Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well folks!! Do you know what today is?? As some will have you to believe, it is the worst day of the year. If I may be sarcastic for a minute - every mk director is imprisoned, with the ball and chain to the phone and computer. I am sure many of you have heard this (now, I am not saying there aren't some months that might be the case, but not every month but the last day of the month and the last day of the year?? Well ... hmmm..

Things to do today, pool party/birthday party for grandson and daughter. Making lasagna for a dinner party tonight, packing to get away for the weekend, and oh, yes, filling a few orders that came in on voicemail and online ordering.

Afternoon spent shopping with daughters, and after desert, movie night with wine and cheese and company. I will check intouch later just in case anyone submitted an order for me to submit because I would hate for them to wait for their order any longer than they would have to since my consultants order product when they NEED they product.

Tomorrow... working on tan by pool... vacation, fun, food, family, fireworks, water/boating... awwww.... I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!

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