Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pink Truth: Promoting Wild Speculations About Mary Kay - Surprisingly, No One Is Surprised

That Pink Truth's "version" of the truth is not credible is hardly a shocking revelation.

However, the wild speculations that are promoted on that site - and subsequently promoted as "the truth" - need to be pointed out and discredited by someone. That is one of the reasons this site exists.

So, here is the most recent venture into turning one thing into something completely different, courtesy of Pink Truth.

The title (apparently from Tracy) is - Massive Mary Kay frontloading is applauded

The evidence presented is as follows:
A recent announcement from Mary Kay:

"We’re thrilled to announce that Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director Barbara Sunden, who currently ranks as the No. 1 NSD nationwide, has broken yet another record – this time for the highest monthly commissions earned. Barbara’s June commission check reached $140,682.91, breaking her previous monthly record of $111,653.92.

As we announced at Seminar 2008, Barbara holds the record of highest earnings in NSD commissions in a Seminar year. During the 2008 Seminar year, her commissions totaled $1,047,747.30.

We’re also excited to report that Independent Elite Executive Sales Director Ekene Okafor has broken the record for unit sales, achieving the $2,400,000 Unit Circle. On behalf of Mary Kay Inc. and the entire Mary Kay independent sales force, congratulations, Barbara and Ekene, on these incredible achievements!"

The first question that is posed indicates just how convinced Pink Truth is that their lies are truth.

"Do you realize the massive frontloading needed to get to these figures?"

(maybe later someone will ask, "How do we know that this came from frontloading?")

Now I hope that everyone will take a moment to note that I do not advocate the idea that Pink Truth does not provide ANY truth. Their next lines about this subject (although I have not done the math myself) seem likely to be true.

"At a minimum, Sunden's area alone did $1.4 million in wholesale orders (probably much more).
And Okafor's unit alone did $100,000 wholesale each month."

These seem like reasonable assertions.

But then we go back to the fantastic assumptions that Pink Truth is famous for.

"I feel sorry for those frontloaded consultants."

and then...

"There's no way all that product was actually being sold."

Is there really anyone out there that can defend this insanity? Would anyone really stand up and say, "I know that these women accomplished this by frontloading consultants"? Besides Tracy, is there really anyone that hates Mary Kay this aggressively that they are willing to deride someone's accomplishments so vehemently on nothing more than an assumption? Is anyone really bitter enough (again, besides Tracy) to declare that their assumption ("There's no way all that product was actually being sold.") is a fact?

Does this outright lie about Mary Kay bother anyone else besides me?

In case you are wondering, the comments just add to the assumption pile.

puc4now said:
"Just what the good people of Nigeria need - $2,400,000 worth of Mary Kay products. Gotta love those Ruby directors.

Can you say "illegal exporter?" I knew you could."

Stepping Down said:
"They are the spin masters....when every else is suffering with: consultants dropping like flies, customers hating the new color, directors stepping down in droves, massive allergies to the new mineral products reported, the new holiday line being tiny and overpriced as usual....they have to find something positive to report.
So, they found two impressive numbers to report to make everyone else feel inadequate. So now everyone else will strive for these numbers and kill themselves trying to make it happen.
It's all a vicious cycle. They will feel that if one person can do it, so can they, and they'll work like dogs to try for it.
They will never believe the 'rumors' that product is being shipped to Nigeria - they'll say - 'oh, that's the enemy talking....she's really got an incredible work ethic...that's why her numbers are so high'
And on it goes.....round and round......until they drop in exhaustion like I did. It's pretty sick, isn't it?

I also find it interesting that this is the first major time that they have highlighted the 'success' of the Nigerian Directors. They've been awfully hush hush about how great they were doing.....except at Ruby Seminar where they spoke. Curious, isn't it?"

nofoolinme said:
"Barbara Sunden should hang her head in shame! She knows how her money is made and it ain't a pretty picture! Granted, we don't see her on U Tube begging everyone to buy $1,200. wholesale but behind the scenes, that's what she's doing. Her downline have incurred massive debt for Barbara to be so handsomely rewarded.

And for Ekene Okafor - There's your sign! MK is refusing to admit that the Nigerian directors are doing anything wrong! That's their greed! I guess it's hard to turn down $l00,000. a month in wholesale production! As puc4now said "illegal exporter". Ya think?"

lightershadeofpink said:
"I know MK Corpse needs women like this to make this much money so the rest will "beelieve" and donate their life savings to the cause. Its a weird strategy . . . its hurts so many."

and I guess the best one of the lot so far,

Queen of Section 2 said:
"How can you even wrap you head around those numbers except to say that if it were me, I would've been sitting with $3600 on my shelves.

I can say that, because that's what happened to me!"

I think that really sums up Pink Truth's alleged quest for the truth...

"I can say that, because that's what happened to me!"

Or, more concisely, "It happened to me, so it must be true for everyone!"

"I did it, so everyone must be doing it"

Anyone else feel this way?


  1. This has nothing to do with this post. For those of you that pray please do so for us in south Texas Ike is coming. It is supposed to hit about 30 miles north of us. So we will either leave or we will go to my dads and ride it out. However again for those of you that pray please do so that no one gets hurt and that there is not much destruction. The storm has slowed down meaning that it is building strength. Anyway will keep everyone updated. Have a GREAT DAY

  2. My prayers are with you and your neighbors. Please stay safe!

  3. David, can I use "Feel, felt, found" as a reply to your posts.

    Without writing a novel, I find it fascinating how so many that knew nothing about nothing while they were in MK now know so very much.
    Let's accuse everyone of wrong doing without proof.

    I thought there is a saying about "Innocent until proven guilty". I guess with pt you are tried, convicted, and executed without evidence, niiiiiccceee!!

    may I add stereotyping and discrimination seem to go along with all the NON TRUTHS.

    Prayers to all our southern neighbors for safety.

  4. Mary Kay is THE BEST COMPANY to work with and be associated with. Anyone who has something bad about them, is just jealous because they hate their job and don't have fun at it or get recognized, rewarded and applauded for doing a great job. I thank God, Literally, for Mary Kay Ash. Don't believe anything these people tell you. The company and the women in it have enriched more lives that you will ever know.


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