Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Career Car Qualifications - News

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imho, this lines up so that the car program and directorship progam are in line with one another!

Published 07.07.09

Grand Achiever and Premier Club Career Car Program Changes

It has been more than seven years since Career Car Program production requirements have increased. However, due to year-over-year cost increases, we are announcing the following Career Car Program changes:

Effective November 2009, Grand Achiever qualification/requalification production requirement will increase from $18,000 to $20,000 in one to four months and the active personal team member requirement will increase from 12 to 14.

Effective October 2009, Premier Club qualification/requalification production requirement will increase from $48,000 to $54,000 in two consecutive calendar quarters.

Effective October 2009, the six-month waiting period for Grand Achievers selecting the Career Car option will be discontinued allowing them to move up to Premier Club at any time.

Cadillac production requirement remains the same at $96,000 in two consecutive calendar quarters.


  1. Here is my take on this - If a woman can keep this up this will encourage her to become a director to make more money if she can keep up this type of production. Also due to inflation I can see this happening. We will see what happens either they will recruit more or frontload more. I personally see this as a winning situation if someone really wants to grow to become a director or seriously wants to work hard not have a car payment. People forget you can always take the cash. I think this is doable if you have 20
    people I dont see people with only 12 people keeping up this kind of production.

  2. you guys? I'm not super crazy about the music automatically coming on. Can there be something to click so we get a choice?

  3. That's a question for Dave, Miranda, you know I am tech. challenged.

  4. My director emailed me the new DIQ stuff the other day. She knows I'm ready to go. hehehe I like it. It coincides with my plan to earn car first anyway. My goal is to be a Star every quarter from now on. I have 4 appointments scheduled the next two weekends and I'm working on more! :) Have to get a post up soon! I have been crazy busy in my business and it's been excellent. And I have seen the new suits and they are very classy. Love the color! I like the blue even more than the brown suits and I didn't think I would. OK. I'm done gushing. :P

  5. Oh I meant to post my comment in the DIQ place. My director sent me the DIQ info.

  6. And I'm fine with the new car qualifications, too. What's two more people? ;)

  7. Good Attitude SOP, you are going to go far :-) Congrats on your business being so busy, you go! Can you share your plan-- car first and then DIQ or concurrent? I'm curious!


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