Monday, January 7, 2008

How do YOU get leads?

Many of you have expressed a great disdain for warm chattering.

My wife has actually become a "social butterfly" thanks to Mary Kay. She has found more friends and acquaintances through Mary Kay (even the ones that say no to MK)!

But, to each his (or in this case, her) own! If you don't like warm chattering, how DO YOU let people know that you sell Mary Kay?

How do you get your product on their skin/face so that they can decide whether or not the want it?

What are your secrets?

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  1. First, I am not a big one for warm chatting so very few of my leads come from this avenue.

    With my unit we do many bridal fairs, business expos and home party fairs as well as craft shows. We set up a beatiful display and offer a sign up drawing for a prize. I actually even put on the entry form, "would you like a call to try Mary Kay products? Y or N

    We often will set up a display at our County Fais as well. These are great because you are meeting people in your community.

    We can then make booking calls from these leads. It is amazing how many great leads we get from this because the individuals have signed up and have expressed interest in trying the products.

    I do wear my Mary Kay Pin most everywhere I go and I have a MK decal on car. I will tell you I have had many people see my pin and ask if I am a consultant and ask for a business card and or catalog. I also have people waiting at my car and have had a few (not alot) of notes left on my car from people asking them to give me a call.

    I have used fishbowls but don't have as much success booking the calls that I have when we are calling leads from fairs and expos.

    I have been around long enough, I often get referrals from my clients but it is important to let your clients know if they like the products, never be afraid to give out your name and number if you feel one of your friends could be interested in trying MK.

    If I see bulletin boards (at grocery stores, etc..) as long as they are no other MK cards are on the board, I will tack up 3-4 cards, it is important never to put up just one, because often a person that is interested feels guilty taking it if there is only one.

    And last but not least from me tonight, of course you get leads from doing your classes.

    I find the biggest thing in dealing with people is to "attrack" and not attack!! Don't cross the line, if you come on too strong or pushy, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  2. I got my names from fishbowls. I also wore my pin everywhere - much to the embarressment of my DH!. He prefered I leave work at work. And at SCC I would have each person list 5 people they thought would be interested. We don't have county fairs in our area and I have never heard of bridal fairs. My director was more into recruiting so I never heard of anyone in our unit doing fairs and such. Because if it was out there, I would have done it!

  3. i get leads from referrals, wearing my product and passing out brochures and from appts. I have used fishbowls but I dont really depend on them. They are great sometimes and it really depends on the establishment. I have occasionally gotten leads from my MK checks as well. Booths and fairs (bridal, women's programs) are great for getting leads. Even though we are not supposed to sell at these events, we can still have drawings and take names and while giving hand facials or giving out samples and info.
    I dont go out with the intent to warn chatter, but if I meet someone and we strike up a conversation I will give her my card or a book. But I dont walk up to people and just offer them my card at random.

  4. I'm not a fan of fish bowls. I have only done one and I don't like not knowing the person I'm calling beforehand. I also got a lot of teens. I get the best leads from my website, people I know, and fair tables. I just did a bridal show on Sunday. I have 30 new leads to call! I've also done craft bazaars and some mall events. I love these events because I can talk to people i don't know and I can determine right away if they are interested or not. All of the info I need is on the entry form for the drawing. Also, I make the initial contact with the person there at the event. It's more personal than a fish bowl. IMO.

    Like foreverpink, I'm not one to walk up to some stranger and hand her my card. I have engaged in conversation with bank tellers or store clerks and handed them my card and asked for their number after telling them I'm a consultant.

    Also, I wear my pin almost every day. Many people have asked me if I'm in MK and asked for a book. I used to carry the On-the-Go Tote with a Look Book displayed. People would stop me for books when I had that bag with me, too. I may start carrying it again, but I really love my current purse. ;) I talk to co-workers a lot. This has been a great avenue for me, too.

    I consider myself a shy person. MK has helped me break out of my shell. I still have a ways to go. Slow and steady. That's my motto. ;)

  5. speaking the real truthJanuary 8, 2008 at 10:17 AM

    -Goodie Bags, they are great conversation starters and often lead to a booking
    -Coupons for $10 off at the time of a makeover
    -Referrals, thru parties or my birthday club which gives them an additional discount to bring someone who does not currently have a MK consultant
    -Holiday Show
    -Wearing MK pins, hats, shirts, etc.

  6. Graet idea's. Thank you ladies. I needed some fresh ideas to get me going again. I've been on "maternity leave" for the last year and a half and really need to get going again. I've been doing fishbowls but not having any luck at all getting them to actually SHOW to the appointment.
    Let me ask you, have any of you tried the new MK facial boxes they have out now? If so, any luck?

    Oh and, where do you find out when and where bridal fairs and expos are being held?

  7. Ladies,

    These are fabulous Ideas! All of them have worked for me.

    My favorites are:

    1. Wearing my MK Name Tag

    2. Being my own walking Billboard for Mary Kay. Having the product on from head to toe.

    3. Having the MK Car decal.

    4. Earn the use of a MK Car!
    Now, that I'm a Grand Achiever people see the Mary Kay logo on the car. And this one lady followed my all the way to church to get my card! LOL! She actual is my newest consultant on my team and a new Senior consultant. It really works!

    5. Holding Classes and refferal from my currentClients.-The basics

    6. Online marketing - To compete online with other big Powerhouse companies I have really bulit up my online image. This is not illegal or unethical. By using Facebook, Myspace, this blog and others. This has truly bulit my customer base. My online sales have been through the roof this past 6 months because of that. I finished the court of Sales with a52% increase of online purchases through my Mary Kay website.
    We have to be beauty experts and offering that famous MK customer service eventhrough technology.

    7.I warmchatter. I enjoy it AND i HAVE good results with it aswell.
    tentive booking on the spot helps

    8. Networking with other Direct Sell company consultants. Use that company's website and find a consult in your area. Tell them that you are MAry Kay Consultant and that you would love to do business with them. It a win -win for you and them.

    Be Haute ... Be PiNk

    Haute Pink is in the House!

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