Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saving money for a purpose

Most people have something to save for. Maybe short term or long term. Mine is hopefully more short term. I am taking a hiatus on buying things for myself other than necessities. My partner's little brother is graduating from college into a world full of no jobs, and he has loans to pay back. He is going bananas applying for jobs, selling things on craigslist, etc. and his fiancee's job can't cover all the bills for both of them. So we decided we will help him the best we can so he can keep the electricity on and food in the fridge while he finds work. This is no slacker; he deserves the help.

I won't be absent from here; I just won't be able to do my usual "oh, shiny, gimme!" for a while. Lil' Bro needs food more than I need makeup.


  1. That's nice Miranda! I send money to my brother on a monthly basis too (not working, etc). Budgeting is hard-- I am trying not to be too "buy happy" either. I am trying to put my current goal of weight loss together with my shopping habit-- that way I can reward myself for keeping up with my exercise and weight loss!

  2. I used to never have this problem with overspending. Don't know where it came from. But this forces me to curb it because what sort of poopyhead says "oh sorry I can't help you with the light bill and the groceries because I spent it on shoes!" lol. Not me. Man, these are the worst financial times. If someone had told me even a couple years ago that I would be working 3 jobs just to pay the bills I would have laughed at them.

  3. I used to get jealous of people who were making 100,000 a year and some of them are miserable (not all). I find that it is best for me to be myself and just keep going along.

  4. Best wishes to your brother, Miranda. Times are tough and scary. I understand. My husband's business has been very slow the month of July. He finally has work again tomorrow. I prayed every day I was away he would find something. The big job he was working on fell through. The people decided to buy a condo for their father rather than add onto their house. I'm sure it was a blessing in disguise. Hugs to you working 3 jobs to survive!

  5. It's my partner's baby brother...but he might as well be mine too. I have no actual siblings so I treat this young man like one.

    He will have his student teacher income and his college loans in August, so we just have to tide him over one more month. This we can do. Luckily, I have one more modeling gig this month. Each session pays me $40; I send him $50 a week so the modeling mostly covers it. Poor guy. He keeps wanting to pay us back. We keep telling him, NO! It's a gift! You don't need any more debts to worry about. NO PAY BACK.

    When I think of the time I was unemployed and my dad bailed me out until I could find work again...yeah. There are times, and it's scary, when you have to have someone else pitch in and help you or you fall through the cracks.


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