Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fake Online Orders

This makes me sad that anyone would do this (the order from a consultant's personal website is published below)- for most consultants to get an order like this they would get soooooo excited about a "surprise" LARGE order. Sounds great, paid with cashier's check and product doesn't need to ship until after the check is received. Sad part... this is a big scam and not just a hurtful one emotionally... I have learned that often even if the consultant receives a cashier's check or money order, they are fake or stolen. So if the consultant has shipped the product, she is out the product and the payment. Please consultants remember the old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" . It is really pathetic that anyone would waste their time and play this sort of mean trick on someone they don't even know. (shaking my head in disbelief and sadness) - what type of person does something like this? (and if the individual is trying to hurt Mary Kay because they hate the Company, this is not the way to do this. This scam only hurts the individual - not the Company).
p.s. I have also heard of the same scam with a credit card and then the consultant will find out it is a stolen card number - same outcome, out product and out payment.

Here is the order that a director friend forwarded to me:

> Subject: A message sent from your Personal Web Site
> Hello,
> My name is xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx. I will like place an order for my sister's wedding.
> Here is the list of my order.
> TimeWise?? 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal to dry) (9)
> TimeWise?? Age-Fighting Moisturizer (normal to dry) (9)
> TimeWise?? Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25 (8)
> Balancing Moisturizer 2 (Normal/Combination)(8)
> Advanced Moisture Renewal?? Treatment Cream (7)
> Kindly mail me the total price and your contact address such as your full name and contact address with phone number for the payment to be made through Cashier's Check.
> I know you might not be accepting check but kindly accept it from me..That is the only means that i can make the payment.....I will sure wait for the check to clear before the shipment will be made so you have no problem.> Hope to hear from you soon.



  1. Oh, that's sick. That is NOT funny.

    It looks like whoever wrote that is not a native English speaker. Sort of like the crappy grammar you see from Nigerian scammers and what not.

    If you don't recognize the customer, is there a way to check and verify their payment before you order product?

    I guess another red flag is that they are ordering multiples of things that people typically buy one or two of at a time. No one wants their stuff expiring before they can use it. Also that they ask you to bend the rules for them.

    *shakes head* Reminds me of when I was working fast food and people would steal while I was turned away filling drinks and such.

  2. This is also happening through Avon consultant websites. I think the Prince of Nigeria is concerned with his skincare products ;) But seriously, the biggest con is when they mention the amount of the cashiers check will exceed the amount of product "purchased" and you will therefore not only be sending them product you will send them the difference. I don't know how to explain that further but I do know that's one of the specifics to this whole shebang. All consultants should be wary of these, the spelling/grammar/illogical flag it.

  3. hey TareneTaj, thanks so much for adding a comment. Yes I have also seen the "keep the additional" but it seems like they are trying to be less obvious and the large amounts and story about shipping overseas are now gone.

  4. Haaaaaaaaa! A great sense of humor. Tarene, keep coming back!

  5. I have had people try to do this with my personal vintage Barbie doll website too last year Either they want multiples (not possibly with vintage Barbies as each one is unique to a collector and therefore uniquely prices). I've also had the "oooh, I've accidently made the order out for too much, can you please send back the difference?" a few times.
    This has not happened yet with my MK site. Hopefully it won't or if it does it will be quite obvious to me!
    *sigh* I try to keep my faith in human nature for the most part though! :)

  6. I had a very similar email sent to me through my Mary Kay website. The English was better and it was a smaller order but the same list of products! Luckily, I didn't make a move on the order because if she didn't pay I would be out the money and the product. It is a really mean scam because like you said, it only hurts the consultant, not the company.

  7. I received one of these orders as well with the individual wanting to pay by money order "to the local bank of america"...through my Mary Kay website. I don't really see how it can hurt the consultant because if the money order doesn't clear, just don't send the product! Am I naiive in thinking this? Any advice???

  8. Still be careful Erin, a couple of things to still consider:
    1. They could be trying to involve you in an illegal activity without your knowing (i.e. they have stolen someone's identity and the money order is from that person's account)
    2. Check the wording of the email and subsequent emails, they may be making it sound like you will get payment first now, but later insist that you made a deal and demand the products.

    I suppose I could keep going with all kinds of guesses at why it is not a good idea, but the bottom line is if someone is offering something that sounds too good to be true (really big offer) and they are wanting to do something "tricky" -- other than just paying for the product in a conventional way... leave it alone, it is probably not worth your time.

