Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greetings from Dallas!!

Hey y'all anyone been missing me? I arrived in Dallas yesterday - weather was 77 and sunny!! Spent a delightful day with my national, at the vendors, mellow dinner, chilling in the room. This am I slept in, worked out, met a relative who came into the city to visit me and now.. drumroll... tomorrow is Day 0 of my seminar!

So stayed tuned for news as I report live on site at the Shine On 2009 Seminar!

How did my flight go? Well, I always like to sit near the front of the plane and on an aisle because I am a little (lol) alot spazy when I handed them my boarding pass at my layoover - they said, "oh we reassigned your seat because of an equipment change" and the very nice lady handed me another boarding pass. I looked at it and saw 24D and wasn't happy but just told myself it was only a short flight, deal with it and proceed on to the plane... boy am I glad I didn't complain. The picture is the room I had in front of me as I settled into my new seat!! It had more leg room than business class, now just how cool is that? Great start to my trip!


  1. Well keep us posted! Dave, can you delete that stupid spam comment? (points up)

  2. Miranda,

    (shrugging and looking around) What stupid spam comment?

    ;) Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Lovely, thank you! I got the exact same one on my blog and I deleted it immediately.

  4. Awesome seat!! Yes, you have been missed :-) Please update us on everything!! Have fun!!!

  5. MK4Me I hope you are a having a great trip. We will be praying for you and please let us know everything and how you did.


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