Monday, July 6, 2009

New DIQ Requirements - Non. Confirmed & Actual!

I know everyone is very interested so I am going to post what I have from a national sales director. The rules were up for a little while yesterday on intouch(7/6) but then taken down, so I am guessing there was something not clear or an error or typo. I am sure we will probably see it today. Since we are all so interested I am posting what I have seen from a National but please remember unitl we see it from the Company, it is not official! Enjoy! (Keep reading for the FACTS from MK)


Here are the Current/Old Rules:
~Start DIQ with 8 active.
~1-4 months to grow to 30 active UNIT members.
~Minimum production is $4000 a month and total qualification production is $16,000. No more than $4000 from DIQ personally.

New Rules:

Published 07.07.09

Director-in-Qualification Program Changes

When an Independent Beauty Consultant submits her Commitment Form to the Director-in-Qualification Program, we know she’s serious about her Mary Kay business. She’s ready to invest the time and energy needed to build a business that will enrich her life, her family’s life and the lives of other women for years to come. With that philosophy in mind, we’d like to introduce a series of changes to the DIQ Program designed to strengthen new Independent Sales Directors and help them experience that success.

With the significant increase of new Independent Beauty Consultants this year, our renewed priority as a Company and as an independent sales force should be to retain all of these new team members — and ensure they have the tools, the education and confidence to build a solid customer base and a successful Mary Kay business at all levels. These changes to the qualifications to become an Independent Sales Director help ensure that DIQs put their businesses on a firm footing and have the best possible chance to form solid, high-performing units.

And here’s something all of the Team Leaders and future Independent Sales Directors in your unit will be excited about: These changes officially go into effect on Jan. 1, 2010. However, beginning with Aug. 1, 2009, debuts through Jan. 1, 2010, debuts, Sales Directors-in-Qualification have the option to debut under the new rules or the current rules. If they choose to debut under the new requirements during this “optional” period, they’ll qualify for special “Superstar” recognition at Leadership Conference 2010 (they don’t have to meet the new pre-qualification requirements; they just have to finish with the new production and team member requirements)!

All Class of 2010 Sales Directors will receive a special seat cover, early admittance to all general sessions and a dazzling zebra-accented Sales Director wrap. Sales Directors who debut under the new rules during the optional period will receive all of these items plus an invitation to an exclusive luncheon during Leadership Conference 2010. (Their Senior Sales Directors will receive an invitation, too!)

So let’s have a look at the new Director-in-Qualification requirements (effective Jan. 1, 2010):

Pre-Qualifications for Potential DIQs (requirements to submit a Commitment Form):

(NEW) Must have 10 Active team members.

Must be personally Active (A1, A2 or A3 status.)

(NEW) Must be a Star Consultant in either the previous quarter or have at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale production in the current quarter.

To help you better understand the Star Consultant pre-qualification requirements that are effective Jan. 1, 2010, here are a few scenarios you’ll want to share with your unit members:

If you submit your Commitment Form Jan. 1, 2010:

You will have needed to be a Star Consultant in the Sept. 16 – Dec. 15, 2009, quarter.


You must have placed at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale orders between Dec. 16 – 31, 2009.

If you submit your Commitment Form Feb. 1, 2010:

You will have needed to be a Star Consultant in the Sept. 16 – Dec. 15, 2009, quarter.


You must have placed at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale orders between Dec. 16, 2009 – Jan. 31, 2010.

If you submit your Commitment Form March 1, 2010:

You will have needed to be a Star Consultant in the Sept. 16 – Dec. 15, 2009, quarter.


You must have placed at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale orders between Dec. 16, 2009, and Feb. 28, 2010.

If you submit your Commitment Form April 1, 2010:

You will have needed to be a Star Consultant in the Dec. 16, 2009, to March 15, 2010, quarter.


You must have placed at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale orders between March 16 – 31, 2010.

