Friday, September 2, 2011

Just some updates and info!!

From MKintouch... a dedicated page to let us know what changes are on the horizon!

‘Change’ Site Gives Scoop on What’s Coming – and When!

Mary Kay used to say that if you don’t go forward, others will zoom past you. Scientific breakthroughs, evolving trends and customer preferences all are evolving. So with that in mind, we’re rolling out some incredible changes to our color and skin care lines over the next several months. Ready for all of the details? Check out our dedicated site launching today that will keep you up to speed on what lies ahead – and give you the tools to prepare yourself and your customers. Fasten your seat belts, ladies … exciting times are coming!

Color & Skin Care Advancements - Change is Good!

Exciting product changes are coming!
You'll want to check this site often for new information, including timelines of launch dates and Company inventory status to help you adjust your own inventory needs. In keeping up with the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs you’ll soon be able to offer your customers the latest in skin care and color! You'll want to take advantage of these changes and use this as an opportunity to call customers and tell them all about it! Change is good! Change is exciting! Your customers are sure to agree once they try these fabulous new products.

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