Saturday, September 27, 2008

Great Piece for Mary Kay on Good Morning America

In a recently aired television segment entitled Don't Fall for Work-From-Home Scams, ABC's Good Morning America workplace contributor and CEO of Women for Hire, Tory Johnson, referred to Mary Kay Cosmetics as one example of a legitimate "pay first" opportunity. Watch the clip now.


  1. The 'Best Selling Author" of the book
    "Will Work at Home" needed to do more research on Mary Kay Cosmetics! I had to lol when I heard her rattling off her research!!!! While describing companies not to go with she detailed Mary Kay to a T. Also there is NOT everything you need you need in the start up kit that cost you $100. to start your business. You have to be kidding to believe that one! Tell me who can start a business with 100.??????? and be successful? You have miss lead a lot of women! Best do more research "best selling author!"
    "Signing up tonight to get your name in the drawing for a free kit" is right from the get go and I'd call that urgency and border line entrapment.

  2. gotheart,

    Hello and welcome.

    First, I wonder... by "needed to do more research", do you mean she should have gotten your opinion about Mary Kay?


    You state:

    "Also there is NOT everything you need you need in the start up kit that cost you $100. to start your business. You have to be kidding to believe that one! Tell me who can start a business with 100.??????? and be successful?"

    Really? What else should they include? What do you NEED to start a business that is not in the starter kit? Seriously. If you are going to say Mary Kay does NOT (emphasis on not) provide everything someone needs to get started, it would be kind of you to provide some examples of what they SHOULD have included. Further, I think that there are some women on this blog (and many, many more in Mary Kay) that would answer your query, "Tell me who can start a business with 100.??????? and be successful?" with a simple, "ME".

    P.S. Unless you are secretly a best selling author yourself, you might want to ixnay the mockery.

    There are, as the story reported, ACTUAL scams out there. These are situations where people take your money with the promise of something that they have no intention of delivering. These people take other people's money and run. They do not stick around for 45 years and establish a well known and well respected company.

    Do you dislike some of the tactics used? Fine. But think twice before you spout off at the mouth about things you know nothing about.

    P.P.S. I am sorry that you seem to have had a bad experience. I promise you most of the readers here are as well. However, please don't assume that the experience you had was/is universal. For someone that is so adamantly suggesting that someone else ought to do more research, you may want to point that strong cup of criticism in the mirror, take off your jaded glasses and see what you find out about this company.

  3. Gotheart, I also found that most of her "warnings" were what I experienced in MK. I laughed out loud.

  4. Gothheart,
    I think that what the piece was referring to are those so called businesses that require a payment of some sort to get started, but NEVER send you what you ordered. Not only are they not sending you what you ordered but there is no way to follow up because you cant get in touch with them after that. No customer service #, no real person to talk to etc..

    I dare you to find anyone who has paid for a starter kit with Mary Kay to say that they NEVER recieved it. And any day of the work week, you can call Mary Kay coporate and speak to a real person, not to mention the local directors and consultants that are available. In other words what she is referring are those fake and phoney sites that are set up to make you think they are a business but the business does not exist.

    You may disagree that MK is a GOOD business opportunity, but it IS a REAL one. This piece was not discussing the good vs bad opportunities, but rather real vs fake ones.

    Also I am with Dave. Why is it that you think that the start up kit does not contain everything you need to get started? Have you ever ordered one? Because it actually does contain everything you need to get "started". Its called a "starter" kit for a reason. It helps you get started. Its NOT called a "everything you need to run a Mary Kay business for as long as you are in it" kit.
    The word "start" implies that you will be needing more things later, but until you make that decision, here is what you need (in this kit) to get started.
    You ask the question "who can start a business with $100?" The answer is very few places and Mary Kay is one of them. My husband runs a business for a living and before he was able to service any customers, he spent thousands more than $100. My girlfriend owns a day care, and before she enrolled any kids, she spent thousands as well. And even after they got "started" they still have to invest more money into their businesses to keep them going. That is they way businesses work. So to imply that MK is not real or not a good opportunity just because eventually you will need more than the initial $100 bucks is silly. ALL businsess are like this.

    In mary kay, before you hold any skin care classes all you need is $100 showcase. In that kit is everything you need to take orders and hold classes and there is hundreds of dollars in retail size product in it as well. That is what is meant by starting your business. You could sell the retail size products that come with it if you dont do anything else and still make your $100 bucks back and then some.
    So whats the problem?

    Inventory is OPTIONAL. Sure there are some directors who make new comers feel it is mandatory, but the truth is that it is OPTIONAL. My director who is an Executive Senior director did not start with inventory. She did not even have the $100 bucks to get her showcase, she had to borrow it. I understand why MK doesnt include the cost of inventory in the startup kit, because not everyone has the means to immediately start that way. And having inventory is not a guarantee of being successful. The amount of work you are willing to put in is the only true measure of your success.
    Some of you are so eager to blindly follow Pink Truth that you dont even realize that what you are critizing MK for is the same for any other legit business out there.

    Like Dave says, YOU probably need to do more research.

  5. Very well said, Foreverpink. I was going to add something, but I can't think of what I could add to what you and David already said! I especially liked your statement, "You may disagree that MK is a GOOD business opportunity, but it IS a REAL one. This piece was not discussing the good vs bad opportunities, but rather real vs fake ones." That sums it up perfectly! :)

  6. Good time! I'm from Russia! I'm not speak in inglish and i hope you understand me!!!
    It's fantastic! Mary Kay never be in Russia, but she changed the world of our women)) I love Mary Kay as a person and I love Mary Kay as a product!
    My mom started business with the company in 1998! Now, she Executive Senior Sales Director! I'm proud of her!
    100$ - price of her success!
    100$ - price of my success, i'm 23 and I'm Team Leader!
    100$ much? People invest millions and become bankrupt! What is $ 100, compared with a million??...

  7. Anyone who thinks that Mary Kay is a good business opportunity is in a pink fog, plain and simple.

  8. purplesocks,

    Hello and welcome. Thank you for elaborating.

    Just kidding. That comment does absolutely nothing to help anyone.

    Except perhaps you and your ilk as you sulk over your losses.

    I am sorry, by the way, for your losses (if that applies to you), but if you really want to help other women avoid the same misfortune you are referencing, please give some specifics.

    We are open to all opinions here and know that everyone comes at this from a different point of view. However, try to come up with something from your own brain... not the nonsense they dish out over at pink truth.



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