Friday, November 25, 2011

New Blog to focus on Pink Truth

Hi all!

Thank you mk4me for the kind words and the great posts.  I would like to announce a new blog.

This blog is hosted by one of our readers - Michelle - and will have a link (along with a quick summary) to whatever Pink Truth is posting.  Not sure at this point if it will be updated daily, weekly or what, but it should be pretty current.

The blog can be found here -

The idea here will be that this blog can stay focused on discussing Mary Kay as questions and thoughts arise.  The blog that Michelle is hosting will be for responding to things that Pink Truth is saying.

If you have no desire to be weighed down with the garbage on Pink Truth, you can stay here and help keep this community alive.

But if you enjoy occasionally picking a fight, or if you are just frustrated that no one gets to respond to Pink Truth and want to speak your mind, give this new blog a visit.

Hopefully this will keep the two concepts separate, but give room for both of them.

Thanks Michelle.


  1. There's some conversation over there that needs to be had. :) So head on over!

  2. Great site all around, both here and there--definitely thought-provoking without simply attacking for the sake of attacking.

  3. thank you elbries, we try to be fair around here and appreciate that fact that their are different opinions.

  4. The craft fair went well...yucky weather kept people away, but I started relationships with some people - mostly other vendors :).

    A legal word:I wonder if women don't know the legal guidelines or if they simply don't care. I know for a fact that we are not supposed to sell over the table at a public event. But when talking to the director of the event, she said she had never heard that before and that MK vendors she's worked with always do. However, I think that she likes I follow the rule - or she just likes me - or both, and wants to be my customer. (she usually just buys from whoever) She placed an order and took a catalog.

    I wish I had done a fair a year ago; it made me less afraid of the words "no thanks," and just got me comfortable telling people what I do.


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