Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thinking About Rejoining?

A great question from one of our readers: I did MK for about 1.5 years quite a while ago and really enjoyed it, but I also see how people can have bad experiences and need to keep a healthy, balanced perspective. I went inactive/terminated in 2003, so if I wanted to be a personal use consultant at this point, I'd need to start all over right? I'd really just like product for myself at the discount and have no need for the starter kit. Is the $20 deal the right one for me? Thanks again for your helpful site.

My answer is yes, you would need to rejoin and maybe on the choice, lol. Let's break it down with the November special. If you use the miracle set, mineral poweder foundation/brush, oil free eye makeup remover, and mascara... even at cost those items would come to $76. With the starter kit for $75 - you would receive all of those items plus Look Books, mirror & trays, and lots of other products, you could sell, give away, donate to a woman's center, whatever... and then in six months or so when you need more products, then put in your product order.... or for the $20 second chance opportunity, you get catalogues and some misc. stuff.. and then you could place a minimum order to get all the times you would like.

So, it boils down to if you use all of the proudcts, I think the starter kit would be the way to go with the special, if you use velocity, or don't use the miracle set, or the products you get in the starter kit, then go with the second chance! Either way, imho, it is a win/win for you if you love the products!

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