Friday, May 27, 2011

Model Makeup Artist Opinions

Colleen posted a link to a great piece on the comments of several makeup artists and their opinions about Mary Kay products. I thought it was worth bringing it to the front page so that everyone could enjoy it.

This is the link:

or, Click Here

The majority of the comments are very favorable, the negative comments (of course there are a few) sound like many of them are from past experience(as in not recent). Any of us that have used MK over time know we just keep getting better all the time. So if one hasn't tried the MK line in the last 5 or so years, I would love for them to revisit the product before making an opinion. Most technology today is superior to the technology we had five years ago in any field. (not everything but most). Just as a comparison, 5 years ago, many people had desktop computers, the tower, monitor, & keyboard. It was common and laptops were the "luxury item with the big price tag" - today, who would want the "bulk" of a desktop set up when one can buy a laptop for the same price? I remember the price of my first laptop, lol, and to think of what we can purchase them for today.

Enjoy, the article and thank you for sharing Colleen!


  1. Hi, the link is not clickable or even copy-able so I could paste in my browser window. Is there any way to fix that please? thanks1


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