Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Makeup techniques: contouring

If you, like me, have no visible cheekbones and have to fake them, this post is for you! lol

Materials: MK makes highlighters and bronzers. Those products have shimmer. So, for contouring areas you want to diminish, you can use a darker shade of powder.

OK. So first you apply your concealer, foundation and powder (or all in one foundation/powder product.)

Now, before you put on your colors, you can contour.

If you don't have much in the way of cheekbones: Use a blush brush to lightly sweep bronzer right under your cheekbones. You may have to actualy use your fingers to feel for the bones in your face if you're like me. Start in front of the ears and sweep inwards so that the color blends out. Use a very light hand. Better to do 2 or 3 very light applications than one heavy one so that you won't have stripes on your face. Then apply blush directly on cheekbones. Then apply (lightly!) the highlighter on the top half of the cheek area.

If you have a little extra chub at/under your jawline, this time get the darker powder. You don't want sparkle in areas you are minimizing. Get a big powder brush and lightly dust the darker powder on the jowl and under-chin area. Blend up into jawline and chin and down into neck. Do this lightly; you want to create an illusion and not a visible difference in color that others can detect. If your jaw is really square/prominent, put the powder *on* your jawline (not under) instead to soften it.

For a prominent nose, do the darker powder maneuver again (lightly, again).

Unless you have a really prominent forehead, dusting a tiny bit of highlighter on it adds glow to your face. If you have a small nose, a tiny bit of highlighter on the bridge can look cute.

Contouring isn't just for your eyes, and if someone is going to photograph you, this can make a big difference!


  1. I would love to see a before and after shot of this technique. I don't know if I have the skills for it!! I tried the mineral foundation yesterday for the first time. I loved the texture/application, but noticed that it was darker than I expected. As I mentioned before, I am usually a Beige 300/400, but Beige 1 seemed dark after a few pass overs on the face (cover blemishes, etc). Did I do something wrong?

  2. Colors don't always translate precisely between different forms of foundation and powder. You just gotta try samples until something blends right into your skin.

    If you can apply a powder lightly, you have the skills. :)


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