Sunday, June 27, 2010

Product reviews: Orchid perfume and liquid lipcolors

OK! I got my box o goodies from MK4me. so it's review time!

Orchid fragrance: mmm. sweet, delicious, feminine, neither weak nor overpowering. The bottle is a generous size. Highly recommended.

Liquid lip colors: I got Royal Plum, Cherry Coffee, and Malted.

Really, I couldn't be happier! These look great, have very good pigment saturation, and feel buttery, not sticky or greasy. Also the colors are very flattering. Neither super warm nor super cool...pretty much "everyone can wear" colors. Cherry Coffee is a very wearable red. Suitable for work or evening. Royal Plum is deep, dark, and luxurious. If you're a goth, you really have to get it. Malted is a "nude" shade for natural looks. I wear colors like that when I model for my artists. I tried samples of raspberry ice and sherbet. Raspberry ice is a medium pink that I would classify as neutral toned. Not blueish, not orangey. A sweet and feminine shade. Sherbet is the only one I cannot wear as it is orange toned. It would work for warm skin tones.

Anyway...keep them in your purse all summer and have no fears of melted lippies!

1 comment:

  1. I'm super excited to check out the Orchid EDT! I LOVE the other 4 EDTs so I'm sure I will love this one!! CAN'T WAIT! ~Fragrance Junkie!


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