Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shine On 2009 Seminar

Day One as we open with the National Sales Directors (for any pt readers, please don't get excited, this is not the new director debut picture). I enjoyed today very much! The Friends of Thyme performances, the information we received, the national speeches, and lots more. Lots of fun prizes were given away. Consultant numbers worldwide up to $2 million!!!!!! The Red, White and Blue Luncheon was excellent and guess who performed?? Can you guess? Her photo is above. As I am giving you this update I am testing out our up and coming new product Timewise Replenishing Serum +C. Love the way it feels!.... Crossed the stage a few times today. Took lots of notes. Our seats are perfect, perhaps one can tell from the direction of the photos. Hugged and chatted with seminar girlfriends that I only get to see a few times a years but the most very special part of toay: Shades and I were able to meet face to face, waving to Shades! It was so great "seeing" you!
Small update on our awards area night - My unit was in the Top 3 for Unit Sales and Unit Sharing, I was in the Top 2 for Personal Sales and Personal Team Building. Two special awards and prizes: I received our area Go /Give Award and special recognition for the Best All Around Director in my National area. It was a bit overwhelming by the end of the night, I end up with tears of happiness running down my face and feeling like a dork, but it was soooo meaningful. Lots of neat prizes from my national too!!

Tonight was a laid back night, chilling with my unit - casual clothes and bistro, and I sent them to bed so we can have a fun time tomorrow night at awards night an our late night (yummy breakfast) after it. It is the one night of the year I pretend the bacon has no calories! (mama mia, do I have a heck of a time getting my rings on in the am!) anyway... will the more detailed stuff will follow enjoy the fluff stuff for now....but until next time.... this is mk4me signing off - from on site at the Dallas Convention center.


  1. It is Cassie LaBeau by the way.

  2. That oil free makeup remover will get your rings on and off. I've been doing that on bloaty days.

    BACON. bacon bacon bacon! Food of the gods! Eat it and don't feel bad!

  3. Who is Cassie LaBeau? She looks like an attractive girl. Is she an American Idol? Please advise.

  4. this looks so awesome, I HATE i missed seminar! I am definelty going next year!

  5. Hey everyone! Seminar was a great time! Colleen, Cassie LaBeau was on American Idol at some point. She sings Someone is Me which is on InTouch. They debuted the video at Career Conference in 2007 or 2008. I can't remember which now. It's a ringtone for your phone, too. ;)

    Hi, mk4me! It was a pleasure to meet ya! I'm so happy we got to meet. :) Next year I will be on stage, too. I'm tracking court of sales. So far, I'm on target. Month one down. 11 more to go! LOL


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