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Every year the Company does a 2 1/2 day mega event in Dallas, TX for all consultants. From what started out as a little dinner event to now over 5 back to back programs to accommodate all the consultants, it is a big deal. It is training, recognition, and motivation. It can be a lot of fun. It can be very educational. It can be a life changing type of event or it could be exhausting. There are some long days but if you know what to expect it can make it a far more pleasant experience.

Personally, I do not believe every consultant needs to go every year. I do believe everyone that is serious about their MK career even if it is part-time should experience it at least once. The Company does a beautiful job and I have heard from more than one husband that it is very impressive from an outsider's stand point. The comments go from the amazement that they can feed as many people as they do in such a short period of time, to the content of the training, etc..

The cost of the event is $175. This includes two breakfasts and two lunches and we receive product that value aprrox. that amount (retail). Hotels can range from very affordable and up. If a plane ticket is required, of course that is going to jump the price but if planned properly, I use a charge card for purchases throughout the year(and pay it off) to earn frequent flyer points and often use a free ticket. I encourage my unit members to put a little away in a savings account every week (or every month) so if they elect to go, there is already some funds available. Many of the nationals have package deals at the hotels that includes the room and some meals. (I know what I pay for two meals and my room is amazing). The Company provides free transportation from many of the hotels to and from the Convention Center. Even if one doesn't stay at one of the Company hotels, it is usually possible to walk to one of them from another hotel.

Personally I totally enjoy it. I would love to offer a few suggestions that can make the experience more pleasant for a first timer. First and foremost, bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes. (I just switch from my "cute" shoes to my walking shoes when I have a distance to go). Just throw them in a tote and switch them out as needed. This is probably the greatest suggestion I could share. To help with packing if a skirt and jacket is packed, a fresh blouse every day or even twice a day, reduces having several separate outfits but keeps us feeling fresh every day. Don't bring clothes that are already too tight for you. Pack a large plastic bag so that when you have your dirty clothes you can just put them in the bag without having to worry about them. (ps - if you need to rinse something out, all the hotel rooms have sinks and many will launder items (for a fee) if one finds that necessary. The other thing with jackets and a blouse if one ends up in a situation where it is hot, the jacket can be removed. Keep perfumes light. Honestly, the hotel is air conditioned, the Convention Center is air conditioned, the buses, limos, and taxis are air conditioned, the amount of time we are actually out in "Dallas heat" is very limited. I have been too cold more often than too hot. I remember one dinner wearing napkins as sleeves because the air conditioning was so chilly. Now I always carry a nice wrap, just in case. (panty hose and closed toed shoes are no longer a Company requirement)

As far as "smells", (lol) may I suggest packing deodorant, tooth paste and brush (the hotel will even provide these if forgotten), cleansing gel, shampoo, and FDS if necessary. (and Dallas does have drug and convenience stores). Red tea and fig deo body mist is an amazing room spray... seriously... a couple squirts and noone will ever know what your trip to the ladies room was about. The hotel doesn't charge for showers, so if needed we can shower more than once a day. The linens are changed daily and fresh towels are provided, seriously, we should feel fresher than at home. (I don't know about everyone else but I don't change my sheets daily).

Days can be long... if necessary take a nap or rest in your room between the day and evening sessions. If the energy starts overwhelming you, remove yourself to a quite part of the convention center, relax and then return. (if you have trouble sleeping try packing ear plugs and the little eye masks).

Awards night can be long but fun. If not crossing the stage, wear an outfit that is sharp but COMFORTABLE! Don't compare and beat yourself up for not doing more. Whatever we did we did (or didn't do) - I can be very happy for others that have achieved recognition. Celebrate their successes, being catty and jealous is so petty. Everything isn't always about "us". Yes, some of the gowns can be over the top (imho), but hey, everyone doesn't like what I like either, what right do I have to judge an other's likes. And I would love to be a Size 2 but I am not so... just look age and size appropriate. I always do the "side" view when trying stuff on before I pack because I never want to look like 10 pounds of stuff, shoved into a 5 pound bag. It doesn't make me look thinner - control top panty hose or spanx have often saved the day. I am me, I don't have to out due anyone.

Caution!! There are always vendors that sell cute stuff or business related items.. I have watched many go nuts spending way too much, there is alot of cute stuff but determine if you "need" it and shop around, often many vendors have the same item but at different prices, I would suggest walking thru once before buying anything and then go purchase what you feel you want.

If you are attending a class and you just aren't getting what you need from the teacher, slide out and go to another one- often there are more than one of the same session with a different teacher. Different personalities can make a difference in what one learns.

Don't overeat. Nothing is more unpleasant then being too full and then sitting. Carry a bottle of water with you and refill it at the drinking fountains Mary Kay provides, keep yourself hydrated. Take time to stretch when you get up, during the day, and before you go to bed because we do alot of sitting.

I am sure there are many more but these simple suggestions will help make your seminar far more pleasant.

And yes, I love Seminar and I am not an "I" personality type.


  1. OT but please let me know when you have liquid lipcolors in stock. I would like to see pictures of them to decide what colors I need to get. :)

  2. have them, will send samples, they look different on - then you would think from looking at the samples.

  3. OK, thank you! Then I can review the samples, too.


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