Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Not To Do!

Your chuckle for the day.... and a valuable lesson learned...if you are going to attack kaybots for posting on pt... it would be far more effective, if you plan on attacking and insulting their spelling and grammar if you did not make a mistake in your comment.....(now who looks a little silly?)(sorry for being petty- but I just couldn't resist)

"okay, I won't slam you for typing with inferior grammer, but listen, I've got a couple of questions for you: xxxx Before you get all "bad ash" on us, take a deep breath and realize that we are not losers (that's the correct spelling) nor are we lazy. Geez Bambo- it's only the 17th of the month- you've got a lot of month left to go, or are you getting nervous about this so called opportunity? "

I guess it is not only kaybots that don't use spell check, lol...."


  1. !! note: I would never rag on someone for spelling or typos because I am FAR from perfect and even though my spelling is fairly accurate, my typing skills are lacking. I also have the ability to type what I was thinking and then when I read what I have typed, I actually read what I was thinking and not what I have actually typed. So to all that have ever wondered what was I thinking? well... now you know.
    lol :)

    Have an awesome day everyone!!

  2. I have a resource for anyone who needs it: (We use this at work all the time)

    Not only do you get definitions and can click on the little horn and hear it pronounced. This is one of the best features IMHO. Also if you misspell something in the search box, it will come up with a list of words that are close and you can click on the one you meant to type. When you have business correspondence, this online dictionary is a lifesaver.

  3. Another tip:

    Use firefox or google chrome for a browser and they will underline misspelled words in red just like Word does and you can right click on them for a list of suggestions.

    This comment is suggesting that firefox and google are misspelled, so sometimes it is less than perfect, but it helped me make sure I didn't misspell misspelled!


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