Friday, July 17, 2009

New Information - Director Car Program from MKay!

Grand Achiever Career Car Program Changes for Independent Sales Directors

To be announced onstage during the Leadership Meeting for Independent Sales Directors on Day 2 of Shine On!SM Seminar 2009, the return of the Independent Sales Directors Grand Achiever Unit Program with the option of selecting the Career Car (Chevy Malibu) or Cash Compensation.

Effective July 2009, Independent Sales Directors can start qualification/requalification for Grand Achiever status using their net adjusted unit wholesale production. The first group of qualifiers/requalifiers will use July 2009 through December 2009 production to qualify.

On-Target requirements are $19,500 in net adjusted unit wholesale production in one calendar quarter.
Qualification/Requalification requirements are $39,000 in net adjusted unit wholesale production in two consecutive calendar quarters.

Please note: Effective November 2009, Independent Sales Directors will no longer be eligible to qualify/requalify for the Grand Achiever Program using their team prod

From mk4me: I think this will help directors at this level - making the production based on unit instead of team, it will line up with tracking production for the unit. I could see where it would be easy to make a mistake if a director was tracking production for her unit but then had to track production for her team if she had the car under the team leader guidelines.

Note: if one takes a Company car, it is always a wise move to take a safe driving course. It reduces the portion of insurance we pay for the career car. If you have two drivers both covered, both may take the safety class and reduce your copay on the insurance even more. If I could just get mr. mk4me to sit down and take the couse, it is even online!!


  1. Can you explain the difference between the old program and this change? Were directors not able to qualify for Grand Achiever before and now they are? I'm confused!!

  2. Director who qualified as a grand achiever must take the cash and not the car until this new change.

    To qualify for the car if you had earned the car as a consultant, you needed 12 active and $18,000 wholesale, that would be from you and your team. This would come out to $4,500 (average/month) - as a director, one can choose to maintain the car under these guidelines. Or if one preferred the director could switch to unit maintenance so the director and the unit (not her team) had to $19,500 a Quarter (not a month - it would average out to $6,500/month). This amount is from the director and her entire unit, not just the director and her team.

    so under the previous qualifications what the director would need to consider is: would one prefer to produce $4,500 with just her team or$6,5000 with her entire unit.

    With the change the team option will no longer be available after November.

    Now (I hope this makes some sense) as a director we do keep track of our production, $4,000 is required, $5,000 earns you a $500 bonus. So you could be producing more than $6,500/month production thinking you are doing great and not checking what your own personal team is doing for your car production - so your production could be great for your unit but perhaps alot of the production came from unit members that weren't your personals...

    so the reason I feel this will help: it will simplify what directors have to track and it also would encourage her to help all in her unit. If she needed her team to produce for her car, she could (even unintentionally) help her own team members more than her unit members because of needing the production for the car.

    I also like the fact that the director has the choice to take the car or the cash.

    Personally, I thought it wasn't quite fair that a director could not take the car if she was at the Grand Acheiver level (she had to take the cash) but a consultant without the responsibility of running a unit had the choice.

    I hope that helped some LLG, I know what I want to say, it just doesn't always read the way I want it too.

  3. That does help, thanks!! I agree with your assessment that this would help directors in the long run-- nothing wrong with a director having the grand achiever car!!

  4. 83 year old director gets a new car!


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