Friday, July 17, 2009

Looking professional without the pain

I found some foot products that are real life savers when wearing high heels. Doesn't matter if they are kitten heels or stripper shoes. I've tried many things (many, many!) and there are two brands that are far and away the best.

Insolia high heel arch supports. They're tiny, clear gel, have REAL adhesive, and really work. Take up no extra room in shoes at all. Don't buy other brands that look the same...the adhesive in the other brands sucks and the pads will come unstuck after one usage. I found this out the hard way.

The other thing is Foot Petals products. There are different kinds of pads for different needs. What I buy is the ball of foot slip-stop/padding products and the Strappy Strips that you put inside your shoes to stop rubbing and blistering anyplace you need (but particularly the straps at the back of your heel or strappy toe area of sandals).

So if you decide you want to look your best in high heels at your MK event or some other place, these things don't cost that much and the pain they can save you is immeasurable. (PT people, if you haven't thrown all your high heels in the trash, go get some of these foot pads. I read about y'all's high heel pain experiences. This stuff will put an end to that.)


  1. Thanks for this useful info, may have to try some of these suggestions as I am getting ready to go to Seminar! (of course when I do my walking from hotel to convention center, I always slip into my cute flats) and change once I arrive at my destination.

  2. Great info as always, Miranda! I have some gel soles that I love. Got mine at DSW. The brand is sofsole. DSW had some really cutesy ones, too. I forget the brand, but they were all packaged in pink and cost more. Seemed like you might just be paying more for the name and cute packaging. ;)
    I'm taking flats for walking around at the Convention Center and heels for the dinners at the hotel. I'm even wearing flats w/ my gown on awards night. I found supercute Rocketdog ballet flats that will go perfectly with my gown! :D

  3. Ballet flats are awesome. They look cute and delicate and don't kill your feet.

    I'm putting my little Insolia/foot petals combo in all my dancing shoes! Can't wait for the strappy strips to arrive. Tired of winding certain parts of my feet in electrical tape to prevent blisters.

    Now, if I could put this stuff on my head and make it stop hurting, I totally would! gah.

  4. You still have a headache Miranda? Maybe it is something in your diet or you are not getting enough water?

    Mk4me, still waiting to hear your "I" story :-)

    Anyone know what the new products being revealed at seminar are?

    I am so bad at wearing heels!! I always get really bad pain on the ball of my feet, even with insoles. Maybe I am just a wimp!!

  5. Worry not. It's a...girly thing.

    I think that the flatter your arches are, the worse high heels feel. And high heel shoes never provide any arch support, which is why I'm mentioning Insolia and Foot Petals. Even so, yes, after a while, it's gonna start hurting me. Just not as much.

    I'm going the "just kill the nerve endings" route and dancing in stripper shoes twice a week. Though it wouldn't have been so bad had I not been forced to park 3 freakin blocks away from the club. >:(

  6. Oh, okay, I get it! I have those headaches too!!

    yeah, I have never been good at high heels. I love Dansko clogs and flip-flops are my summer staple!!

    But, do drink lots of extra water, avoid fried food and too much caffeine!


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