Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fortune Magazine and Mary Kay Ash

Anyone that reads Pink Truth on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis knows that they often like to find little tidbits from obscure publications that paint Mary Kay in a negative light.

The spew of comments that follow these invariably include something along the lines of, "I wish a major news organization would do an exposé on Mary Kay so the world can see how terrible they are!". The problem with that wish seems to be that whenever credible journalism gets involved - you know the kind where people look beyond the hearsay, overblown exaggerations and manipulative lies of a handful of bitter bloggers to conduct "actual" research - the result is usually something that puts Mary Kay in a considerably positive light.

MK4ME recently posted one of these items. (Link - Mary Kay on Good Morning America)

Well, when I saw the following article on Fortune Magazine's website, I could not help but think of all this... and how much Balanced Mary Kay readers would probably appreciate it.

The article is titled "10 bizarre and daring feats of salesmanship" and features, as the title suggests, ten unique but highly successful sales ideas in recent history.

(Link - Fortune Magazine: A look at how legends mastered the sales pitch - and raked in the revenues.)

Guess who the first person on their list is.

No really, guess. Or, click the link to find out.




well? did you check it out yet? seriously, I am not going to tell you, you have to go look at it yourself... no screenshots today. :)

When you have had a look (and I am sure that you will want to click through all of the stories there... maybe even check out some other Fortune articles) come back here and let me know what your thoughts are.

Oh, and any of you Pink Truth readers, please notice that I did not say, "Look, Mary Kay was in Fortune Magazine, so it must be an easy way to make money!"


  1. I suspect that the article will soon be ripped apart by PTers however I think Fortune did a good job of telling the facts of how MK started without getting into the current arguments about the risks and benefits of the business.

  2. Go ahead and rip it apart, PT's, but the truth is, Mary Kay Ash was a phenomenal business woman. PT's initials are ptttttttttptt.

  3. I'd like to point out that the #2 spot goes to another direct sales company: Tupperware. ;)

    I also think that the "current arguments" only exist in blogland. I say this because the people I know who are not involved in MK who have seen sites like PT all had the same thing to say about them: "how stupid."

  4. I believe that those who make money ethically in MK nowadays are a tiny minority. They don't go along with what the mainstream of MK is doing at all; they have to find their own way and buck the trends. And I still think they make very little (though a little is better than nothing.) But they can't do it the current MK way if it is to work for them at all. They have to be very savvy businesspeople and very strong personalities to do it their own way and get it to work for them as a business. Obviously, it is possible...but I maintain that in general, what is taught in MK nowadays is 100% bogus.


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