Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why is MK so strict on Advertising??

I realize a constant complaint of anti-mkers is that we can't advertise the way we want or we can't advertise. This is totally untrue. The Company has an entire legal-ease brochure with prepared ad slicks that we have at our fingertips to use any time. There is a great selection and they all look very professional. So it isn't that we can not advertise, we just advertise in the proper way.

Any Company would want to maintain a certain level of professionalism, allowing everyone to use whatever they would want could certainly prove to be a major embarrassement for all of us. I know I have seen an occassional facial box that looks like it could have been a first grader's art project. Would people "not" realize something was not "professional enough"?? - absolutely... I had this emailed to me... I am sure the director has been contacted and things have been rectified but I am sure someone thought it was a good idea and looked great and professional, but serious ???? Wouldn't this training center just make you want to rush in??

So I hope for those that want to complain about advertising and why is it so restrictive..... point made.


  1. Just a thought, this picture could have floating around in the internet before getting emailed to me, could it be one of the directors on the negative sites complaining that they can not advertise any way they want? (I just hope it does help explain why the Company must be strict on advertising. -must mention I am sure when the director that did it, did it, she probably knew fully well it was against policy... but would that make MK bad?? or would it make her the part doing the wrong??

  2. Most direct sales companies have approved advertising this is nothing new in MK. I hate to see people in any company misrepresent things and lie just to get a sale! If someone sees a facial box that looks like a kindergarten project, or a flier that the six year old made the company looks bad. I sometimes wonder if we should stop saying free facial and call it a free consultation, or free
    exposure to the product or something along those lines. My gut feeling tells me though that most people know this is not a SPA type of facial.

  3. Colleen, I tend not to use free facial because I do not to have people think I miss lead them when we get together. I tend you say we can get together and let you, personally try the skin care and color products. That you learn how to use them and really get a chance to see how they feel. I have found many prefer this to "someone" giving them a facail.


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