. One day, I walked out of Fashion Bug and saw a note on my windshield, I moaned figuring someone had dinged my car and had left a note until I read the note. A lovely woman named, Jan had written, if you still sell Mary Kay, I NEED a consultant, please call me at xxx-xxxx. I made the call, and I beleive she has now been a client for about 10 years.

  5. Wow....

    You guys are great!!!

    Keep em comin!

  6. never underestimate the power of wearing your product. When people compliment me on my makeup or fragrance that is a lead in for me to tell them that I am a consultant. Then I ask if they use MK or if they have a consultant and then I give them my card if they say it is all right to do so. Then I ask if I can put her on my perferred customer list and contact her when I have special promotions and that gives me permission to get her name and contact info.

    It is totally possible to get new customers without "stalking" people. And dont forget referrals, ask existing customers if they have friends who would enjoy a makeover and get names from them. Also treat your customers like gold and they will spread your business for you. Word of mouth is best!

    I use to have a photo bag and I would get permission from my customers to display the before and after pictures on them. People would ask about it and I got customers that way as well.

    And always keep the latest look book on hand. I have had to give them out when I least expected it.
    Be prepared and postive. Work with the knowledge that there are women looking for us, we just have to let them know we are out here!

  7. Thanks for sharing, and David thanks for putting the question out there. I was reading some of your posts ab out PT and you know that site always makes me sick and doubt my business for days, so now I never go there, because it does have a huge negative affect. Also many there are people who have become real successes with MK and by the sounds off it your wife is one of them.
    PT needs to get a life!\

    I really wish I could get more people to go shopping online. It is so much convienient. I would love to hear ideas that have worked to get people to your site, I have handed out coupons in the past, but no real luck.

  8. Anonymous,

    Your welcome, and Thank You!

    My wife really treats shopping online as an option for her clients. Many of them prefer the quickness of logging in, clicking what they want, entering their cc. and knowing product is on the way!

    I am pretty sure she tells every client, "and don't forget, if you want, you can shop online at..."

    She has had several referrals from the consultant locater, but these are really just an added "bonus" and should not be seen as a marketing tactic (personal opinion)

    Thanks again for an excellent question.

  9. The best commission plan around is with Market America. It goes from the bottom up and the makeup is superior! Please go to my website at All you need are 2 people to get to a six figure income. If you'd like a 45 minute presentation, please contact me at

  10. Darlene,

    Hi and welcome.

    This comment will be brief and may seem a trifle rude. Please do not be put off by it, but the nature of blogging demands immediate attention to this sort of thing.

    Your comment looks an awful lot like spam. As such it will be deleted in short order. I have not already deleted it because I would like to give you a chance to prove that it is not, and (more importantly) participate on this blog the way it was intended to be used... as a place to discuss Mary Kay (specifically) and cosmetics, business opportunities and skin care (generally).

    I don't doubt that you are excited about the business opportunity you have presented here, but posting about it in the way that you have is in poor taste.

    Please feel free to join the discussion and add something to it, or find other ways to introduce your opportunity to a new audience.

    If I have not seen a response by Wednesday your comment will be deleted.

    Again, apologies for any rude tone that may be conveyed by this and I hope that my impression of you as nothing more than a spammer was wrong.

  11. Let me help a bit here. Darlene, the makeup is superior to what? All makeup, some makeup, Mary Kay? why? as with most of our comments on here, we try to explain why we feel a certain way.

    We don't just say "because I said so". I can say alot of things, what I always remember is opinions are like armpits (also another word can be substitured) - we all have them and most of them stink! - Please share - it is still learning for all of us.

    I might add after I had earned several MK cars I was being persued by many MA people - more obnoxious then any MK person I had ever met (and yes I have met some obnoxious MK people.) All telling me how much more I could be earning than MK. - yet none of them had done much - my response was when you have acheived close to what I have achevied come back and we will talk. - To sum it up, I am still in MK - still making money, and none of them are still in MA- point, set, match. game over. and yes, to stay up on my knowledge I did try the products, not bad but nothing that excited me.

  12. 2 ppl six figures? bahahahahahaaaaa!!! Say, are you in the market for a bridge? Got one I can sell you cheap!


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