Debut Qualifications:
(NEW) $18,000 cumulative wholesale unit production in 1 – 4 months. At least $14,000 wholesale production toward the total $18,000 wholesale requirement must come from your DIQ unit members. A DIQ may contribute up to $4,000 in personal wholesale Section 1 production toward the $18,000 cumulative unit wholesale production during the qualification period.

At least $4,000 per month wholesale unit production.

(NEW) DIQ must have at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale production.

(NEW) 24 active unit members (includes the DIQ.)

(NEW) At least 10 of the 24 active unit members must have at least $600 in cumulative wholesale production (does not include the DIQ herself) during the qualification period.

Please note that while we transition into the new DIQ qualifications, you will have access to two reports that will track both options on Mary Kay InTouch®.

New DIQ Requirements FAQs:

Do I need to be a Star Consultant to enter DIQ?

Starting with the Jan. 1, 2010, Commitment Forms, pre-qualifications will require that you must be a Star Consultant in either the previous quarter or have placed at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale orders in the current quarter.

Do I need to meet the new prequalifications for DIQ in order to earn the special “Superstar” recognition at Leadership Conference 2010?

No. You only need to debut under the new requirements, which begin with the Aug. 1 debuting class.

What if I’m already in DIQ? Can I still earn the special “Superstar” recognition?

If you’re already in DIQ, you may choose to debut under the new rules, where you’ll earn special recognition.

Who is eligible for the special “Superstar” recognition at Leadership Conference 2010?

Independent Sales Directors who debut Aug. 1, 2009, through Jan. 1, 2010, under the new rules only.

Do I need to have $4,000 wholesale production the month before my first month of qualification?

No. When the new rules become effective (Jan. 1, 2010), you must be a Star Consultant in the prior quarter or have placed at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale orders in the current quarter.

Do I count as one of the “24 active unit members” under the new rules?

Yes. You are counted as one of the “24 active unit members” and you must be active at the end of the final month.

Do I count as one of the 10 who must have at least $600 in cumulative wholesale production?

No, you do not count as one of the 10.

What if I personally do more than the maximum $4,000 personal wholesale production towards the $18,000 cumulative unit wholesale production requirement?

Any personal production over the $4,000 personal wholesale maximum will count toward the $4,000 minimum wholesale monthly unit production requirement. But at least $14,000 wholesale production toward the total $18,000 wholesale requirement must come from your DIQ unit members.

If I have questions about the new DIQ requirements, whom do I call?

Please contact the DIQ Department at (800) DIR-SOON (347-7666).


  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been in the midst of a state to state move. And I'm finally feeling settled and even went to my first success meeting with a guest.

    The meeting was wonderful - straight up talk - straight up training. DID NOT HEAR ONCE ANYTHING ABOUT WHOLESALE ORDERING! And this from a million dollar unit. The three women up for Queen all sold $600 and higher. PEOPLE ARE WORKING THIS BUSINESS.

    I'm excited to get going. A bit anxious to be starting over in a new place, but have a ton of ideas on how to introduce new folks to Mary Kay.

    I think the new DIQ requirements are good. It will force those who want to be a Director to be ready to become one backed by a solid working team and not backed by personal use consultants.

    Nice to be back, ladies!

  2. Hi Cuppa,
    Good to see you again. I think that these new rules are good and it will either make the DIQ do one of two things 1)Recruit more people to have a bigger unit
    2) Concentrate more on sales and proof that you ARE selling. Why do I think that number one will be the big thing though...hmmmmmm

    Either way it builds for a stronger unit and gets the DIQ in the habit of ordering I DO wonder if this 600 requirement is good will it make people push some to do star orders OR will they come in with 200 and then order 200 every month which is the better scenario to be a star.

  3. Yes, I wonder if people will "frontload" as they say on PT and then have people drop off? It is curious to me to have the unit numbers drop, but production higher. At any rate, it does make it more difficult to become a DIQ and I think that will make people ask if they are serious or not. I think sometimes if people get 8 active, then they automatically think about DIQ--whether they are ready or not. The more I am thinking about it though-- it does make the DIQ, herself, have to be a strong consultant too and have orders going for her customers too.

