Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations to the Saints

Wow, what a great game. We shared it with friends, lots of good food including gumbo, jumbayla, king cake, etc...on a large screen HD tv. Chiminia outside... topped off with fireworks when the Saints won. Why am I sharing all of this with Balanced?

I saw a parallel to what the folks on pt complain about in regards to the Mary Kay opportunity, now don't laugh, I mean for real.

This is the first time the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl, so they should have expected to loose right? why should they even try? Come on let's face it, they just weren't a Superbowl team. They shouldn't take a chance and risk embarrassment by playing, they were just going to loose. Oh, and let's not even consider how many players will NOT get the MVP award. Why even try had, there are so many players on the field, why even bother?

Take this a step further. How many children dream of growing up and playing pro ball? How many actually make it? How many become famous? How many before the become famous put in many, many hours of unpaid practice, games, and invest alot of money on uniforms, travel, possible workshops or clinics, all to get better - all with no guarantee of a future. And yet they do it because they want to, they love the sport, and reaching their goal requires the work without the guarantee of success. Of course, if the success is achieved, so will the rewards and financial perks come to be. I am sure there are millions of athletes that have put tons of time and money into their dream of becoming famous. They don't end up on a blog.. saying the professional sports should be shut down because there is loads and loads of money being made but most who desire it will never achieve it. (and cheating doesn't work in sports either) you can buy alot of publicity and advertising, it isn't going to make one a better player on the field)

Mary Kay, no guarantee you will get rich but at least you will receive a 50% discount when you order the product, if you sell it for more than you purchased it for, you will make money... The more you sell, the more you will make..

So I guess my point is - anything that we want to try, will come with some risks? I will stick to MK, I don't think I could handle the stress of the GAME", not to mention the physical toll the game takes on the body! lol Another perk, is I actual help woman (feel great about their skin & color) & halp many earn money to aid their families. I do make a difference in lives and love it and the best part of it all is I earn a living doing something I love and HAVE NOT COMPROMISED MY INTEGRITY, HONESTY, ETHICS, BELIEF, FAMILY, FRIENDS, MARRIAGE, OR MY HEALTH TO DO SO. I DO NOT TELL 1/2 TRUTHS AND I DO NOT FRONTLOAD.

For anyone reading this site that have read other negative sites. I am sure there are many that were not successful after years and years of doing it wrong and then they decide to "do it right" - scream, it can't be done if you are honest. I call B.S. - perhaps after so much time of doing things selfishly, it is going to take longer than a couple of months to turn things around and they are just not willing to tough it out. But they have no right what so ever to speak for the rest of us.
My suggestion - do it right from the start, it makes life so much easier. Don't listen only to your director... READ INTOUCH...the Company hides nothing it is all available on intouch, on the agreements, in the guide, etc.... (personal responsibility) and my last bit of sage advice. If you have low self-esteem, have an over the top need for recognition, need to be part of a group, DO NOT EXPECT MK TO solve all your personal issues. if you find you need to buy your recognition and praise to feel wanted,it would be much cheaper to book an appointment with a counselor and work on those issues, get those short comings fixed B4 joining MK. Remember every little boy that wanted to grow up and become a famous quarterback has lived a life whether or not he ever made it to the NFL but they aren't screaming that the NFL is evil!

Congratulations Saints!!


  1. Go Saints! I honestly believe the women in Mary Kay who are making good money 35k and above I consider to be good money are women who have a strong customer base and units of 85 women or more. Women who do it face by face and not group by group are the ones who are not going to crash and burn. There are women who have been in MK for years and have been Exec Sr or Elite Exec and have checks of 5000 a month or better every month and they are not begging for production. I think that some of the NSD's could learn from these women because some of them also have consultants who have been with them for years. Women like MK4me who have integrity and have trained their ladies to do it the Mary Kay Way. I have heard that MK is out of date and we should be marketing ourselves through social networks. Research has shown that a person will frequent a social network once and 64 percent of the people who find you will not be loyal to your site you must build relationships with people and that will never go away. People always want praise and that analogy of this game along with MK is excellent! I think we all need admiration but we dont need to pull out credit cards to do it. It seems to me the people who do the classes and sell more are the ones who get the most faithful recruits because they can train them properly. I heard a lady once say a girl was crying at Seminar because she recruited 10 people but never held a skin care class so she couldnt train them and her director told her keep recruiting dont worry about selling. The girl felt so guilty she left sad she could have learned to sell and been a dynamite director. These teams dont win without a coach either.

  2. Hey, I emailed you, I want to buy some stuff. If you didn't get the message I'll resend it. :)

  3. Another point I would like to point out: PT continually uses, excerpts from National training documents. I would like to say that many of the nationals they quote are not Nationals I would quote or listen to.I will even go on record and say that many of them I would totally disagree with and would say it to their faces. The key, they are entitled to their opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. Last I knew we lived in the United States of America and it is one of our rights. I don't ever see the Nationals I have learned from quoted. Why? Could it possibly be that they are logical, good business woman that give sage advice in how to do it right? and .... the bigger kick is with the information on www.marykayintouch, in the consultants guide, in the ready, set, sell brochure, why is it that NONE of this information is reguratated on PT? Imho, I could find bogous information on any subject in the world if I looked hard enough.... but if you are going to accuse a Company of foul play, then put the words of the Company on trail.

    A old saying seems to express some of my sentiment... locks only keep the honest people out - the dishoest will find a way in regardless.

  4. Which are the Nationals that you trust, the ones you'd advise consultants to listen to?

  5. She's no longer a NSD, but Anne Newbury is the absolute best of the best. I've never read anything negative about her on PT and I think that's because she did things "the Mary Kay way" (you know, the REAL MK way). I agree with MK4ME. I've been in MK more than 10 years and there are definitely NSDs I wouldn't listen to and when they speak at Career Conference, I completely disregard what they have to say.

    I've met consultants who talk about how they are pushed to recruit and never hold appointments. I warn them not to build their business on a foundation of quicksand. I tell them that recruits come and go and we often have zero control over that, but loyal customers who love our product is within our control. We CAN control having a strong client base who reorder our products for years and years and years. As long as we have strong skills in customer service and hold appointments regularly, we are never out of business.

    But team members are a slightly different story. Yes, if we treat them right and teach them well and they're making money, they'll probably stick around. BUT their goals in life change - they get married, have babies, get divorced, move, change jobs, etc. and sometimes MK is simply no longer a priority. We can't control that.

    Take me, for example, I was #1 in sales in our unit for 3 years. Miss Go Give for 2. And number 1 in team building for 2. And this year, I'm barely in the top 10. My life has changed dramatically and MK simply isn't the priority that it used to be. It's not that my director did anything wrong, but I've had some major life changes and just don't have the same time I used to have. I'll be back (I think).

    Fortunately for my director, she's got a very strong unit and she also has a very strong personal sales income (she's been in Queens Court of Sales somewhere between 15 and 20 times).

  6. Thank you! Anybody have more NSDs they would like to point out as good teachers?


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