Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reader Question - Can I work Mary Kay if I don't know anyone?

This letter came in from a reader a few days ago.

I found your blog The Truth about Mary Kay and have been reading it as I am considering getting into the business. Pink Truth and The PinkLighthouse have completely scared me and I am considering not signing my agreement. I know a lot about the company. My grandmother went to church with Mary Kay Ash and actually went with her door to door when she first started. Mary Kay Ash was a wonderful woman who paved the way for a lot of women and it saddens me that Pink Truth and The PinkLighthouse are so against the company. The company can't help what directors do. They can't "patrol" them making sure they are playing by the rules. To me it reminds me of playing the telephone game when I was a kid. You whispered something to one kid and as it went down the line of children it was changed and by the time the last child said what it was, that "something" never even came close to what was first said. Same thing. Information is construed differently from person to person. Unfortunately that is what happens and people will take advantage of it for their gain.  
I am being actively recruited by a woman out of state on my Facebook page. We became friends playing games and she has helped me out tremendously with homeschool materials for my children. She is like the mother I never had. She has been completely up front and honest and has told me both the pros and cons about the business. She even said do not buy inventory until you have earned it. She told me of all the extra fees (propay, website, samples, business materials etc). She even sent me parts of the consultant rules about marketing and online marketing. This woman is so wonderful and her upline is the same way.....never have I been steered in the wrong direction by either of these women and I love them for it. They even have sent me their tax statements to show they have made money and consistently. I guess they have seen Pink Truth too. I have a very positive experience with them and no misgivings about what they have told me.  
However the thing that scares me is that I live in a new area and don't know anyone. It just so happens I live in Texas where Mary Kay Cosmetics was born. There are consultants around every corner. That scares me. I would be starting this business out like if I had opened up an unknown business at my local shopping center. Its scary to me because all I hear on Pink Truth and The Pink Lighthouse is you can't do this business without knowing a lot of people and having a lot of family. After you have exhausted that you are out of business. Wow makes me feel I am out of business before I get started. I have lots of marketing ideas that my recruiter is amazed about. She has been selling Mary Kay for 4 years now and hasn't thought of them and actually said if I joined her team she would like for me to do a presentation on my marketing ideas. Kind of surprised me but I am glad I can contribute some new and fresh ideas. By they way my recruiter is working her business slowly, the way I want to, and only has 6 active recruits in 4 years.  
My question to you is..... can you do this business without knowing anyone and are willing to market yourself, your product, and the company? That is what is keeping me from signing that contract. Wish I had never found Pink Truth and The PinkLighthouse because I probably would have already been making money :)  
Thanks for you time and thanks for your blog. I love your viewpoint and its nice to see pro-mk people out there.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


  1. One thing you should know is that you are can't "market" yourself anyway you want. There are definite guidelines set down by the company that you will have to follow. If you are caught violating the guidelines, Mary Kay will issue you a warning and they have the right to terminate your contract if they find you in violation.

    You don't need to know a lot of people or have a lot of family, but it does help, they are your initial customer base, they are also your source for more contacts. Now you could do this business knowing no one, its not impossible, but it will take a lot of work warm stalking (walking up to people in a store and asking them for a booking) and cold calling (calling a list of numbers you either bought from a company or numbers from a contest drawing) Both of these techniques work for women who are driven and dont mind hearing no, your director or recruiter will be able to provide you with scripts to help.

    Also please be careful in regards to an inventory purchase. Mary Kay is about to have a lot of product changes in December, so it would be in your best interest to learn what they are and not buy too many of those items in your inventory.

    An inventory purchase is not necessary to start your business, except you will have to buy at least $200 in inventory in order to activate your discount. Take a look at your own situation and do not allow your recruiter or director convince you to purchase an inventory package that is not right for your situation.

    I'm not saying you should or should not join, in fact I doubt anyone would honestly be able to convince you not to because you seem like you have your mind made up. Hopefully you go into this business with your eyes open

  2. Moosemama....thanks for the advice. I do know that MK controls alot of what you can and can't do.....but all of my marketing ideas fall into the rules of the company so I won't have any problem at all. As far as inventory.....I actually don't want any at this time. I know I have a full year to purchase a $200 wholesale order to activate my discount so I am taking my time. I have found other consultants from other companies and have joined a network marketing group just for women in my city. They have given me tons of leads and actually I didn't have to pay a dime. It really was all about getting my voice out there and having it heard. I am giving it a year and if I do well great, if not fine too. At least I tried. Plus I use MK and the kit this month was just too good of a price, it actually saved me money on my order. :)

    Again thank you for all the advice!!


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