Sunday, December 25, 2011


Loving every minute of it. Family, friends, love it!!


  1. hello, i've been following your website for awhile and it's really refreshing to see MK from the non pink truth side, lol. i'm not a consultant, but i use the products. my consultant isn't selling anymore and rather than go on facebook and ask at the mk fb page (i know they'll be hounding me) i was wondering if you could possibly be my consultant? i'm from NJ. ;)

  2. Tickle me pink, I would love to have you as a client I ship for free and do have secure on line payment for my clients. Now forgive me for being cautious but at the risk of coming under attack from anti Mary kay folk, I am very cautious, I will ask you to do something for me and then I will help you out, one way or another. If you would send me your information on and what items you would like... we can go from there.. If you need to see a catalog, please use (it is the generic mk site) .. if you are not comfortable with this ... please know that if you go to and then consultant locator, you can enter your zip code and you should get a selection of several consultants in your area. (I do have clients in N.J) -- actually I believe I am up to approx 25 states with clients in them :)


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