Monday, June 28, 2010

The Finish!!

Yes, it is the end of the month and the end of the Mary Kay year. Some may be wondering if I am posting less because I am sooo busy.... well the answer is "YES" - lol.... today I finished painting my dining room. two evening races this week.. cleaning house because family coming in from out of state, visiting two family members in the hospital, traveling to visit family over 10 hours away, finding tickets for our wedding anniversary trip.. oh that's right it is year end, I am not suppose to walk away from my desk, I am suppose to be stressed, sick, pulling out charge cards, borrowing family's social security numbers, praying, bargaining, selling my kids for extra money.... - we will finish were we finish, if I don't like where I finish, I will just have to be willing to spend more time with my business next year -

Yes I am working too, but it is important to keep things in balance... I will work hard to finish but I will keep it in perspective and be proud of what I and my unit accomplish because we did it the "right" way.

For any considering Mary Kay... please know that we can have a life and our Mary Kay opportunity as well, it is not one or the other unless you, yourself set it up to be that way. Build a strong foundation and do it with real customers, real consultants and real money and it will all work they way it should... try cheating the system and you cheat yourself and the person that will be hurt the worst is YOU.

For those in Mary Kay wrapping up the month and the MK year! Have a Joyous June finish.


  1. Congratulations MK4ME! I love that you have so much balance in your life. You are an amazing example for consultants and directors. I wish my director could take some lessons from you.

  2. darci, thank you! I wish more people would understand, it must be built properly and balance can be had. Done right, there are lots of sales and when you meet enough people thru appointments, you will find enough people to begin building a team without recruiting all your clients, 50% is still more money than 4% - 13%.

    My logic, is do enough for Court of Sales and you should be able to finish or at least be close to Court of Sharing, so.... really I can see Court of Sales done without being able to finish Court of Sales but I don't believe one should finish Court of Sharing without the Court of Sales... sort of an indication that things aren't in balance...

  3. uggg... car got spun out and we ended up finishing last. Not a good race night!

  4. oh, was I suppose to be in the office??

  5. Congratulations MK4ME. You are an inspiration to all of us on the blog.


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