Monday, February 22, 2010

Article request

Seasoned consultants and directors: How about an article on safety, while we're at it? When I was a consultant, I'd get a name and address to go do a skin care class and when I got there, sometimes the neighborhood was terrifying or their house/apartment was really nasty. It wasn't often, but it did happen. How do you handle or avoid these situations?


  1. I hadn't had many problems with this but I also don't live in a big metropolitian area. Since I deal with rural surroundings my information might really not help others but...if I think it might be a less than desirable neighborhood I will offer to have them bring there party to a location as oppossed to going to them and offer something extra for helping me.

    On an occassion, I have brought a friend with me (gave a gift for spending time with me) just so if I was getting product out of the trunk, I had someone that had eyes open while my head was in the trunk.

    Mr. mk4me insists on me carrying the pepper spray in my purse as a precaution. I suggest all woman, listen and learn the little safeguards that are taught to all of us... such as holding your keys in your hand a certain way so that if you were grabbed, you could use them to "stab" the attacker, always "cruise" with your eyes the area to look for suspicious people. Always glance in the back seat of your car before jumping in, always lock your car when away from it, etc...

    and honestly, if any of us are ever in a position that truely is uncomfortable... a sale isn't worth it, remove yourself from the situation, apologize to the hostess and offer to accomodate her some place else. Please never keep yourself in a potential dangerous situation... no sale is worth it!

    As far as the conditions of the inner part of the house..I remember one apartment...when I went to the sink to get the washclothes wet, something "moved" on the counter, then I realized... roaches... ugg... I kept my starter kit on a chair, did the fast facial I had every done and did not book a followup. The majority of my bookings I have met (at least briefly) the individual, if at the initial meeting the person is "icky" smell, hygiene, etc... it is just as easy to "unbook" or not book a person... I don't book it or just invite them to attend something.

    We are in control of our bookings and honestly, no party is worth possible harm.

    Be safe!!

  2. mk4me,

    "...I have brought a friend with me (gave a gift for spending time with me)..."

    Don't forget you can roll like Pink Truth does and let your friend know that spending time with you IS a gift... a very precious gift!

  3. lol ... good one dave! also, I don't bring ask a consultant unless I can't find a friend or family member because I don't want to take her time if she can be booking her own appointment and I would never want a new consultant's first experience to be an awful one. Honestly, though I have really not had many problems and I have been around quite a few years.

    and yes, I do realize walking out of a situation like that might not be great for a future relationship but seriously if the conditons are "bad" - chance are there isn't going to be much in terms of sales and future business anyway.


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