Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Product - MK Liquid Lip Color

Get rich, juicy, vibrant color with NEW Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color. You'll love everything this great new lip color has to offer, like:

The coverage and finish of a lipstick.
The foolproof application of a lip gloss.
Lips that feel instantly moisturized.
A formula infused with shea butter to help condition, comfort and prevent moisture loss in lips.
A superrefreshing mint flavor for a quick pick-me-up.
Get your luscious lips on today!

Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color, $13
Mix it up. Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color gives you a fun lip color option because it gives you rich, flexible color. Get just a hint of color by applying lightly. Or get bold, rich coverage with full application. Just think of all the looks you can create.


  1. Well you have my order lol...and thanks for the samples!

  2. And! No fears of your lipstick melting in your purse during the summer! This product totally circumvents that problem.


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