Monday, February 15, 2010

gothchiq's turn on the soap box

Today's PT post is not rocking my socks. OK, har har har let's make fun of prizes and let's be captain obvious about how ppl can buy their own stuff, YAWN. It isn't even that.

First of all, let's do a tongue in cheek mention of how we're gonna have to go to confession after this one. Actually, if you really are a believer, then you should be headed in to do just that. I'm not a Christian, but I'm not ignorant of the tenets of that religion. I know what your Bible says about judging people.

Now, what was that fun little tidbit about selling to "loose women" late at night at the last minute? To people out late at Denny's?

Poke yo' head up above yo' white picket fence and listen up. Those "loose" strippers? Well, not everyone can get loans or scholarships or have Daddy pay for their education, their apartment, whatever they need. Those strippers are girls paying their way through college, single mothers supporting their kids, et cetera. You aren't any better than they are.

Oh, by the way, those strippers need good quality makeup and lots of it while they are working. Oops, lost that sale.

You know you're not selling to the frat boys. They're BOYS. However, if you actually were (oh! God forbid! SCARY!) in Denny's late at night, you'd find not only those frat kids but people who have come out of the clubs and are hungry. Now, granted, I wouldn't approach them while they're starving. Never smart lol. But these club kids? They wear makeup, and lots of it.

Oops, you just screened them out, too.

MK4ME, what would you say about sales to clubbers? ;)

I'm getting off my soapbox now. I'm just RRRRRAAAAARRRRR about the nose in the air attitude.


  1. lol, luv ya Miranda.... this is what I would say.... I am no better than anyone else and I have a great product and I am a business woman... I don't discrimante. My store is open to all that care to shop.

    oh, memories do I have a story to share one of these days. just wait until I have the time.

  2. I wanna hearrrrrrr!

    Right now I have a weighty decision (I have a half day off). Bake first or sew first? I haven't had this much free time home alone in...jeez I don't know! No one under my feet, just the blind old cat, hahaha I'm spinning in circles.

  3. I read that piece over on PT and was disgusted. They are so incredibly judgmental over there. Okay, so there are some in MK who carry on about their religious beliefs a little too much, but I've never heard any of those people judge others the way those on PT do.

    In my own business, I proudly have some transvestites as customers. Believe me, they spend A LOT of money . . . on concealor and foundation, alone, but lots on make-up and skin care! They love having me as their consultant because I take the time to teach them and don't humiliate or belittle them. I treat them like any other customer. I've been told that working with a Mary Kay consultant is also attractive because unlike at a department store, they are able to have private consultations.

    I'm thrilled to provide great service to anyone and everyone.

  4. I've done lots of faces for cross dressers and transwomen too, just with my own makeup at my kitchen table, to teach them about contouring, color choice and placement, and all that stuff. Like you say, they buy tons of makeup, they need privacy, and they just want to learn without people giving them the cold shoulder or the fisheye. If they know they're safe with you, you'll see them again and again.

    Also, concerning sales to males (lol it rhymes) the current crop of scene kids all wear tons of black eyeliner and that includes the guys. Some of them use foundation and stuff as well.

    Anyone who screens out the "freaks" is missing a *lot* of sales potential. Get a goth, a stripper, or a cross dresser as a repeat customer, and you have hit the jackpot.

  5. I actually just became a MK consultant and plan on marketing TO the gothic/alternative crowd. I used to be a goth in high school. I loved makeup and still do but somehow let my black hair grow out and became an average looking Jane who wears minimal makeup. At any rate, I'm excited because like you're saying, there are lots of potential customers and how fun would it be to host a party where you learn goth makeup application or makeup for clubbing etc. I'm planning on getting business cards done with my photo done in a classy goth way to set out at goth venues and stores in Tampa.


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