Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mascara Application (Good info)

For years I would put my eyeliner, eye shadow, and then it was time for the mascara...I would start the top lashes layering (one coat let, it dry, another coat) and repeat on the other side on top. Okay, liking the way they looked, it was now time to do the bottoms. It never failed, I would end up with little "star" marks on my eye shadow. The lttle "ping" marks that you get if our top lashes touch the area right under your eyebrow. Of course, I would mutter under my breathe, take out the oil free eye makeup remover and remove the star marks and then fix the eye shadow.

I was sitting at a color clinique and the instructor was saying that since "we were all consultants we knew to do our bottom lashes before our top lashes". - Believing that I was a semi intelligent person, I was too embarrassed to ask why, fortunately the instructor was a good teacher and went on to explain that "if you do your bottom lashes first and then proceed to your top, - you will not end up with those "spots" because when you are leaning forward or opening your mouth to get your mascara to go on the bottom lashes there is no mascara on the top to leave marks". :)

It was a humbling moment because I swear I felt like a sign went up over my head that said - duh, why did I never figure that out myself? -

The reason for not evaulating my technique before the teacher opened my eyes was because the way I did things were habit to me.

I know share this "gem" with every facial or show that I have. I have been so surprised at how many have thanked me for the information. Very often, when I do my closings and I ask, did you learn anything new today, you may not have known? The most common answer is, I never knew about doing the bottom lashes first, but you can bet I am going to apply it that way from now on. (Peek a boo, I see you!)

If you are reading this and thinking - wow, that is good news, remember it takes approx. two weeks to develope a habit. So don't give up after a few days, keep on and soon you will not even be able to apply your top lashes before you bottom ones.
P.S. When applying multiple coats of mascara, allowthe coatto dry before applying the next, this lessens, clumping and the "spider eye's".


  1. As far as eyeliner, if I want a softer, subtle line, I use it first but if I want a more dramatic look, I use the eyeliner after the eyeshadow.

  2. lol I do a different thing altogether...well, I have allergy eyes. I do shadow, liner, then mascara on top. But on the bottom I use only clear mascara, not one with color. I end up blotting under my eyes with a tissue often so this is what I have to do.

    With the top, I place the brush at the base of my lashes and wiggle it back and forth, then brush through the lashes. It adds volume and makes sure to get the base of the lashes, which is important so you don't have a gap with no color.

  3. Good tip! I always feel like I racoon or Twiggy when putting mascara on my lower lashes. I never thought of using clear mascara, good idea! I also have allergies, so I know how goes!

  4. Another helper if one has small lower lashes and want to use the color masacara, instead of trying to "comb" thru the bottom lashes, simply "gently set" the wand on the lower lashes and then whisp it to the side... key gently... can't scientifically explain why this works but it does deposit just a bit of mascara on the lower lashes so that they can be seen but doesn't have the smearing underneath!:)

  5. Also sometimes on bad allergy days because I don't want to use waterproof mascara every day (I lose more lashes) I put a coat of clear mascara over the ultimate mascara. Seals it against the excessive tear production.

    ohh my headache is trying to come back. nonononononono. I took pills. I need them to work. pronto. poooo! I didn't go clubbing Monday because I had a migraine and nausea. :( Noon that day I was like "what look will I do?" and evening I was like "oh, it will be the dead body on the couch look!" Luckily Mr. Gothboy bought me ice cream and gatorade and stuff.

    If your head is killing you, eat ice cream...make sure it is a good brand that doesn't melt fast because you don't want to eat fast. Take your time. You don't want to freeze your brain suddenly, you want to slowly chill it through the roof of your mouth, constricting the blood vessels to cut back the pain. I'm dead serious. Works far better than an ice pack that you apply to the outside of your head. Your skull is far better padded than you probably think. This is why people are not constantly breaking their heads by falling down and stuff.

    Yes, I know, calories. screw the calories. Getting rid of the migraine is far more important!


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