Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Humor

Busy social weekend so I don't know how much I will be around but as I was reading pt one of the issues they were discussing is how directors must put on apperances - picture perfect life, home, family, etc... haha.....
my life is a zoo, my home is far from clean, I can go from heels to late model raceteam pit crew, and as far as the rich "GQ husband", lol, I wanted to share with all mr.mk4me's newest piece to his wardobe! I do wish pt would stop stereo typing all of us directors! Please, I couldn't be any more real if I tried, and another point if anyone saw my "crazy, zooey" life, it would show that anyone could be a director (if they did the work & it suited them), you don't have to be perfect or have the perfect life!


  1. love it!!! Made me smile--

    You know, I think that people come in all shapes, sizes, style, etc; so do MK consultants and directors!!

    I do want to add though, what is wrong exactly with brushing your hair and feeling beautiful? As long as it is through your personal lens, you go girl!

  2. I really want that shirt "for" Mr. Gothboy but I know he would kill me. :P


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