    Mk4me that is what I saw on intouch yesterday too. They gave some examples of when you must place and order to be eligible for DIQ. Also, they said you could choose which rules you could use right now-- but I was confused if that meant you could meet some of the new and some of the old?

    Hopefully, it will be clarified soon!

  4. Lets face it all MK corporate as a business cares about is money. Having 24 people vs 30 is no big thing if they can get them to order. What I DO think is (and of course most negative people dont think corporate has a heart) is they want the DIQ to spend time teaching these women/men to sell the product and to keep them motivated. If that is the case the consultant selling and ordering every month or every other month will make for a stable unit. I think the best thing in here is that you must be a star consultant before you enter DIQ you have more product and you learn how to turn inventory over in the process. I never thought that starting off with 8 people was a good idea anyway. I think corporate wants to be more profitable with less weak directors it does give MK a bad name. From a business standpoint some of these new qualifications keep the DIQ hanging a bit tougher.
    I think what people forget about is the 50.00 building your team bonus not only do you get your commissions from your classes and recruiting but you also get those team building bonuses if someone is qualified. It really adds up if someone is a strong recruiter and gets a lot of 600.00 orders. I guess its like a cushion to motivate you to recruit and make extra money. There are some women I have heard who made more in DIQ or as a team leader than they did as a director! If someone can keep up at this pace for 4 months to a year they would be a strong director. If I ever get to that point I would not want a unit less than 75 people (and dont forget the performance account towards the car) MK does give some decent cushioning if you look at it all.

  5. Up again on MKintouch-- looks the same to me as yesterday. Mk4me post still accurately reflects the new rules.

  6. I have to really sit down and look at the changes but glancing at it, I feel the Company is trying to produce working /selling directors/units - too many these days are "buying" there way into directorship by all recruiting and little selling and "faking" it. This is not good for any of us, makes the Company look bad, discourages consultants and directors. (shout out.. it will also put you in debt! -sorry,I know I am just preaching to the choir here ) First glance, it looks like it will be harder for individuals who get to zealous to "cheat" the system. We all know if there is a way to cheat someone will try and find it and then blame MK but with these new rules if they decide to "cheat" and "buy" it, it is going to make it alot toughter. (or more expensive-) for those not doing it the proper way.
    O/T (sort of) as I read the complaints on negative sites, I laugh at how noone was unethical they were just listening to their director but when you enter diq you must agree to certain rules and one of them is the diq CAN NOT "subsidize" or "finance" the future unit members. Doing this is grounds for you NOT to become a director. Along time ago when I went to DIT week, one of the directors there was saying how she had finished but when the Company audited some of her unit members, they had said that the diq "lent" them the money. The Company said sorry, you know the rules. She told all of us, she did feel badly about "cheating" because she had wanted it so bad, when it wasn't happening she "made it happen" but she was glad the Company told her no way because after going thru diq again the right way, she was so much strong than she would have been and she herself realized it.

    Now that is character, she admitted she made a bad judgement and then did it right and realized it would be for the best of her and her unit. She didn't pout and quit. And I think she learned available lessons and will help her people not "make it happen" the wrong way.

    So, if the nsd or director said, find a way, make a way, but the diq had agreed to not "fake" things, they knew they were not allowed to do that and that find a way really meant, talk to everyone you know, book, interview, work until the very last minute, don't give up before the time period is over.

    Don't y'all love my short comments? lol more after I really analyze it! :)

  7. Just knowing that the company audits these activities from time to time tells me something. I know some naysayers will say they just do that to look like they are in compliance but I think they really do care! Can you imagine how women who reach the NSD position will fell when they go into NIQ with strong units! People may have to wait two or three years longer but even if two or three directors drop off units will be used to being strong and being taught to be strong the income stream wont suffer so much.

  8. I agree Colleen. As I have thought about it more, I think it will make units stronger. It does look bad for the company to have units dropping off. What was DIQ like in the old days I wonder?

