Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Product Review: Mary Kay Sunscreen SPF

My DH and I belong to a community club that has a swimming pool. I have been trying to use it as much as possible this summer (every weekend!). I just received my shipment last week, which included the sunscreen. Before I received it, I had tried a Banana Boat spray sunblock, but it felt greasy to me (even though it advertised it was not) and it left kind of this weird sheen on my body. Anyway, on Saturday after taking a shower I applied the sunscreen in place of lotion. This is the way you should really apply sunscreen (in the buff). That way, you don't get areas under the straps, etc, that shift during the day and you get burned. I thought it would leave a bit of white cast on my skin, I have olive colored skin. Once it absorbed, I didn't notice anything.

You are also supposed to use 1 ounce of sunscreen per use! Think about that, that is approximately a shot glass full of sunscreen? Who uses that amount? Not many, but you should if you want to be protected and I think I good reason to stock up :-)

So, I went to the pool around noon and stayed until 4pm. I didn't really swim as the pool heater was turned down, brrrrrrr! Guess what? No burn! In fact, less color than I wanted (I know I know, tanning is bad!).

Thumbs up! Not greasy, stayed on, and worked!


  1. Only a shot glass? ;) Ahh, I see this recommendation was made for the slender! I must use the equivalent of half a beer... OK I'm exaggerating a little but you get me. lol

  2. five three and 145 pounds, plump and proud. Hey, it helps in the boobie department. omgwtfbbq I said boobies!

  3. Hey, you sound like you are just right Miranda!! I am working on my weight right now-- 5'7" and 165. I would like to weigh what you do now! But you are right, it does help in that department ;-)

  4. oh, my doctor thinks I should weigh like 110 as I did in high school when I was on the swim team. No can do. I'm 40 years old and some of my medications dispose people to carry more weight (that'd be the antidepressant, primarily.) Before the meds it was 120 but you know...better 145 and happy than 120 and depressed. Doc told me I was fat. I said, okay, I am fat. You seem to care, but I don't. Next!

    Whoops, I forgot my Vitamin D last night. If you wanna get your weight to your body's set point, take a vitamin D supplement with food twice a week. it helps your body metabolize calcium, which in turn helps regulate your weight.

  5. Vitamin D is also supposed to help with mood regulation too! Along with the B vitamins and I have heard fish oil. I actually try to get off of AD myself, but I also take a BCP and thyroid meds. I'm 36, so weight doesn't come off like it did when I was younger. Those meds also make it difficult for me to lose weight. I am working on it though and have lost about 9 pounds in the last 5 weeks!! I just started exercising and that has slowed me losing weight a bit, I am hoping due to muscle gain :-)

    Back when I was high school I was in the 125 range, but I would be happy to be 140 now!! Meeting my DH, planning the wedding, etc, put 20 lbs on me this year!!

    I'm on the curvy side, so I know I will never be stick thin, but I just want to feel healthier! Sounds like you get a lot of exercise! Do you go to the club for fun or is it some job requirement? i got this idea you might be some club reporter or something!!

  6. I heard this years ago...

    if anyone ever insults you and says anything like "you're fat"! say yeah, but you are ugly and I can loose weight!

    okay it is not nice but I thought it was funny.

  7. Lucky, I'm 40 years old. I go clubbing because it's my fun time with friends. :) It also just happens to be my exercise. Unfortunately last night I seem to have banged up my right knee somehow. The blisters on my feet I understand (new stilettos) but my knee? booo! :( wtf.

    My approach: If someone tells me I'm fat, I look down at myself and shriek frantically "I am? REALLY? I had no idea! OH NOES! OH NOES! I'm fat! Aieeeee! Whatever shall I do?" (continue until they run away)

    Fat is not a crime. All right, I'm fat, and how does that affect the stock market? lol


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