Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Great Question from One of Our Readers!

Question: My question to you is..... can you do this business without knowing anyone and are willing to market yourself, your product, and the company?

My answer to you is "yes". Will it be easy? Probably not, is it do-able - absolutely. When I started my business I was new to the area, I knew only a handful of people and none of them were "make up" type people. My business was started and built on people I met while marketing myself as a Ind. Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Seriously, I think it is easier simply because family and friends don't give you the respect that a stranger would that meets you in your capacity as a "consultant".

How did I meet people? I put out facial boxes, wore my mk pin, put my business cards out in places they were permitted, and did craft fairs, health fairs, bridal fairs, and business expo's. Some of these events can be pricey but during the holiday season I was able to find very affordable craft fairs. I did ask my new clients for referrals and many of them did introduce me to other interested potential clients.

Being on the "shy" side myself, I enjoy having a display at an event, because the people that approach you are at least partially interested because if they weren't they wouldn't stop - I also always have a drawing for a small gift certificate with a makeover but if a person is not interested, they don't register.

If one has the confidence "warm chatting" is another way to meet people. Now, I don't ever go out to "warm chat" but because I am confident in what I do and it is part of who I am, I have found that often when striking up a conversation (ie: waiting in line at a cash register, etc...) the conversation may present an opportunity to present what I do and very often it results in the person requesting more information.

It sounds as if great and honest information has been shared with you and that you will have a great support system. With the awesome promotion going on in October, seriously, if you enjoy Mary Kay products, even if you get the kit and give it a shot, it is a win/win situation. If you were to purchase just items you would use from your consultant, cleanser, moisturizer, day/night solution, oilfree eye makeup, mascara, foundation/brush - the total would be over $150. So get the starter kit, look things over and sell approx. $230 worth of products, you can place your first order, deliver the products that were purchased and still have almost $200 worth of products for your inventory. If you just can't get enough orders, well you just don't continue. Seriously, anyone has a year from purchasing their starter kit to put in a product order without having to rejoin the Company.

So, imho, go for it!! And.. let us know how you make out! We are here to provide any answers we can.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the old saying goes.

In closing, I would like to add, that if nothing else use what you have read in the negative websites as an example of what NOT to do. I try to at least scan the posts daily and may I say if I ever conducted myself and ran my business as some of those individuals did, I would not be in business today.


  1. This is excellent guidance! I agree with all of it. I feel our reputation has been hurt by the stalker consultant who pushes too hard on total strangers. Be natural, talk to someone as you would normally when your in a store or whatever, mention your a consultant if it fits into the conversation. If they want a card or a book give one. If not, let it go. Build your business slow and steady and it will be a joy to be in.

  2. Thank you so much for the advice. I actually decided to start the business. Got my kit this week and am looking things over. I have decided to give it a year....not putting too much pressure on myself....just taking it slowly and like you said naturally. Funny thing is my husband was the one who pushed my decision because I had been on the fence for so long. He said "People are always asking you what kind of skincare and makeup you use.....they seek you out.....I see it all the time when we go somewhere so really you aren't going to have to work at it too hard". He is so right. I am constantly getting stopped by people so what better way to introduce Mary Kay to someone plus I am a beauty addict so its something I love to talk about anyway. Again thank you soooo very much for the encouragement.

  3. Congratulations! We will all be cheering you on. I totally agree with you, (i am not vain & do not think that I am "all that" however, I am always having people compliment my skin and saying, "I wish my skin looked as smooth as yours" and then when I say how old my kiddos are, they actually look at me like I am pulling their leg.. so then to be funny, I love saying, but i did have my oldest when I was 10.. lol... chuckling... i then say not really with a big smile, it is so cute for those that don't know me well starting their brain calculator to figure out how old I am! and then I say, but seriously, I owe it all to Mary Kay... they have the opening to ask me more and they either have interest and we continue the conversation or they don't and we move on to another topic... can't get much easier than that :)

    Personally, I was buying Mary Kay before I joined so I was paying someone retail, to me it made total sense if I was going to use everything that I wanted - why not get my stuff at 50% off... I could either save money or get alot more stuff for the same money. ---

    Prior to MK I used a combo of Lancome & Estee & some Revlon... so I saved money when I went to all Mary Kay and personally I love it just as much and most products more than what I had previously used, so even if i hadn't moved up, it made sense to me even to be a personal use consultant.

    and one closing thought... if you buy a lipstick from the Company at $6.50 and sell it for $13.00 - the gross profit is $6.50...now for the nay-sayers that will say, it cost money to sell the lipstick, I figure a sample is right about $.40 so even stil... that is $6.09 profit, not too shabby, basically we double or money (and legally) lol...

    don't over extend yourself with inventory and build your inventory as you build your clients and then you will be able to stock what is used!!

    Keep us posted and remember, build strong clients and provide excellent customer service.

  4. I'm going to chime in one more time to say I agree with mk4me, don't go too deeply in inventory especially at first. Watch and see what your customers buy and start stocking those items. Build as you get new customers. I think the number one upset with this company is consultants who go deeply into debt stocking too much too soon and then can't move it quickly enough or some products they never move because the didn't have the customers for that product to start with.
    Blessings on you and your business!

  5. Caron, you have described me to a tee! That's exactly what happened. I just had some things from when I first started outdate. I was pushed to buy a huge startup inventory, and with the exception of maybe $600 a year (profit), I just looked at it all the time and panicked. I'm still trying to figure out how to get out of this hole - because I do have customers - just not enough and not enough of a variety to move everything. I actually just got an email from a teacher I work with ordering 4 lipsticks...tomorrow, I'm going to try to suggest she have a class to get a discount on it and have some fun girl time. We'll see...


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