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Pink Truth: Mary Kay Lies - a mini-series (Part 7 of 7) Mary Kay Didn't Put a Gun To Your Head

This is part 7 of a 7 part series. For those of you that thought we would never make it through all of these horrible, terrible, atrocious lies, we are at the end. The last one.

For those of you that were/are starting to get tired or bored with these "lame" and "boring" lies, this one should really put a pep in your step!

In fact, this lie is SO good, I am going to make you click on the little "click here to read the whole thing" link.

Trust me, I promise you... It will be worth it!

Ok, you all made it past "the jump" and are here now. I am sorry that I am making you work so hard for this... and I really hope that you think it is worth the effort.

Now remember, we are discussing the LIES that Mary Kay people (kaybots if you will) tell.

So this next statement... ready for this... is ((gasp)) a lie....

Ok? Everyone tracking.

This is a lie.

Alright, I think you are all on the same page.


Here it is:

"No one put a gun to your head!"

((pause for laughter))

I know, I know... okay... calm down... no really... please, no comments about spewing your coffee on your monitor... no seriously... people, settle... aw forget it..

(((pause for more laughter))) ((wait for composure))

That, ladies and gentlemen, that, is a lie.

Come on. Pink Truth. Seriously? Are ANY of you going to "come out" and tell me, with a straight face, that your Mary Kay recruiter held a gun to your head?


Anyway... in the interest of hearing this one out:

"Maybe the biggest fallacy of all in Mary Kay is this statement by the pro-Mary Kay crowd as a defense for any of the wrongs that happen. They contend that women should have said “no” to anything they didn’t want to do. They had free will and should have exercised it. The truth is that Mary Kay trains women on mind games used to exploit needs and weaknesses in women, and they train women to not accept “no” as an answer. No is “a request for more information” in the Mary Kay world and they will stop at nothing to get you to change that no into a yes. So while there may be no physical gun to your head in Mary Kay, the emotional torture that you will be put through is just as scary and effective."

Oh... I see. "...there may be no physical gun to your head..." That's better. But wait what is this "emotional torture" thing?

Now look, I know all of you are warming up your "personal responsibility" keys on your laptop... and to be perfectly honest, I can't blame you.

I mean really, I am not sure how many different ways it can be illustrated that just about anyone you meet is liable to try to convince you to do something you don't want to do. Sometimes, they will have your best interest at heart and it will still lead to disaster. Other times, they will be plotting your ruin for their gain, yet somehow it will turn out to be the best thing to happen to you.

But, just this once, let's think outside that box.

Since it seems that most people (that end up really, really pissed off at Mary Kay) don't really want to read things and they (because of their desperate situation, or any of a number of other things) believed, wholeheartedly, the very nice, convincing, professional woman that said, "trust me and give me your money".

Shouldn't all of you that work your business ethically and honestly have to suffer because of this?

Shouldn't you all bear the brunt of daily abuse at the hands of a smear site that says that your business, the company you work for, and you personally are evil, condescending, manipulative liars?

And really, why would you complain about that? I mean, if there are people in different states, saying the same exact lies, doesn't that mean that you must be also? And don't even try to tell me that the fact that you know people in different states that don't lie negates that "inconvenient truth".

What you really ought to do is give Mary Kay a call. Tell them that unless you see a complete and total end to all abuse, all manipulation, all deception across the entire sales force, you are going to quit and join the "blind with pink rage" minions in decrying the awful atrocities against humanity that this company commits on a daily basis.


(aside to "blessed" aka "deleted") Settle down, that was sarcasm... I have not given into the crazy side of the force... yet.

Right, so that is all seven of the alleged lies that Mary Kay tells. There are plenty more in the comments section if you care to go check it for yourself. If you would like to quote one of your favorite Pink Truth "fav's" and whether or not you feel it is a lie, you can do that here.

And let's be realistic. There are lies told. Some accidental. Some intentional. Some negligible. Some pretty serious.

If you are considering a career in Mary Kay (or any new business venture) Please, Please, Please do your homework. Ask questions. Feel free to be a royal pain in the @$$. If you are putting your money into something, you better make sure that you really, really know what the deal is. What are you agreeing to. What are your options to "get out" if things don't go according to plan.

Seriously. This is what we call common sense.


  1. OK. Seriously, at our weekly events we are encouraged to bring guests. After they get their makeover, they are given company info. Then we take questions. Questions are encouraged. We give raffle tickets for each question asked and have a drawing for a free product when we're done. So, earlier I said how the ESSD talks about her executive income working less than full time hours around her life. People ask, "what does it take to get a Cadillac?" They are told there is a lot of work and a sales quota involved. THe picture becomes more clear. Those who have an interest ask questions and those who do not have an interest don't ask.
    I like inviting people to the meetings because I'm not one to ask someone if they want to join my team. By bringing them to my meeting they see it in action and ask questions and I usually learn that someone I had no idea was interested, has a rather invested interest in doing what I do.
    I know that wasn't quite on the topic, but I'm just saying that the information is out there and it's presented and the people I have signed have not signed under any pressure.

  2. I'm back. Okay, I forgot how to sign in here without disclosing my identity. I cannot keep up with all of the user names and passwords in my life, and I failed to write it all down when I set myself up the first time and I haven't had the time to figure it out or do it again. Today is the day though, I'm back.

  3. If I based how I ran my unit after what I read on PT, I would end up believing that I was a "one of a kind". First, I know I am not, because I was taught what I do from others. Second because I teach others to do things as I do. Third because I work with other directors that do things the way I do. So I know from personal experience I am not alone.

    When I do anything from an interview, to inventory, to plotting out the steps a consultant would have to accomplish to acheive a goal. I feel my job is to present the information. It is not my job to make their decision. That is what I try to do. I do not want to have to bribe or manipulate - if someone is interested in becoming a consultant, etc... great, if they are not interested, I don't feel like begging, bribing, etc.. I figure if I have to go thru that just to get them signed up, I would have to always be pushing them to do anything in their business and that isn't what I signed up for. I do not want to be a babysitter, I want to be a great director and great consultant.

    I have watched people put more pressure on themselves than any outside force did, and I am sure down the road if they start resenting what they did - they are not going to be able to sort out their feeling on who actually put the pressure on them, but I think we all know it is certainly easier to blame someone else, than it is to go look in the mirror.

    I realize that many people have said that they believe what the consultant was telling them because they were doing it, however if someone was pressing me to sign something without reading it or to hide something from my husband, especially someone I barely knew, it would send up a red flag and I would very likely run.

    Please, we have said it over and over again and David put it right in the post. -Ask questions, lots and lots of questions, make sure you understand the answers or keep asking. Man yourself with knowledge.

    All of us here would be happy to provide information to any questions.

    If something doesn't feel right or set right with you, don't do it.

    Listen, learn, research, and be smart.

    Don't manupulate the system, their are guideliens and rules in place for a reason: to protect you. Don't cheat, you will only cheat yourself.

    Mary Kay can be a very great way to earn a little extra pocket money, or part time money, or with work and effort, and some TIME a career. - as with any endeavor, it needs to be built, it is not a get rich quick scheme.

    Last point, if you don't love the product, my suggestion - it is probably not going to be a very successful adventure for you, becaue it would be impossible to be sincere. And if you don't believe in what you are selling, it makes it alot harder to sell.


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