Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is Right around the Corner-What's New?

What do we have to look forward to in the new Spring 2010 Look Book?

Being added to our regular line are two products:

TW Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion and $28
TW Body Hand and Decollete Cream with SPF 15 $18

and in the limited edition line:

Men's Fine Fragrance Body & Hair Shampoo
MK High Intensity $18
Domain $18
Velocity for Him $18

Tropical Fruits Collection:
Cheek Glaze: Pomegranate $16
Tangerine $16
Cream Highlighter $14

Lip Nectar: Passion fruit $13
Coconut $13
Mango $13

I do want to point out when one sees the color of the cheek glazes, it looks like it is super bright, surprisingly when applied to the cheek it is so sheer it does just give a beautiful tinted/glow- the way it looks on skin - one would never think it was the product that is in the pot! Try it before you decide it would be too bright!

Directors may order these products on February 26th so that we can allow our unit members to see and try them prior to them ordering them. The new order for begins on March 16th and those consultants that enrolled clients in pcp may order early.


  1. Hey, what about the new lipstick colors and liquid lipsticks? Do you have pictures? I want them! *grabby hands*

    lol PT seems not to understand that they are advertising the delicious new products.

  2. actually, the NEW products for Spring of 2010 that they are not correct... all that is new for SPRING is what is above... ooops... maybe that should say Summer 2010? lol so we have several months to prepare for the "new" not changed and personally, I am glad we are adding some colors, especially in the lipsticks... I have several clients that loved our plum, jazzy plum, couture pink, midnite mauve, mauve elegance, and pink ice lipsticks and nothing is equivalent in our line right now.. so we definitely have the need for some added colors! (p.s. miranda - still have several plush violets left for you! :) )

  3. Are some lipsticks and eye colors being discontinued to make way for these new colors that are coming out in the Summer (not Spring as per PT)? What are they?

    Are the Visibly Fit Body Lotion & Cellu-Shape products staying or being replaced by this new Targeted-Action Toning Lotion?

    Finally, over on PT, one of the commenters said the new fragrance that comes out in the Summer (not Spring, as per PT) was over on Ebay. Sure enough, it was. Twice. How is that possible?

  4. I haven't heard of any being discontinued but I can not say for certain yet..

    the only way that I can think of for a summer product to be on ebat... is not as suggested over there from a director or national but from an employee of MK Corporate or.... the companies that supply ingredients or packagings often get product gifts from MK Corp ( I would assume something their company had a part in delivering the finished product) - that is the only way I know of. It isn't a director trying to get a few bucks moving MK products on ebay. Directors can not order the summer products yet. (and if nationals or directors get something to try or test in advance it is usually not in the current packaging, it is more of a demo packaging).
    But that wouldn't make us (sales force look bad if that was reported that way).

    The Company is going to watch the sales on Cellu Shape and Visibly Fit and the new TA Toning Lotion - at leadership when speaking with the product development department... they said that something would probably go but had not decided for sure yet.

    the biggest laugh - have they corrected the article yet to reflect that is not the info for spring 2010 yet? I have had the Spring Look Book since January so we knew what was coming and they gave us the new products at Leadership Conference and in the Unit Support Package we received to start showing the new and up and coming products.

  5. Thanks for answering my questions so fast!

    Can you let us know as soon as you know about upcoming discontinuations? Knowing well in advance sure does help with inventory management. :)

    Personally, I hope the Cellu-Shape goes. I can't give it away. I think it's priced to high and so I've run a few specials offering it to my clients for $30 (which is the price of 1 of the 2 parts) and I still can't get takers. That said, I have 2 clients who each order 2-3 bottles of the Visibly Fit Body Lotion each and every month without fail.

  6. Hey! I had a comment! The compy ate it! RRRRAAAARRRR!

    Let's try again. No, PT did not correct their post. Yes, I want plum colored lipsticks. I wore them when I was a consultant. They were the next best selling lipstick shade after Shell.

    Meantime I will enjoy the facial highlighter and liquid lipstick. Hey, did my order get through? I'm starting to wonder if google is having issues right now since it ate my comment.

  7. I have my Spring Look book as of Career Conference on Friday and the new products that you list are in it. However I'm in Canada, so perhaps there's a release time discrepancy? Usually I would have thought if there was a discrepancy it would have been in US consultant's favour rather than ours though?

  8. Here's an e-mail I got from my SD today...looks like they will be discontinued after June long as supplies last. I'm kind of bummed; a couple of my colors are on there.

    Sensations, here's a heads-up. If you have customers that like these colors they will want to stock up now!

    We’re introducing 10 new Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color shades and one Mineral Cheek Color shade in June, giving your customers a total of 31 beautiful mineral eye color and 10 mineral cheek color choices. Please note that the following Mary Kay® Mineral Eye and Cheek Color shades will be phased out and no longer available as of June 16, 2010 (they will remain available until June 16 while supplies last):

    Dusty Lilac

    Golden Olive

    Navy Blue



    Sweet Pink

    Vintage Gold

    Pink Petals (Mineral Cheek Color)

    We’re also introducing in June Mary Kay® Creme Lipsticks in 11 new shades, giving your customers a total of 36 shades in the classic formula they’ve loved for years. The following seven Mary Kay Creme Lipstick shades will be phased out and no longer available as of June 16, 2010 (they will remain available until June 16 while supplies last):



    Paradise Pink

    Pink Melon

    Rich Cocoa


  9. yup- we received this on intouch... just remember... often the new colors are close to the colors that are discontinued. Just "tweaking" them a bit. Color is also trendy. The Company sees the volume of what is being purchased and if the sales aren't there, they can discontinue them replace with an item that sells better.

    Another point is if the Company adds colors without discontinuing any... it makes it hard to keep everything on hand because of the quanitiy. We know ahead of time what to phase down and not replace as we sell them.

    And... we definitely could use some different lip colors.

    I must agree ... the colors that are being discontined (except for the navy eyeliner) are slow sellers for me.

    So consultants adjust your inventory levels now.

  10. My Raisin and Sweet Pink and Navy blue! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *flails*

  11. Who makes the decisions to adjust these changes. Do they talk to the Nationals or the top selling consultants? I have always been curious about this.

  12. Do you know what the closest equivalent is to the discontinued lipstick color "pink ice?" Thanks:)


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