Thursday, June 24, 2010

Working your MK in the Summer ! ?

With kids out of school, folks going on vacation, and the heat, often it can be a little tougher getting a group together for skin care and color.... but.... in my unit we have been doing -Footsie Tootsie Parties & Sandals and Sandals parties & Peach Pedi Parties and get a great turnout. It is fun, relaxing, shorter than our parties and perfect for the summer. They can be held in the yard, on a patio, or in the house.

I purchased large dish pans at the dollar store and bought the glass stones (used in aquariums, vases, etc..... i put the stones in a fill up with water... when the feet are rubbed across the stones it is like getting a message. (to clean the stones, I put them in a cloth bag and put them in the dishwasher. With foot fizzies or the pedicure soak or sometimes even rose petals, I let the guests soak and do some talking about me, the Company, and some of our other products (this can also be a great time just to talk about the skin care line and even let them try it on their arm.. then I use the Satin Hands set - have them put the extra emollient night cream on (optional -they can slip their feet into plastic and then soak them in the warm water) or just put their feet back in the pan.. Then let everyone use the smoothie scrub..(or any of the sugar scrubs) rinse off and pat the feet dry with a towel bags- then I let the guest choose between the energizing foot and leg treatment, the peach or unscented hand cream, or one of our many lotions.

I ask about the part of the arm they tried the skin care on and then I mention all the different types of parties we can offer. Very, very often they want to book the skin care/color party in the fall.. and that is fine with me... I will need bookings in the fall too.

I do a little closing and then either let them snack as I close each guest individually (or they get the "peachie" goodies - or if it is a Sandals and Sundaes party.. I put out the ice cream and all the toppings so everyone can design their own Sundaes (I also have orange sherbet cups in case anyone has ice cream issues.

As everyone is making their sundaes, I also offer the toe separators and nail polish if there is anyone that would like to polish their toe nails.

This is so much fun and when I have done unit guest events, we have really packed the house every time and the sales have been great and bookings too.

Make it fun and people will book.. Enjoy the Summer!! -

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