Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pink Truth calls Mary Kay a Scam, as usual, Can't Deliver any evidence

What does it take to convey the truth about a situation to people who stubbornly refuse to consider that they may be wrong?

Take for instance, this latest lament from "SuzyQ" of Pink Truth.

"Oh, I wish I had the magic words! Just what does it take to get the message across to the pink believers that MK is a scam? What part don't they get?"

She follows this up with 13 "short reminders" allegedly in hopes of convincing "pink believers" that Mary Kay is a scam.

With the exception of (maybe) the 13th example, none of her "reminders" come anywhere near demonstrating that Mary Kay is a scam.

She concludes,

"Decided to stop at 13 as that is the Mary Kay sacred number. Please. You can not make it in MLM. Read and listen. Watch and learn. I promise you, your dream is carved in sand."

Here is an interesting thought about all this.

What is the real problem here?

We recently discussed (thanks to shadesofpink) the "proliferation of misinformation".

Consider two different consultants. For the sake of argument, let's assume both of them started Mary Kay at about the same time, were "in" for about the same amount of time, and ultimately decided to stop representing the Mary Kay brand.

Both sat under the same director, were recruited by the same recruiter, and had, basically, the same "version" of the opportunity presented to them.

One of them, like "SuzyQ", was caught up in the enthusiasm and energy of a charismatic leader, took away her own version of the key selling points, and went about selling the "omg-incredible-amazing-perfect-infallible-opportunity" in her own way.

Unfortunately for her (person 1) there were a lot more people in this world that were more like person 2 than she had expected.

The second one, realizing that there is no such thing as "too good to be true" wanted all the information. When "they" said, "no quotas", she asked, "what if I never sell anything?" When "they" said, "best selling brand in the U.S.", she wanted to know, "what is that based on?"

They both were convinced to give this thing a go.

The first one went in headfirst, like Pete Rose. (AD anyone?)

The second one "took some convincing".

In this story, it didn't work out for either one of them.

But which one do you think ended up in debt?

Which one, do you suppose, burned some relationship bridges and is now bitter at the entire company?

And finally, the reason I am so openly hostile to the majority of Pink Truth members, which one do you think is now on a smear site parroting vicious lies that she hasn't taken the time to verify?

Now please hear me. I do not know anything about SuzyQ. To be perfectly honest, I do not even do that good of a job keeping track of who's who on that site. I do not know what her Mary Kay experience was like. Please don't get distracted by that.

My point here is simply this.

"SuzyQ" just posted, antagonistically, that Mary Kay is a scam.

Her "defense" of this assertion is riddled with lies for one. (no, not the Mary Kay kind, the Pink Truth kind) It also (even if her lies were true) does not in any way defend the premise that Mary Kay is a scam.

No wonder her "brand" of Mary Kay hate (her and the ones that think like her) is never well defended on objective sites like this one. I guarantee that if she were to post that on this site, she would eventually realize that she has no clue what she is talking about and say, "just go visit".

And this is the site that is supposed to be promoting the "Truth about Mary Kay"?



  1. I read pt for a while, however I don't even like to go there now. I was searching the web for MK sites and that popped up. Well, I posted on there and it was there maybe 1 minute and poof it was gone. I ever e-mail tc and she never responded. I guess when you confront her directly she can't stand the heat.

    Personally I think that a lot of the post that are on pt are from tc I believe that she makes up screens names and then post so that it looks like there are a lot of people over there. About the count on MK being returned well anyone can make up a number and put it up and add to it. Here is where I would want absolute fact that this much has been returned because of her site.

    I again say take personal responsibility for your actions. If you don't have the money then don't order. I think these women think that they were lied to however they could have checked it out before they bought anything.

    This is just my opinion.

  2. When I read Suzy Q, Raisinberry, and all the others, about bringing down MK, I get a picture in my mind of CHICKEN LITTLE screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling. - We all know how chicken little looked later.
    (Pretty Silly)

    Besides... if it is said on pt, we all know it it the TRUTH, it just doesn't point out it is the truth of many nutcases that couldn't find their way out of a paperbag if they had a gps and a roadmap.
    (oh, this is just my opionin and doesn't apply to all pt posters)

  3. THE SCAM IS THE MONEY TC IS MAKING OF THE SITE. (Taking advantage of those have already been taken advantage of, those that continue to want to be recognized and needed, those that want to belong) - PT has provided a "parallel negaive universe without the product to sell" pters
    are investing their time and clicking on her links and making her money, with absolutley no way to earn a dime. This in my opinion makes TC lower than a snake - she doesn't care about one of these individuals, just that she is making money.

    And what really confirms my belief is that she is suppose to be such a busy fraud investigator and accountant, etc... yet, all I see is that she spends tons of time on pt, walletpop, and writing her fraudblogs, (I must admit, it is amazing if that is her topic of expert, one would think it would get more than an occassional post).

    So if I look at both sides of the picture, I can only conclude that
    it is TC and her PT that is the SCAM - not MK.


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