Sunday, November 20, 2011

What can I expect?

momof8 said...
I am so glad I found this blog site. Would you please tell me exactly what to expect if I decide to sell MK? I know the cost of the starter kit. What else is there? Do I get a set of make-up for me--if I'm to be wearing it from "head to toe?" Is the name tag included? and the decal? These sound like relatively inexpensive details, but I can't afford anything unnecessary to begin. I've been out of the country for many years and we're needing income. What exactly can I expect at the beginning?

The starter kit will give you what you need to begin your business... the only thing I feel need extra to start presenting the product are cotton balls. When joining the Company does have the 50 free business cards but after that, the business starter kit which varies in price is a great thing to have, you get business cards, the reorder labels, a stamper with your information on it, and a magnetic name bade (I believe that kits start approx. $39.99) - this is optional not mandatory. The Mary Kay website is a nice option and as a new consultant you get it for half price for the first year so that would only be $25 - but if you wish not to do this, people can still go to to see everything on line. To process credit cards, there is a fee for propay but if you only do a cash or check business, you would not need add this expense or could add it when you wanted to make paying with credit or debit cards an option.

What can you expect?? There is no definites. Other than if you sell a liptsick for $13 and purchased it from Mary Kay for $6.50, you have earned $6.50.

No, you would not get a set for yourself... however if you sell $200 worth of products, to cover the initial order, you get to select $400 worth of products, so after you order everything your clients needed, you in theory, could then select $200 worth of items you wanted and it would be covered.

Hope this helps, if I misunderstood, just leave me a comment and I will expand on this!

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