  9. Lucky Law (Im 47 by the way but look 34) in the old days from what I have heard and read you had to submit your sales to the company and you had to be approved to be a director by your Senior!!! That was in the 70s. Units have always dropped off like flies that is the nature of the beast in any sales company I dont care who it is. It seems to me the problem started when they lowered the requirements from 12 to 8 people and they started touting the "one month wonder" fiasco. Dont get me wrong I think there are some one month wonders still around but not many.
    There were NSD's retiring so the company wanted to make it easier for people to move up quickly and at the time that probably seemed like a good idea but like the domino effect it came down crashing like anything else. MK is in other countries not just the USA so its not like the company was shattered, I just think they dont want their reputation to be tarnished. Have they made mistakes yes, have NSD's been allowed to tout tactics that are not company approved yes but what company hasnt? They are business to make money like any other company but I admire them for their principles no matter who chooses to follow them. MK4ME understands these principles because she has always been ethical (I think). If I was 1000.00 a way from being a director would I have put the money in to make it? Probably. Does that make it right? NO but I would never have put in money to a recruit that was not going to do anything unless it was one person away. At least im honest..LOL

  10. Yeah, it is hard to resist temptation when you are that close!! Over on PT, they are talking about how this might make less directors debut. I wonder if that is true? I wonder back in the 70's what the ratio of IBC to directors was? I really think that MK is such an awesome product, but the oversaturation of the market does make it hard to sell at times. Plus, when everyone is focused so much on recruiting it scares away potential customers. I guess I don't see it as a bad thing for there to be less directors and IBCs, but with better quality of customer service, leadership, and ethics.

    Mk4me, I still would like to hear your story!! How long were you an IBC before you became a director? How long have you been a director? I think these one-month wonders make it sound so enticing, but what kind of customer base do you have at one month??

    Mk4me, do you think you will be able to concurrently do the car and DIQ easier under these new guidelines?

  11. Hey all, I am so sorry I am not up to speed with the comments like usual - mini mk4me turned 18 today :( and : ) - and have been busier than a one armed paper hanger. llg, I promise my story soon. and answers to the other questions!

    When I went thru diq you had to have 12 to start - your director did need to write a letter too.
    I actually over lapped two of my months... I started car and did something that was called directline.. so I did car and directorship(overlapping two months) and it took me 6 months.

    First answer to the question "do we think there will be less directors debuting?" - yes & no
    I do think there will be a smaller number of directors debuting but I believe they will be the ones that would have debuted any way, I think the ones that won't debut which will decrease the numbers are the ones that "made it happen" as in fake people or having 10 starter kits and tons of inventory in their homes. I think this should help eliminate so of the directors that make it and then struggle and then end up stepping down and bitter. I also think this will reduce the number of units that are more recruiting based than selling based. (Which is a great thing!) yippee!!!

    We all know how I feel about heavy recruiting and soft selling. booo - setting everyone up for failure.

  12. Can't wait to hear more Mk4me on your journey! The way you did DIQ does seem to set you more up for the long haul-- stable I mean. When I did it, I was really unprepared with a lot of personal use people. I was so excited about sharing the opportunity all the time, that my customers went poof!! But, the emphasis was on recruiting and I was praised for it. Huh?

  13. I have seen the heavy recruiting, leaving a new consultant with no clients type units.. what I see in the long run is everyone quitting being bitter and the unit collapsing. So why would they continue to do the same thing again, again? Learn from your mistakes or spare yourself the pain and learn from others mistakes. Build on strong sales and lots of appointment.

    For me, it gets to the point if I get too many clients, it gets tough to keep a balance and I will look for a potential team member within a group to take care of her circle. It works for both of us, she has a customer base from the time she starts and I have a team member so that I can still keep building. For me - averaging around 500 clients is perfect. When I start getting more than that I feel I don't have enough time to be a good director and won't allow the job to take over my family/social life.

    You may not see much of me today, sinus headache and vertigo attack so reading and being upright is not on the top things to do list today. Meclizine is not even working. Carry on with some great conversation, I will return, that is a promise not a threat!


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