  9. Listen to David, Erin! I got 2 phony orders in the last week. Others have suggested contacting them back and letting them know you will be happy to service them but that you need a credit or debit card and payment first, etc. If they don't respond, you know it's a scam. Unfortunately, another way you can tell is the wording - also I'm finding all my phony orders are from Texas. Money orders...cashier's checks...leave it alone.

  10. CAUTION!!!! They are now putting orders thru on intouch with secure online payment with credit cards, people are assuming that because the card approves that it is okay... umm.. not so... the credit card comes can come after the merchant that excepted it and guess what?? they are stolen cards. please be smart... if someone lives 5 states away from you and "finds' your online site and wants to order from you, really now??? Be smart and be safe!

  11. What the **** is going on?! How are they getting to us so quickly - and so many? There are tons of women on InTouch talking about this. I got my third in a few days a few minutes ago.

    It's starting to make me mad. I get it. You don't like the company. Even so, what do you have to gain by ruining the livelihood of all these other women - myself included. I don't even smile when I get a website order anymore. Ridiculous and cruel. Honestly...

  12. I am by no means computer savy, but my guess is that computer programs can be generated so that is is a program doing the finding email addresses and sending the messages. I will also venture a guess that any other direct sale company that has a website such as where clients can order products from has the same problems, IE: Tupperware, Lia Sophia, etc...

  13. I have just been a Consultant for 3 months and I have already gotten two of these emails. The first one I just ignored but I have been playing with the second one a bit, adding up the cost of his products, asking him how he heard about my site, etc. He wanted to order large quantities of these products and wants to send me a money order, etc. I'm just not going to bother responding anymore. It's sad when you can't even get excited about seeing someone has emailed you from your site.

  14. I have a customer that sent me an email saying that she was deaf and lives in Utah. She wants to place an order for her daughters birthday. Its a $428 order (pre tax), but its 1 item each, mostly, except for 2 things that she wants 2 of. She wants a timewise miracle set, satin lips set, peach satin hands set, night restore and recover complex, broad spectrum spf 30, 2 microdermabrasion sets, 2 Thinking of you parfums, and one bella belara parfum. I thought this sounded mostly reasonable until I read this... but even I myself have bought satin hands, satin lips, timewise miracle set, and a perfume all at the same time before. What should I do? This person contacted my phone first, and then through email.

    1. Hello, I am a consultant also and just received an order for the exact same products! Also the exact same story about being deaf and needing to send them to her daughter for her birthday!

    2. ME Too! Is yours from ""? They sent me a text before they emailed me... what should I do?? I gave them my address.... #help

    3. And I got the EXACT SAME ORDER from a Houston phone number (supposedly) for the same "daughter birthday" and looked up the obviously fake names online: daughter's name shows up in Italy, mom's name shows up in Brazil (Helena Cardozo) and address in Iowa to ship to has a totally different person living there. I did wonder what to do; glad I found this. DO NOT SELL THEM ANYTHING. It's a scam!

  15. this is fraud, please do not do anything except forward to mary kay legal!

  16. I got one of these today. I questioned it instantly. I got a bad feeling in my gut and now I'm glad I passed on this and did the research. The wording was so similar....

  17. I got one of these today. I questioned it instantly. I got a bad feeling in my gut and now I'm glad I passed on this and did the research. The wording was so similar....


    1. Hello
      I need you to place an Order for me and also I will like to be your new Customer.My Boss will mail you Check for the amount of this TimeWise Repair®, the shipping fee and the tax charges as well.The placement of the order will have to be after your bank cleared the check so by then you would have received your money first before placing my order,I do not operate Credit/debit Card.The table below illustrate my Order,I will provide you with the shipping address.

      TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Set
      Foaming Cleanser, 4.5 oz.
      Lifting Serum, 1 fl. oz.
      Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30*, 1.7 oz.
      Night Treatment With Retinol, 1.7 oz.
      Eye Renewal Cream, .5 oz.

      Mary Kay® Eyeliner
      .01 oz. $12.00

      I hope the products are all hand-packed ? I want you to get back to me with the following information in order to facilitate the mailing of the payment to you.....
      1. The full name the Check will be payable to :
      2. The full address Check would be mail out to :
      3. Grand total for my Order with tax.
      4.Phone # to reach you on ...

      Thank You.


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