Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mary Kay Concealer!


Our concealers are:
Lightweight, creamy formula
Seven great shades

Application Instructions
Before applying foundation, apply a small dot on targeted area.
Gently pat with sponge or fingertips until blended.
*Notes about Application Instructions
Please note that the Yellow shade may help reduce the appearance of red in the skin tone.
(& if you are really fair you may need to utilize the yellow to neutralize the red but THEN layer with an ivory concealer before foundation so that the yellow doesn't show thru the foundation - this is a great technique for those that are really plagued with coloring they can not concealer but have a desire to look flawless.)

Water , Isononyl Isononanoate , Cyclopentasiloxane , Sorbitan Isostearate , Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone , Lauroyl Lysine , PTFE , Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate , Propylene Glycol , Cetyl Dimethicone , Hexyl Laurate , Sodium Chloride , Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Hydroxypropyl Polysiloxane , Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil , Beeswax , Nylon-12 , Tocopheryl Acetate , Diazolidinyl Urea , Retinyl Palmitate , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract , Lecithin , Cyclohexasiloxane , Titanium Dioxide , Talc , Iron Oxides , Zinc Oxide
May Contain Ingredients


  1. Mk4me, sorry to hear about your headache :-( I was wondering if we should all have a message board? Just a thought. I love the concealer too! I am trying to figure out my concealer and foundation shade right now. I was always a 300/400 in the summer. Now, that seems a little yellow for me and that I might need to go to 302/402 (I have olive skin tone). Currently, I am using 400, and this morning I used the Beige 1 concealer, but was unsure if it looked to light. Do you think going to Beige 2 will be too dark?

    Thanks for the training :-)

    I have been experiencing that my foundation feels dry putting it on my face (a little hard to blend). Granted, I am using an older tube I had (but still looked the same consistency). I still consider myself a combo/oily skin-- I wonder if my skin is just getting readjusted? I just got my shipment yesterday, so I now have my full routine!! Love the hydrating gel and I think that will help.

    Just looking for some feedback/advice :-)

    Also, any thoughts on "Even Complexion Essence"? I have a couple sun/age spots I am hoping will go away!!

    By the way, I forgot how much I love the eye primer, eye liners, and lip liners!!

  2. LLW, if you have olive undertones, try a foundation that ends with a "4" - --think you will find it gives you a bit of "life" to your complexion...

    Foundations that end in zero have a yellow undertone, if they end in 2 they have a golden/olive undertone, 4 has a pink undertone, and 5 has a more pink undertone.

    So if someone is "jaundice" looking if you put on a yello undertone, you are going to make the look really jaundice. But a pink undertone will "neutralize that yellow look and they will look more natural. More soon

  3. i luv the even complexion complex. My skin has really seemed to have evend out since I have been using it. I had some past acne scars that are really not the visible anymore, I have used it consistantly for about 1 month or a little over that.
    Using it with the day/night solution really helps too! I am pleased with it and will continue to use it

  4. Great, thanks for the comments gals!!

    I never thought about using the pink undertone to dial down the yellow undertone. Very clever indeed!! During the dead of winter I feel like my skin even takes on a green cast, blech!

    I know this is o/t, but even suggestions on where to find hairstyles? I am so bored with mine! I have below the shoulder wavy/curly hair. I always feel like my hair doesn't have that professional look I want-- more bohemian style ;-)

  5. Oh, hope you are feeling better Mk4me. I had a migraine once and it was absolutely awful!!

  6. LLW, thanks, but for hairstyles, go to the virtaul makeover on our MK websites.

    You can upload a digital picture of yourself with your hair pulled back. Not only can you do a color makeover on yourself, you can also change and try all different types of hairstyles & COLORS! AND .. you see what they will look like on you. It is super cool!

    meclizine is taking the edge off but still not real steady yet. Hoping this passes by tomorrow, we go racing tomorrow night!!

  7. I see you posted at 2am last night!! I hope that doesn't mean you were up in pain all night Mk4me!! I tried the hairstyle thing and it was really cool. I knew about the virtual makeover, but totally spaced the hairstyle one!! Thanks. I am wearing 404 today and even though I think I can get away with it- not sure if it is the best. I need to get 302/402 to compare. I forgot those shades did not come in the starter kit, drat!!

  8. Make sure you try a 304 as well! :)

    and you can get samples of the foundations in the little foil packs if you don't want to order a full sized tube and find out it doesn't work.

  9. LLG--I used to wear medium coverage foundation, but lately, it feels flaky on my skin. I use the combo/oily Time Wise®, but the full coverage foundation and then mineral powder over that. Love it! My skin has been changing the past year or so. It's far from normal/dry though. If I use that formula of the Time Wise® I will break out from it being too oily. My skin is nuts. lol The hydrating gel will probably help you. That sometimes flakes on me, too, though. My skin is schizo. :P

  10. i have olive but lightish skin and the foundation i used before was beige 2 for mary Kay but my skin gets lighter in the winter wat color do i use?

  11. my suggestion would be to try beige 1 first, I do not think from your description it would be too light.


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