Friday, February 5, 2010

morning makeover

I have a friend who is trying to get chosen to do public appearances to talk about heart health. She almost never wears makeup, so I get the call.

It was 7:30 AM, I hadn't had my coffee, and I was kind of a wreck...but I did the job! Using MK I don't have to fiddle and pick and do things ever so carefully lest my girl end up with her eyeshadow on her cheeks as fallout instead of on her eyes. I don't have to worry that the blush will be uneven. Of all the makeup I've tried, MK is the most goof proof!

She wanted a fairly natural look, and she's a redhead. OK, no problem. Oil free moisturizing gel, MK mineral foundation, Sunny Spice blush, lip gloss...that gold sparkly one that (must be LE) is in the double tube with the roll on perfume in the other side. Spun Silk shadow with Chocolate Kiss in the crease, brown pencil liner, Ultimate mascara in black, Chocolate Kiss again to define her eyebrows and then some clear brow gel.

She looked fabulous. And I was still on time to work.

I hope she gets picked for the publicity spot!


  1. Was there time to take a photo? I am sure you had her looking flawless! Should I send another Look Book along for her? lol

  2. She's kind of shy about picture taking because she is working on weight loss. I wish she *would* buy makeup and learn to use it. It makes such a difference. I swear she wears it once a year at most.


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