Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forgive me, but I can't help myself!

I have noticed I have been not reading pt as much as norm simply because it really is the same ole', some ole' but I still take a gander, you never know when there will be something worth countering but this was just too dog gone good to let it slide. ....
The conversation was around how much you needed to do to make so much and how much you can make from reorders if you do 1 - 2 classes a week.


TRACY said:
I love it when they lie about how much is ordered by women each year for reorders. NONE of my customers ever came close.

- now even if I didn't like MK, I still wouldn't like the personality and rudeness I've seen from TC, are we to believe she was any different in MK, than she is now? - Gee I wonder why her reorders weren't very good. (It couldn't be that once someone dealt with her they didn't want to have to do it again??) ark, ark, ark, ark.....

Now please forgive my lapse of professionalism. It was not a very mature thing to do.

(and just for the record, my reorders average about $2,000/month before any new classes and facials).


  1. So I go to PT to read the article so I can form an opinion and respond accordingly, and I have to tell you that the negativity there is more than I can bear. Like you, I make an average of $2k a month in reorders before parties or appointments. Would I like to make more residual? Of course...but it's not horrible, and it nets out for me to be equal to about 1 extra pay week a month.

    But I look on that site, and it's so full of lies it's depressing! Who can live their lives that way? Fabricating and exaggerating for the express purpose of discouraging dreams and more than that, actual income? Extra income for many these days that could make the difference on whether they can put food on the table, gas in the tank or pay the mortgage? It's disgusting, and every time I click there I feel I've given them more traffic, which they can report to their advertisers and make more money. If they would allow alternate points of view, I wouldn't mind as much. Of course then they'd hurt their own money-making scheme...which to me is SOOO transparent, I can't believe intelligent women could fall for it.


  2. common sense tell you that the more customers you have, the more reorders you will have. If you focus on selling the skin care (the most consumable product in our line) then your reorder amount will go up.
    Of course if you are not selling skin care and not adding customers then you wont have a strong reorder business. Seems like those on PT did not do well in the first place so they did not have the customer base to support strong reorders in the first place.
    But once again, just because they did not make it happen, then according to them no one is making it happen.

  3. one more thing..reorders are not just about people running out of product. You also have to have a positve relationship with people to make them want to keep buying from you. If they look hard enough most women can get mary kay products from anywhere, they do have a choice. And if your reorders are not coming back to you, then maybe you need to check yourself and revamp your customer service. Of course there are always those women who buy from anyone, but if you cant point to any loyal customers, then YOU have a problem. I can see it being totally possible that some of those women on PT ran off more than a just a few customers.

  4. I totally agree that it's all in your customer service...and downright honesty. I learned from my director early on that if you don't "sell" and are honest in what you recommend -- or don't recommend -- people trust you. I tell people what they need for the problem they express, and what they don't need because it will be a waste of their money. I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to sell them on something they don't need. I know I'd be happy with someone who did that, so that's how I want to be.


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