Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Balanced Mary Kay - 4 years of talking about Mary Kay

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to point out that we have now been here for 4 years!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to mk4me for keeping this blog going and for adding relevant content!!  Thank you so much!

I have noticed lately that the conversation has dwindled to almost nonexistent.  I know that many of you are still checking in every day... we have the page views and visitors to prove that.  And I know that we are attracting new visitors daily as well.

I know we are all happy to have this resource available to people that are in Mary Kay and those that are considering Mary Kay (Whether buying it or selling it) for the first time.

But what would make this site better?  What can we add that would make this site more valuable for you?  What would make you more likely to voice your thoughts and opinions.

I just received an email from someone that is considering joining Mary Kay and is wondering about her particular situation.  I am sure that insights from the whole community here would be greatly beneficial to people in similar situations.  Should we have a "reader's questions" section?  Should we post more product reviews?  Would it benefit anyone if we had a regular "success story" posted?  Or would that be too much like a "rah-rah-go-recruit-people" meeting?

Also, it has been a while since we have really heard any opinions against Mary Kay or joining Mary Kay.  Would it be beneficial if I "switched sides" and played the devil's advocate against Mary Kay for a while?

I know these are a lot of questions.  Please let me know that all these visitors to this site are not just random bots scouring the internet for email addresses by letting me know what you think would make this site better (or worse) or if you like it exactly the way it is and don't want to see anything change.

Thanks so much


  1. This is very crazy. I just saw you posted this today, and I found this blog TODAY. In other words, keep going no matter what kind of "response" you are getting. There are alwasy going to be people like me who need the old stuff. I googled to find out the nitty gritty minimums for consultants and found one of your posts about the 6 months of 'termination' without being terminated. helped me SO MUCH and was EXACTLY what i was looking for! So, thanks!

  2. Yeah I never comment, but read all the time. I sell Mary Kay, although mostly just to a few customers and to get the discount for myself. I find your posts very helpful. Maybe adding an FAQ section for most often asked questions. I don't think you need to play the devil's advocate, I like your viewpoint as is. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Sheer Drapes & Soapchick!! Our admin Dave is a great person and I try and help out as much as I can. I have been a director over 15 years and I have seen both good and bad. I firmly believe if one operates their busines with honesty and integrity (doesn't try to "cheat" or "buy" their prizes), builds a strong customer base and then starts building a team, there will be a good income.

    I just as strongly believe that if one recruits everyone one, "buys" prizes, signs up "fake" consultants, it may appear that they are successful for awhile but in time, it will catch up to them, they will end up in debt, making no money and quit "saying, mk doesn't work".


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